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37 Hallmarks Of A Leader

37 Hallmarks Of A Leader – With 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader Mark Ford Is The Person Who Actually Demonstrates These Everyday. 

With 37 hallmarks of a leader presented the person being spoken about is probably to modest to step into the limelight.   Mark Ford is this person. Should you have met, and got to know Mark, there are more than just thirty-seven hallmarks of a leader of leaders Mark demonstrates every day. However,  while there are other Mark Ford’s all over the internet this is just one single post.

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Meet Mark Ford. Mark knows what he is doing, has done it. Achieved results. Shares with people.

Mark Ford is a man of honor and integrity.  Mark is also a person of action. As well as a Leader of Leaders. One that knows what he needs to achieve.  Then simply goes out and does this.

What first struck me was the sense of mischievous humor with the ability to laugh at himself. These personal qualities are still there years later. Just add ‘humble’ as well as  ‘modest’ to the description mix. Which, considering what Mark has achieved, over the years is remarkable.  Having personally known people who achieved, changed, and went another way, Mark constantly is a surprise to me.  Mark has grown forward. Still reaching out to all levels of people, from all over the world.

Managing to combine Blogging, touring the world in far off exotic places, along with watching the English Cricket team in the World Test Cricket Matches, and the speaking tours, are passions that have come true for Mark.

towardsa 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader
Which of the 37 hallmarks of a leader are you working on as you choose to accelerate towards a life you need to explore?
From that point these are a few of the leadership qualities  Mark has every time a person meets him face to face, online, in a webinar, or books an appointment.

As an experienced and trusted advisor having the ability to explore, and find, a commonality to ‘meet on common ground’, is phenomenal. A bridge as a bridge is found where those everyday thought patterns may be altered in time.  There is the key to crossing the bridge over your initial challenge.

Advise is given. There is loads of well seasoned, tried, tested and true advice.  The funny thing is that should you have a differing opinion, knowledge and view point, that too is acknowledged, carefully absorbed, checked into and if needed, acted upon.

Guidance is a funny thing.  In this field Mark shows the way to others. The advise is consistent. Visual learners ‘see’ what Mark does and are able to replicate.  With a ‘few’ appointments in between as they set about doing the set up background work needed. If you miss a point then re-book another appointment.  Meanwhile do your own due diligence.

doorsopen 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader

In the past ‘working life’ the lawyer traits of counselling do come through. You will find Mark trained and ready to assist, with a bright mind and a quick on the draw logical way of thinking through the challenge presented.  Simply because Mark finds the spot, helps you to explore it, and then challenges you through your own virtual doorway. You’re not going to stop there breathing in the fresh air as there are things to do, and a journey to take.

Mark is definitely a consultant. A professional through and through.The advice provided is expert advice. Based on what has been tried and perfected.  Advise that worked, and is working for him, and the results of others who have followed the advise.  So Mark knows his stuff!

A challenge was created involving the merging “creating a lifestyle”, “growing a business” and Autism together.

A bridge to a landing page merging all three ideas was created.

Look through here.

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Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

Familiar with the concept of a zero-financial advertising budget, concentrating on daily blogging, as well as building up a syndication process Marks methods work. What Mark has done with this speaks for itself.

It is a privilege to know ‘a master’ of his own craft. To have seen the growth of Mark both as a person who is mastering the craft, one who shares, one who leads the way. One who is still learning along his personal journey. Summing Mark up you have a strong leader with positive leadership skills.

To learn more about Mark Ford visit his home business blog at http://markfordsblog.com and his marketing site at http://markfordmarketing.com.

May your day be wonderful and full of joy.

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