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Trust With Logo

Build trust with logo design.

Passive advertising also incorporates a familiarity that often leads into trust with logo recognition.  Big organisations and companies pour billions into advertising.  Therefore people think that that is all there is to do in order to get known.   Sure advertising reaches many.  But there is a thing called “Top down.  Bottom up.” rather than use “Top down.  Bottom up.” as  a business management term,  the meaning being referred to is more of a  middle ground.

Active advertising raising awareness while the passive builds a trust factor that may be the links that bind a loyal following for generations to come. In this post passive advertising displaying trust with logo design paramount.

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Micromanaging challenges

Micromanagement was once described as being like a “mouse eating away at  block of cheese.” Something done in many small allotments, also known as microtasks to complete. Typically when learning how something works when steps a to z are in  the correct integrated order.  A ‘one gulp’ finish means that was either one small snack or a trigger switch being turned on and several ‘jobs’ on autopilot were instantaneously completed effortlessly.

Susanlewis10 Micromanaging challenges
known as microtasks to complete.

In this post we share a few of Susan Lewis tips on Micromanagement Challenges. Predictably looking at the completed effortlessly actions that once were Micromanagement challenges.  The key to get above the management of anything is to believe whats there has already happened because you have acted on that belief.

Okay with that stated well add another micromanagement step.  Through the lack of fear a new energy flows through.  Literally you’ve stepped forward out past the fear of the unknown and jumped into the celebration of the next phase.

Something so simple yet each one of us stops on the threshold of a simple fear. Until our minds accept the possibly has already been done. So you envision it, build it, give service and they will come.

What the heck are Micromanaging challenges?

Explained by an 87 year old lady who was training me for Girl Guide leadership.  Together we were preparing the Brownie Guide  Program for that term and the Guides wanted to Celebrate World Thinking day.  All the girls wanted was a cake with candles.  What they needed was to learn and practice kitchen safety.  As a Girl Guide Leaders Trainer Kath was showing a younger leader  what the steps were to bring the Girls through a series of  learning process.

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To Get Dreams To Work

Forget wasting time wondering about ‘it’ to get dreams to work. The simple method that has stood the test of time is just “Do The Work.” Secondly to have direction.  Thirdly to know who you are.  This posts touches on these topics.

Coming up all through life are challenges to get the dreams to work. Some people fall flat on their face. Others with a firm knowledge of who they are, where they are going and what their dreams are, seem to fly though easily.Having a terrific community ‘watching your back’ is brilliantly empowering as well.  Finding a community similar to how the Girl Guide Units I was leader for was pretty exciting.

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Remember The Rainbow Rivers Colors

Remembering the Rainbow Rivers colors.

Over five years ago a photograph of China’s Rainbow Rivers colors were seen. Over three years ago while playing around with a graphic creator tool  a logo was made. Two years went by then the association between the two connected. Realizing just how quietly this connection into inspiration trigger had worked fueled the creation of the logo was a weird feeling.

Social Media is such that so much is seen, heard and read exactly where these things come up from usually is just not remembered.

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Finding Self Secrets For Real

Finding Self Secrets For Real are like changing business minds. Change , like finding the “self” was a thing to be squashed before it started. Then all it took was one “Man overboard” to find their ground, enjoy themselves and others became curious enough to search self secrets of their own.

Indexing of Finding Self Secrets For Real is three sections compartmentalized.  The upper are posts directly relating to.  The second are posts that include.  The third up and coming posts under development.  MInd you just pop the Posts title name into the search area and drop a note back to me if I’ve forgotten to update the page.  It would be much appreciated.  Details below.



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Add Reminder Call To Action

Out there in the wild, wild west of the internet there been so many call to actions to add reminder call to action within your work.

There is a challenge though.  Just how creative can your call to action actually be?

Consider all the compliance issues added to the direct or indirect tantalizing and suggestive calls into action.

Coming up with something worthwhile, direct and inviting to add reminder call to action with truth is as tricky as you want to make it.

Add Reminder Call To Action


Over time new forms of the current calls to action are okayed by the social media paid advertising sites. These do incorporate factors such as site compliance, target audience and even what congruent forms of advertising are being used.

Rather than flounder in the dark there is so much currently up-to-date information out there that may just be what you are looking for. Like so many people a main challenge was all the back processes involved. Although it took a few years of lost time someone introduced a set of videos to watch.

SusanLewisandLogo Add Reminder Call To Action

Through these videos the “Why to add a call to action” was explained.  Later someone in the community further explained the add reminder to call to action as this ” People are people. People need a reminder of what to do. Therefore the invitation to these videos and the information I was seeking is right through this link. From there the rest is history so I will see you on the other side.

Have a terrific day and may you too find a few arrrh ha moments as that smile comes through.


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Prepared To Action Learning

Lets recap on being prepared to action

Entering being prepared to action what is believed there are two main types of ‘go getter’s’ that start at the Affiliate Access level.

People who are already well versed in affiliate marketing. Knowing everything there readily is to know, have a list and will pump through the membership information to others. Preferring to allocate their financial resources into advertising and other promotional aspects of reaching their niche markets.

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