Daily Archives: June 28, 2017

Finally realised that I needed

Gidday, my name is Susan Lewis  and one day I finally realised that I needed to be helping people build Autistic Online and Loving it communities.

That is about the time when I finally realised that I needed that GPS.

Old patterns are hard to brake. For twenty years the able body and minded me had Quarter Mastered on overnight stays, right up to an international and national Australian youth camp attending for ten days. And pre and post camp.  Camps, running programs, and motherhood.  Just one focus at a time.  Right then in my life I could not even find a three year dream.  Then It hit me.  Jay had spoken about a ten year dream.  So find ‘the dream’ and work backwards.  Suddenly the big stuff was in focus.  Step by step things were sorted out.  Broken down to achieve this step, before that step.

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