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Secret Key Is To Persist

Secret Key Is To Persist – Persist The Secret Key Is To Persist. Penetrate The Internet Like A Tsunami Wave

Keep going as the secret key is to persist and penetrate the internet.  Encouraging change factors incorporated with one aspect of life to connect within another spreading the changes building up from a ripple into a Tsamani.  Everyday life online means change will be occurring. Change:  as its a genre that never, ever goes away.  Clarity  knowing that the secret key is to just keep on going. Persist. Wash, rinse and repeat until your dream, and beyond, have become the loving, breathing reality you knew it would be.

Susanlewis10 Secret Key Is To PersistWithin this post lies a secret key. A key that will persist long after the initial turning action has possibly begun.

Gidday I am Susan lewis.  Being an active participant within self change this post sets out to show how triggering a change in one place may start other changes to occur.   There was a common denominator… Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to overcome.

Side step normally. Just “Never Ever Give Up” .

Three years ago a YouTube video came out featuring Arthur Borman.  Through listening to Doctors Arthur came to believe that he would not be able to walk without crutches or keg supports.  Arthur’s story began after repeated parachute jumps damaged the back and knees.

the video was fascinating.  “Never, Ever Give Up.  Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation.” kept popping up and was always played when seen

Action was to like the video.  So  I “liked” it.  In fact I watch and liked it every time the video did the rounds.  Liked, commented and shared it again.

Persistence is the key and that is why am I writing this?

Within a few month the Arthur’s message was really playing on my mind. I began to once again exercise riding an exercise bike or dancing.  Digging the garden even.

Then more work came though. So much so, that on repeated twenty four hour shifts when I was meant to be sleeping unless an emergency taxi driver was required I was often driving.  Arthur’s message came past again.

 Action was taken.  The phone would be taken with me in case of emergency.  Along with a torch as it was early and the sun was not up.

2goldenrulestolife-50x100 Secret Key Is To Persist
Of the two golden rules in life which is the most important?

Walking and gradually running through the pine forests had become a norm.  So too had the six kilometer runs.  On wet sloshy days instead of running the push bike was ridden along the roads.  In between this the walking to the shops and back would occur.

Leaving the taxis was terrific. I slept.  Once again online was interesting.  Comprehension being low. Putting into practice any ideas needed much explaination time.  Not knowing where to go was distressing .  Arthur’s Inspirational transformation kept playing within the memory.

Gradually the connection to Arthur repeatedly working his heart out and my own exercise program seeped over into the online learning activities.  Accidents happened. Healing became slow should I lose sight of the end goal.  That end goal surpassed being competent online.  Competency online was one stepping stone.  Completing the basic online modules was the secret.  In between was another key. Just persist.

Right now within my life is a terrific community.  Each one of us in, someway receiving support. Gradually giving the support to others.  Okay! Making sure  the Post Traumatic will be sitting on the shelf gathering dust forever may be a task. Within this community support connections are made. Reaching out past those mental boundaries and into these new connections has taken time, actions and repetition.

tapforresources-200x101 Secret Key Is To Persist
Grab the Resources Here.

Membership into this community is the most supportive, advanced and updated training, education and upskilling I have ever found.  Individual results vary with the hard work and follow through of instruction that you choose to take on board.

Choose to go further than the video resources supplied. Once past the videos the vastness of the community opens up to you. Make use of it. Immerse yourself into the modules… then come play.  Bring your family based business community with you too.

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