Monthly Archives: July 2017

Personal Search For Myself

Gidday I am Susan Lewis I made it through a bootcamp then went onto experience a personal search for myself. The outcome of which was achieved over a few years. Things got a bit messed up as the layers started to come away. Today capped it off with this simple video explanation that reaches into the heart of community development, right through into situational leadership. Situational leadership being something covered in later posts.

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Mess of the learning process

Hello my name is Susan Lewis and there are times where I really just want to jump in and enjoy making a mess of the learning process while at others to learn to fly in the shortest possible time frame. The difference being management verses final quality of outcome. When younger and learning the trade of people care the viewpoint was more on quality in a work place where quantity had to be accountable for. Life has a hand in the balance and learning processes in many ways. Now there are learning challenges left over from a truck imploding through the van I was driving. The life long social challenges came from being on the Autism Spectrum.

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to have greatness within

Gidday I am Susan Lewis and as a youth leader within out local community witnessing the growth a young person can experience as the realisation that they too have greatness with.  Touching on why to have greatness within is a recognizable asset that helps build a positive circle of influence as the child, the family and the community are influenced with bonding together for the greater long term good.

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