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Susan Lewis’s review about

Welcome to Susan Lewis’s review about Digital Experts Academy on behalf of Susan Lewis Marketing.

Adventures meet challengers in life and welcome those challengers in to their own incredible journey forward.As a doorway through to the educational, community, training and up-skilling platform area The Digital Experts academy is stands by taking control over situations and outcomes.Build around the forward thinking concepts of people needing to be of value in today’s digital world. Personal value while also becoming an integral part of the circle of influence around them.

The Digital Experts Academy is a platform where choices are made, by you, to enter at what ever level of belief, commitment and return you see in your future. While opening up your eyes to how vast the opportunities are, and yes the many sleepless nights where time merges with actions creating outcomes.

ReviewDEA Susan Lewis's review about

Some expected and other rather a surprise. Everything in life and our own journey unfolds according to the choices we make. Initial choices when introduced to the DEA come from the video series and these are influenced by outside factors that include your own past, present, and future, wants and needs.

Viewing your way through the videos there is an open awareness being shared of the new way of thinking. Amazingly this information can apply to you way of life whatever, wherever, however you perceive it is to be in the future.

Digital Experts Academy is run by Stuart Ross. As a whole the mission is to support and wake up people in today’s world because we think it matters. To improve their passion in life and simply because the world really needs it.

As an aside with what is within DEA, the private community members, products and services, different fields of interests, and relative levels to each individual within, the members are people who begin to take control and secure their own future. And area where by creating the atmosphere that allows a triggering of, and empowerment of personal belief there is information you can apply in your life simply by taking the time to find and do something that you are passionate about. That is a fit for you. Development of your dream, refining your brand, style and implementing the understanding of the instructions. There is no attitude of “one size fits all” but there is a freedom for a great start. To get working and prove to yourself you have the capabilities to be a successful game changer in your own life, those around you, as well as in what you now choose to do.

You may want to be a a person who assists business gain their own footing in this digital world, merchant, an affiliate, Advertising consultant or a community member within a committee who has the skills to organize and push the activities into the online world. These are only scratching the surface applications of what is within the DEA.

To get access look through this free membership doorway where Stuart Ross is providing wanted information right here. I will see you on the other side. It will be fun meeting with you.

Going through the DigitiaL Experts Academy’s doorway into the world of the Digital Experts Academy is an eye opener for merchants, affiliate marketers, committee people and people who want to push their message out there for others to see.

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but a list building report

Gidday I’m Susan lewis and I honestly thought I knew what a report was but a list building report that was written with a story format really confused me. Reports were for passing succinct official information along. But a list building report is used to pass along information in more of a relaxed, informal way. So this one that was really important to read, understand and then share was a foreign concept to my brain!

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Attitude to living life

Encounter another attitude to living life

Drill Narrow and Deep attitude to living life in the clouds is commonly encountered.

Popular Mechanics tell us that to drill super straight hole in objects you position the drill bit tight into the corner of the jig and bore your hole. That like a drill press you can set the depth of the hole and change the angle of attack.

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NEED that List Building

Gidday I am Susan Lewis, the further I looked into emails, what they were, and why we as community developers needed emails when there are so many social platforms available the reason that individuals need that list building ability became apparent. People involved in community volunteering may have be given emails in the past. These were probably forwarded on to head office. When you read the List Building Report and find the Gold Nugget solutions like I gradually did Looking For Solutions to “Why did I NEED that List Building Report?” other aspects became clearer.

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Needing To Create A List

Needing To Create A List – Needing To Create A List Now

Possess the ability to be bold and beautiful when needing to create a list. Be inspired by our ultimate list building report. There’s a range of must-haves with the freedom of building your list. A quality high, go-to, PDF presented explanation is in this post.

Susanlewis10 Needing To Create A List
Read about Susan Lewis

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis. A few years ago there I was needing to create a list.  Ultimately a list building report was sent to me. Inside that were tailor-made solutions.

Not knowing, or understanding, the major impact, and benefits a community, group, family or even old school chums opening emails has proved to be a delight. By collecting every members, or attendee, email was a simple process. With information locally connected people tailored things to the flow of people through their own communities.

Voluntarily Leadership of youth meant asking parents for their child’s details and optional was collecting email contact details. Then passing these onto head office. As many of the children and young adults showed strong traits of Autism the programs were constantly being adapted to suit. Head office collected emails as they were needing to create a list. For the regional, state and national events and camps Head office and other organizers reached to the community where the details indicated ‘special’ needs. We thought were needed to plan, implement and run the local activities.

 But many people needing to create a list are not Autistic

Whereas I am both needing to create a list and also Autistic. When I first read it I’m looking for solutions  Other than that just about everything went over my head as well.  There was nothing wrong with this.  Just this list building report heralded change. So while the bottleneck of change information settled down other things were done. This allowed a few ideas that matched the solution to be gently familiarised and worked through into an overall working concept.

How Simple! The list is needed so that ‘mailing’ may begin. being aware of what may happen with the emails is why the list building report was produced.

On bulk or individually everyone can become informed of when meetings were and where. Competitions. Social events.Where to catch up for social activities.  Even various places online where businesses were looking for people to Beta test applications and other tools while at home.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit Needing To Create A List

Read again the List Building Report.

Note: take your way through the process time and time again. Every time I read it something new is there.   Things that each time I reread it something else stands in front of my eyes and introduces itself.

Believe it, or not, there is a huge amount of action in that report. Enough to keep you busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks busy from the moment you pick up the report to a few weeks past the time you last you last read what is in there.

The link for more information of the List building report has to be seen to be believed.

If you have the need for a list building report that’s an online solution, why not give this report a shot? It’s extremely easy and by itself is part of one heck of a startup bundle. Better yet! Although I have no idea how long this option will be part of the ‘choose and try test drive that’s included in the free 30-day trial!  A small price to pay for creating your future potential with finding that significantly better solution in mind.

I wish for you to find so many useful ways of using this list building report information as you, and yours, create a “that impactful find fact here” information where people trust what you have written is both an honest opinion and the truth.

Susanlewis10 Needing To Create A List

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Secret Key Is To Persist

Secret Key Is To Persist – Persist The Secret Key Is To Persist. Penetrate The Internet Like A Tsunami Wave

Keep going as the secret key is to persist and penetrate the internet.  Encouraging change factors incorporated with one aspect of life to connect within another spreading the changes building up from a ripple into a Tsamani.  Everyday life online means change will be occurring. Change:  as its a genre that never, ever goes away.  Clarity  knowing that the secret key is to just keep on going. Persist. Wash, rinse and repeat until your dream, and beyond, have become the loving, breathing reality you knew it would be.

Susanlewis10 Secret Key Is To PersistWithin this post lies a secret key. A key that will persist long after the initial turning action has possibly begun.

Gidday I am Susan lewis.  Being an active participant within self change this post sets out to show how triggering a change in one place may start other changes to occur.   There was a common denominator… Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome to overcome.

Side step normally. Just “Never Ever Give Up” .

Three years ago a YouTube video came out featuring Arthur Borman.  Through listening to Doctors Arthur came to believe that he would not be able to walk without crutches or keg supports.  Arthur’s story began after repeated parachute jumps damaged the back and knees.

the video was fascinating.  “Never, Ever Give Up.  Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation.” kept popping up and was always played when seen

Action was to like the video.  So  I “liked” it.  In fact I watch and liked it every time the video did the rounds.  Liked, commented and shared it again.

Persistence is the key and that is why am I writing this?

Within a few month the Arthur’s message was really playing on my mind. I began to once again exercise riding an exercise bike or dancing.  Digging the garden even.

Then more work came though. So much so, that on repeated twenty four hour shifts when I was meant to be sleeping unless an emergency taxi driver was required I was often driving.  Arthur’s message came past again.

 Action was taken.  The phone would be taken with me in case of emergency.  Along with a torch as it was early and the sun was not up.

2goldenrulestolife-50x100 Secret Key Is To Persist
Of the two golden rules in life which is the most important?

Walking and gradually running through the pine forests had become a norm.  So too had the six kilometer runs.  On wet sloshy days instead of running the push bike was ridden along the roads.  In between this the walking to the shops and back would occur.

Leaving the taxis was terrific. I slept.  Once again online was interesting.  Comprehension being low. Putting into practice any ideas needed much explaination time.  Not knowing where to go was distressing .  Arthur’s Inspirational transformation kept playing within the memory.

Gradually the connection to Arthur repeatedly working his heart out and my own exercise program seeped over into the online learning activities.  Accidents happened. Healing became slow should I lose sight of the end goal.  That end goal surpassed being competent online.  Competency online was one stepping stone.  Completing the basic online modules was the secret.  In between was another key. Just persist.

Right now within my life is a terrific community.  Each one of us in, someway receiving support. Gradually giving the support to others.  Okay! Making sure  the Post Traumatic will be sitting on the shelf gathering dust forever may be a task. Within this community support connections are made. Reaching out past those mental boundaries and into these new connections has taken time, actions and repetition.

tapforresources-200x101 Secret Key Is To Persist
Grab the Resources Here.

Membership into this community is the most supportive, advanced and updated training, education and upskilling I have ever found.  Individual results vary with the hard work and follow through of instruction that you choose to take on board.

Choose to go further than the video resources supplied. Once past the videos the vastness of the community opens up to you. Make use of it. Immerse yourself into the modules… then come play.  Bring your family based business community with you too.

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