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Dance Just Out Of Reach

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis and right now the steps between finishing one thing, and starting  another, are like they are in a dance, just out of reach.  A dance in the mists of time, a bit clouded.  Basically momentum was going in crazy circles. Ever thought all the learning that’s gone on in life has literally had the plug pulled and is swirling down the gurgler?  Very familiar with the feeling?  I sure was until a life line came my way.  A one simple sentence lifeline.

At the moment, I’m just having some down time. At the end of this week, I’ll be in Sydney attending the Inaugural 2014 Momentum day with The Six Figure Mentors [ SFM ] and the Digital Experts Academies [DEA] Jay Kubassack and Stuart Ross. Guy from SatoriPrime will be there. Along with Martyn Hickey, who will be running around and setting everything up.

New products were out.  Some of those ‘really’ creative new products.

Although I quickly glimpsed them I am taking the laptop up with me so that I can play around with them. Well, that’s the plan… on the proviso that I have finished with the Boot camp series of things. This is where the needed life line was thrown to me.

Apparently there are even more coming out very soon. Plus these that are already out.  Being a visual leaner having something like the GraphixCreator dance just out of reach while I finish the Bootcamp modules is a powerful draw card. The overwhelming need to make use of the GraphixCreator refocusing the mind to another stepping stone along the journey.. While the GraphixCreator looks absolutely fun there were nightmares as to which result was to be aimed for first.

Really wanting to have a go was propelling me to gain my focus. Get a grip on things. Finish what that one module of the Bootcamp.

That throw away comment was  ” Susan finish the Bootcamp and come out and play. Come and have some fun.”  Guess what! That is being done by the end of this week.

That’s one big focus. Oh well, maybe a lot of little stepping stones then a flying leap of faith!

As the time flew fast.  There was another comment. A throw away comment… ” We need Beta testers for these new products. See if you can break them.”  I did.  Re-modification occurred and so now they are working well.

Powerful refocusing words help the mind grapple with reaching goals as they are like a dance Just out of reach.

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with the practical Cutting edge skills

With access to the skills that empower you with the practical Cutting edge skills to create your own digital GraphixCreator banners there is the knowledge of the creative purpose is empowering to you.

In this post Susan shows you how  with the practical cutting edge skills gained from creating banners and other pictures using the backgrounds and abstracts your webpages, blogs, photos uploaded to social media platforms carry ‘eye-candy weight”  That eye-weight candy is carried over through things like vertical banners.But more on this later.

Susan_Lewis_001a-100x100 with the practical Cutting edge skillsBit about Susans graphics.  Until October 2014 Susan had no experience in creating graphix. After an introduction to GraphixCreatior incredible fun started.  cards, banners, headers, pictures, gifts, PDF’s many many more later the creative urge just keeps growing.  The thought was equipe Susan with the practical cutting edge skills and since Susan can do this, then you can do it. Believe me; Susan was a complete novice at this stuff.

Creations With the practical Cutting edge skills

With the practical Cutting edge skills GraphixCreator creations came about

2goldenrulestolife with the practical Cutting edge skillsGraphixCreators are a testament to the fact that with enough creative upskilling, hard-work, persistence and practice , we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Catching the viewers attention is paramount.  Keeping the attention long enough for the subliminal message of familiarity to sink inwards has impact.

With the practical Cutting edge skills learn to earn

So get ready for some intensive groundwork as you link through to the posts that explain more about the creations of banners. Particular reference is paid to just having fun with the GraphixCreator tools set.

Whatever your passion when you learn the tools sets and applications The simple approach when in this employee situation is to learn new skills. look at this example: you want to increase your own value within the workforce so you learn to create your own vertical banner with GraphixCreator.

The web is all about content of which companies own, Graphix creation is part of the content. But to get a graphix looking right there are some tricks involved. Once these are cottoned onto making the companies graphix fast reduces possible blowouts in marketing campaigns. Noted that the employers perception of a person’s value comes from what they do within the employers time. Graphix Artists add large costs to projects.

Coping with the practical cutting edge skills

To use your own vertical banner you know the practical cutting edge skills have a way to just stand out. Content revolves seamlessly around the vertical banner.  There are minimal interruptions to the eyes scan of the content of page…. as the vertical banner is just ‘there’.  Catching the eyes as they travel down the page.

From the Graphixcreator practice came the confidence to create videos.  Even cheeky little videos like “Sweet its in the bag” that reply to friends baiting over cricket match tests.

Creating functional, easy to use project based landing pages is another employee sellable point.

The end result with the practical cutting edge skills challenge:

tapforresources with the practical Cutting edge skillsNow you’ve got the hang of GraphixCreator go ahead….Develop a brand that you want the world to know about.

Reach Out to Susan Lewis at Susan Lewis Marketing

Go further still…..Tap into extra resources for your community to develop with.

Experienced Zero to Sheroe Momentum

From feeling near zero to Sheroe

Welcome to a zero to Sheroe post that  hi-lights Susan Lewis’s recorded results that the SFM Toronto ninety day challenge brought forward. Involved simple challenge guidelines. Firstly, in the following three areas itemize what  area of improvement. Th e three areas being “Personal, Business and Health”.  Challenges integrate through you life as the personal and business concepts change.

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Concepts just do not sink in

When you see concepts just do not sink in are you making the process seem like they are the obstacles in your way? Join Susan Lewis who sheds light on turning every moment online into a highway for combining online awareness into great personal growth. Read the post and watch how Susan helps transform a few challenges into stepping stones and she reminds you that success often depends on how you look at things

Have you ever found that concepts just do not sink in.

Some concepts just do not sink in and if they are not frequently use the loss is overlooked.

There was no emergency backup plan as the other party did not realise here was so little connection within my mind. To be fair, the Autistic overload was just about in full swing. And all learning once again froze then bottlenecked. Just another form of Post-Traumatic shock within a mind that is learning a new skill.

framedinpurplehowmybrainworks-400x324 Concepts just do not sink in
make your mind up. There is no grey area between points with many people on the Autism Spectrum. We understand things within our own concepts.

Build belief and find value. One of the challenge  facing society today is that the older person within the Autism Spectrum may not know the signs and symptoms. The second  person may not know these as well.l. Yet once awareness has been created pacing yourself, or having them patiently wait until you are ready for the next level of information is truly slow going.

Very helpful as once the foundations are double checked by both of you and a similarity of view is developed coordination and cooperation may continue.

Saying this there is no guarantee of a miraculous understanding. Some concepts just do not sink in quick enough. Brain freeze dumps are something that unless understood by both parties, one will get impatient, take a non expression for a negative reaction, otr just a bland look of uninterest.  While the other is madly trying to communicate.  See in ‘ normal speech when a person has bo comment coming forward its taken as a not interested sign.


Replacing the concepts just do not sink in

Opportunities are missed when concepts just do not sink in. Add an important moment in time is gone forever.

Being ready to learn and implement new skills shows as their measure of performance. The balance needed to come through an overwhelm, or even a meltdown is a relief to be gained.  At least,  many people are now familiar with these.

So you ever have a feeling that you’re brain-freezing at important decision times,  drifting through life, and not going where you want to go online to fid the answers? Make the decision that will impact the lives around you. And enjoy the results that come forward.

It all starts with a click here…fredirect the times when concepts just do not sink in straight away into positive actions as in this online community there are action-replay training videos, online demand Momentum days, over six thousand short training, upskilling and education short course… and 365/24/7 access to what you are ready for. ..

Avatar is the You Behind The Writing

For those of us who wrote blogs and are searching for what their avatar is the Avatar is the You.  Each write has a niche. That particular specialized selected group of people they aim to reach.  Yet how to best reach that niche is up to one factors.  In this post Susan touches on how to reach your Avatar.  In defence the avatar is as complex as you want it to be.  Or as simple as is presented.   Think of a clown and tin soldier competing to dance with a ballerina.  Unless there is a harmony the two are out of concordance.

The Avatar is the you: Choice is the You or Your Customer?

Support for an “Avatar is the You‘ connecting to a person in a way that is recognised by that person. Achieving this means you know specifically who that Avatar is. How to tailor what you put out there to reach and attract that ‘You”  onto your list.

That_Avatar_Is_A-Persona-400x200 Avatar is the You Behind The WritingTraditionally avatars manifest Hindu deities. Online an avatar became an icon that represents a particular person. Challenge is one word two meanings. Avatar… the targeted customer or Avatar the persona of the person who has targeted the customer. In this post the Avatar is the person who hunts the person with a pain point. That person who connects a known solution to a possible pain point. Connecting through similar views, life experiences,education, interests and belief systems are reflected in everything done.

KaziraOrphansGraceKyomugisha-120x200 Avatar is the You Behind The Writing

Grace Kyomigisha Kazira Orphanage.Look at Grace.  The Kazira Orphanage needed to teach the children computers.  Except they had only a few run down computers and the generator ran out of petrol friday.  People seeing and resonating with solutions tp put forward is one necessary skill to find, adapt and make use of to its fullest.Last heard the school has computers.  More children know how to wrote.  Office work is being completed. The community is growing as a whole town now has been coming together over the years.

Reconnect to Digital Skills Marketing Management basics

Gradually more people headed along another route towards the digital lifestyle. Which ever way chosen moved them forward with the ability to know the tools used . Realisation of this point was huge. Gaining the basic steps leading towards a knowledge basis for functioning tools builds the trust a person has within themselves. Each step building one upon the other. Tried, true methods. Inbuilt trust factors that worked as what Affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired lifestyle.

SusanLewisandLogo-200x200 Avatar is the You Behind The WritingOne of the keys to moving forward comes under the tag Trust Factors. Often a small thing overlooked. Knowing when that Avatar is the you that is reaching out helps.  Virtually being there as a person solve a pain point is a vital asset.

Finally when you are looking for solutions trust the emails we will send out to you.

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