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Having Joy In creativity

During the later part of 2014 two new toys were brought into my life and having joy in creativity the beginning to make full use of them started. Both being creative in nature dealt with creating visual pictures for online use. First paintnet, then Graphixcreator.

Until October searching out a suggested 100 quotes to place in this site was made.  Quotes were found and typed.  Get found by thinking out side the box . What about making quotes into visuals? Syndicating these then pictures through pages, groups and collections all through the internet.  Syndication brought people to the posts.  Each action raising the sites profile.

Being a visual learner thankfully enter a friend showing the basics of paintnet.  With a little practice combining written quotes and photos into creative graphics achieved. Soon these piled up in allocated folders.

Then came the GraphixCreator -Beta mode.  Okay, I totally confused it several times. You were not meant to add this picture into that one. Six months later another person worked with me showing how to cut pieces from one picture, superimposing the finished piece onto another picture.  Wow.  Fun and total enjoyment as this skill was being used time and time again.

First thing created with GraphixCreator was a logo for Susan Lewis Marketing.  Logos are used to for recognition, ownership and identification. The most important quadrant on the flags is the upper corner near the pole [ the left one]. As a Gravatar the logo is on the left of the tab.

The process of creating this logo took nearly four days to create.  Add a new piece and that was a new visual in itself. Alter the position of one piece and manually change the position in all of the pictures.  Result:  One logo. Creating a giff means many picture parts are made. Figuring out how to do this gif process took time.

A ninety day video challenge later has a slow Gif turned into a slow video.  Needs to be a quick functioning logo insert for the videos though.

Meanwhile in 2015 the SimpleLeadCapture was released. Along with basic PDF’s these all used GraphicCreator.  By the end of 2016 that original logo had not changed.  The corner strips were still all pink instead of a multi-dynamic colored purple orginially wanted.  Within five minutes that changed.  Using one of the stored  originals in My Library, along with a high pixelles background there was the new logo created. A simple add this to that, and save, procedure.

Just before many people went on holiday over our Australian Summer time a mentor took me through the process of Simple Lead capture. The logo proved handy as the background to the Autistic Business SimpleLeadCapture form.  The words resonating with other autistic people who when they are looking for a business that related to their traits is appropriate to them.  I know this as I am strongly Autistic myself. It’s taken me a while to sort myself out. Then to organize things so people on the Autism Spectrum similar to myself are able to “Discover how you can live a life full of joy with autism. Be Autistic and loving it.”

You see the business system is simple in itself. It’s when the over analyzing tendencies come out in full force this get complicated…. because the natural mindset does not want change. Particularly, so with Autistic people.  We’ll over analyse and procrastinate.

Yes. This is a simple business system autistic business owners are using to live a life of joyful freedom.  I know this as I am one of the people who are using this business system to live a life of joyful freedom

Now it’s the beginning of 2017.  Each and every picture is getting revamped with the logo in the upper right corner. To get to this point and willing do this thoroughly anticipating the end results shows just how far forward being willing to make these small, cumulative steps have taken me.


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