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Micromanaging challenges

Micromanagement was once described as being like a “mouse eating away at  block of cheese.” Something done in many small allotments, also known as microtasks to complete. Typically when learning how something works when steps a to z are in  the correct integrated order.  A ‘one gulp’ finish means that was either one small snack or a trigger switch being turned on and several ‘jobs’ on autopilot were instantaneously completed effortlessly.

Susanlewis10 Micromanaging challenges
known as microtasks to complete.

In this post we share a few of Susan Lewis tips on Micromanagement Challenges. Predictably looking at the completed effortlessly actions that once were Micromanagement challenges.  The key to get above the management of anything is to believe whats there has already happened because you have acted on that belief.

Okay with that stated well add another micromanagement step.  Through the lack of fear a new energy flows through.  Literally you’ve stepped forward out past the fear of the unknown and jumped into the celebration of the next phase.

Something so simple yet each one of us stops on the threshold of a simple fear. Until our minds accept the possibly has already been done. So you envision it, build it, give service and they will come.

What the heck are Micromanaging challenges?

Explained by an 87 year old lady who was training me for Girl Guide leadership.  Together we were preparing the Brownie Guide  Program for that term and the Guides wanted to Celebrate World Thinking day.  All the girls wanted was a cake with candles.  What they needed was to learn and practice kitchen safety.  As a Girl Guide Leaders Trainer Kath was showing a younger leader  what the steps were to bring the Girls through a series of  learning process.

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