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Still Looking for the solution


Into the New Age Digital economy, the Digital Experts Academy was launched 19th January 2013. The public was thirsty for true information. Something that would make sense, connect the dots, joining the technological age into the digital economy of today..

Unleshtherestraints Still Looking for the solution
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the Digital Experts Academy guide actions through the online traffic jams.

Those in the know kept quiet of the skills needed to become a Digital entrepreneur.  People knew there was something out there and spent years looking.  Small pieces of costly information. Be it your time or money, were available.  However congruency was hard to find. Each piece was the part of someone elses funnel.   Much time being wasted by many going through rabbit warrens looking for information that made sense.  

Up to the release of the Digital Experts Academy, there was nothing like it. So now there is literally, a one-stop shop that gives you the tools with which to succeed in what you desire to do. The introduction is through an invitation.

Other systems existed. They still do.  Dynamically inclusive what the Digital Experts Academy is.  Benchmarking the heights all others are able to attain.

However, the Digital Experts Academy’s rise has been brought to many through the

experience, knowledge and proven results of both Stuard Ross and Jay Kubassek.   These two had already had proven systems that worked.   Attending a seminar in America Stuart met Jay. So began what is today The Digital Experts Academy.

Compartmentalizing the sections of the Digital Experts Academy  would fall under a) the

DEAMEMBERSHIPLEVELSa Still Looking for the solution
Each level is an individual level of achievement on the way to independance.

Dea Programs of Silver to Black levels. These levels reflect what you would like to achieve. Starting with the Silver the potential to become marketing-consultants.  Transitioning into self-employment.  From here the levels take you through from you micro-business onwards through to becoming a digital expert.

The Digital Skills Platform for what is definite micro-learning updated trainings. These trainings compliment other skills upgrade levels.

As with all things in life with due diligences, an awareness of your own circumstances, check out the link here.  There are no guarantees with life. However through that link you will  be guaranteed to receive seven complimentary videos. Direct to your inbox – within the next twenty-four hour period.

being the hands on people that they are within Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors, both Stuart and Jay are your co-hosts.




Step by step basic marketing questions are answered.

Look, understand that the training is not a quick flash in the pan system where all the answers are given to you on a plate.  Digital Experts Academy has become prominent through organic quality growth.  That is what they share with you, inclusive of a complex  system broken down into parts where you may choose to engage, be active or just leave alone for now, while you actively pursue what it is you need to do.

Should you be truly interested in finding out what makes the Digital Experts Academy so special, then to give it your best effort, maximize your time, and then some more, then click the link here.

The whole journey starts with putting your best email forward.  Checking into the email box and making the email address sent to you as a contact. Say yes to opting in to receiving these videos and the start of your New Age journey has begun. Check out the videos.

Go with the gut feeling. Even if it is the toss of a coin for New Age, Old age, in a continuance until the coin flipped suits your decisions. Actually check out the Digital Experts Academy for yourself.