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Through Trial And Error

Got it.  Have figured the bits and pieces out through trial and error. Passing through the “Bring Your Passion” into posts and transferring what has been extrinsically learned, while learning to write, and ‘WOW’ finding there has been so many intrinsically learned things happening in the background. The story goes as follows.

For weeks the development of the Autoresponder emails has finally been started once it was put forward to ask a coder to adapt some cells.

Lifting_This_lid Through Trial And Error
Check out the Aweber Archive

Progressing through the original emails there was a real connection when “bringing the passion of what was being” achieved came through seen while updating theses into the new version of the template. So far I been setting up the Broadcasting as well. This is fun as gradually I’m seeing quantifiable results with people joining in commenting and liking the Facebook Page and Twitter accounts that broadcasting is connected to.

It was time for an experiment. Opening up the Archive for Building An Autistic Online Community with the intention to syndicate one archive through another syndicating and scheduling platform, there was only time for one schedule to be done. I chose to utilize the second platforms link-shortner. Not a great idea as you will find by reading on.

This morning I opened up a Facebook Page and there were the words. Clicked on them and yes this was okay. Everything with the words went okay. So why the big white box where a picture should be?

Thankfully this was only one and not on wardly going through a preset up syndication fan. And I will keep using the TidyURL link shortener instead.

So now we know to just use the Aweber archived URL when using that tool. And all other platforms will be carefully checked into just like the picture attached in this posts reminds us to do. Test and check what it is you are doing.  Definitely enjoy the results … even if they are through trial and error achieved.

Building our own community of people who want and need assistance to raise there profile and be heard through the online noise, having the support and training through of people who are experts in their field, have been there and done that, has really opened up my eyes, and my mind, to the Online Systematic Processes.  So much so that experimenting through trial and error  has a far greater appeal than I ever have tried before in that there is just an extraordinary amount of knowledge found out there.  Literally, lets have some fun, come and join us.

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