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only way to go now is upwards

Its been one of those weeks where you wonder what is it about the “only way left to go is upwards.”    Yet between the computer hard drive frying after twelve years and learning how to do things there have been many changes.  principally within my belief in what I have done.  Seeing what steps have been taken.  The totally utterly terrific support and frame work this community has given.  Both the online community and the real world place I reside within.

From this week the only way to go now is upwards overview

The computer towers melt down of the hard drive : that meant I had time to reorganise the laptop memory.  Filing sorting out is an “Oh not job!”  However there came about 30kb + of extra memory on the laptop.  So many copies within the mess.  Which when you are using Notepad is quite a large chunk of memory now available.

The banner below is now fresh looking with its band of electric purple. . Now things are tied together.  The Autoresponder templates are looking connected with the band.  The logo  first made in 2014 when i was just playing around with the GraphixCreator is a finishing touch.

slm000047 only way to go now is upwards

Having completed a course and sorting out my “me”  seeing this logo on things… well I did not actually realise just how far the progress had been.

Where other people have come through and moved on faster than I have,  I have found  me.  the memories and experiences are now untapped  from memory lock down.  Much mental sorting has occurred.  New mindsets have been added.  Like giving pictures and files a revamped place to call home.

The big plus is that the truck imploding into the vehicle I was just starting to drive [ I was doing 2 km]  that triggered  the loss of these pictures, files and all the other memories have been finally cried over.  Simply there was the time to sit, see an advertisement re drink, driving and deaths,  that was released about the time of the implosion [ 1991].  I believe before the incident as i remembered standing in my mothers lounge room and watching the video.

slm000020 only way to go now is upwardsThis time I had been hunting out the logo.  Recovering virtual pictures that I  had created.  Maybe they were intertwined in my mind. The loss of one making me determined not to loose another.

The end effect is that  a before and after connection has been laid.  I was able to finally ‘live through’ a replication incident, release and cry.

Sure there were moments of meltdowns.  The change is that they are more about ‘ARRAR’ what have I missed re the new program, rather than about me personally.

Like the banner above.  Sure there will be ‘twiggs’ along the way.  The road toward healing is like that.  One incremental step at the time.  Happily the only way to go now is upwards.  Beginning with the small module steps [ past the video seen through this pictures link]


Reach Down Inside yourself will open into another page.

reachdown-1 only way to go now is upwards Starting with watching the videos, deciding to move forward and start the Modules…….

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Being Autistic online and loving it

From Lost To Found, And Beyond.

Hello. I am Susan Lewis. Autistic online and loving it.

What’s following may seem strange to many, but it is a lived life that has been developed in three chronological sections. Covering fifty-six years [ and counting] the first thirty-one years, the next twenty-five years and, from now onwards. Viewed through the eyes, and mind, of an autistic person – myself.

Throughout this time there has been a need to find the tools, training, community, and coaching in order to make learning to learn easier.  This, as many people living in the Autism Spectrum know well will be, and probably has always been, just quietly simmering in the background.  Influencing many behaviors, personal attitudes, and belief systems.

signingoffwithsusan-320x400 Being Autistic online and loving it
Susan Lewis of Susan Lewis Marketing.

However, this synopsis is my own story and will take you through the following as the search was now on the internet as I looked far and wide for over fifteen years for a particular set of tools, training, community, and coaching that made sense. To hunt for something glimpsed is frustrating. Knowing there was more to social media than just being a person using that social media.

The unknown aim was to enable integration into a life where people, lifestyle, and coincidences were strange yet understandable. Mixed through faith, understanding. with a growing conscious awareness of how things were fitting together depending on the unseen threads belief these experiences. As well as a realization that being autistic, online learning was indeed possible. I needed to communicate as these skills had receded. What was  needed to know was how to write again.

What to Do

Bookmark or favorite this page in your toolbar. Come back and further read through the links.  Gain greater depth in your understanding just by making that commitment to return to this page. Then click through the links as they are shown to be shared with you.

sfm_verified_badge Being Autistic online and loving it
The biggest tool used to find the “lost” me.

In this world, an overqualified, underemployed, autistic female has found herself, her dream and a pathway moving forward with which to follow that dream as an associate member of SFM. A community reinforcing the belief that it only takes one person to change the world.  Is that person you? Behind everything is now the acknowledgment of knowing ‘Autism As A Gift’ it really is like having a dam running over

As you can see, in today’s information age  there are many ways of getting self-educated, to develop and learn the skills to become a self-fulfilled person as a successful entrepreneur. Starting that online business is well within the reach of most people, even if you are learning at your own autistic pace.

Be that person you really are. That Autistic online, and loving it one.  NOW !

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37 Hallmarks Of A Leader

37 Hallmarks Of A Leader – With 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader Mark Ford Is The Person Who Actually Demonstrates These Everyday. 

With 37 hallmarks of a leader presented the person being spoken about is probably to modest to step into the limelight.   Mark Ford is this person. Should you have met, and got to know Mark, there are more than just thirty-seven hallmarks of a leader of leaders Mark demonstrates every day. However,  while there are other Mark Ford’s all over the internet this is just one single post.

Mark_Ford_14 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader
Meet Mark Ford. Mark knows what he is doing, has done it. Achieved results. Shares with people.

Mark Ford is a man of honor and integrity.  Mark is also a person of action. As well as a Leader of Leaders. One that knows what he needs to achieve.  Then simply goes out and does this.

What first struck me was the sense of mischievous humor with the ability to laugh at himself. These personal qualities are still there years later. Just add ‘humble’ as well as  ‘modest’ to the description mix. Which, considering what Mark has achieved, over the years is remarkable.  Having personally known people who achieved, changed, and went another way, Mark constantly is a surprise to me.  Mark has grown forward. Still reaching out to all levels of people, from all over the world.

Managing to combine Blogging, touring the world in far off exotic places, along with watching the English Cricket team in the World Test Cricket Matches, and the speaking tours, are passions that have come true for Mark.

towardsa 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader
Which of the 37 hallmarks of a leader are you working on as you choose to accelerate towards a life you need to explore?
From that point these are a few of the leadership qualities  Mark has every time a person meets him face to face, online, in a webinar, or books an appointment.

As an experienced and trusted advisor having the ability to explore, and find, a commonality to ‘meet on common ground’, is phenomenal. A bridge as a bridge is found where those everyday thought patterns may be altered in time.  There is the key to crossing the bridge over your initial challenge.

Advise is given. There is loads of well seasoned, tried, tested and true advice.  The funny thing is that should you have a differing opinion, knowledge and view point, that too is acknowledged, carefully absorbed, checked into and if needed, acted upon.

Guidance is a funny thing.  In this field Mark shows the way to others. The advise is consistent. Visual learners ‘see’ what Mark does and are able to replicate.  With a ‘few’ appointments in between as they set about doing the set up background work needed. If you miss a point then re-book another appointment.  Meanwhile do your own due diligence.

doorsopen 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader

In the past ‘working life’ the lawyer traits of counselling do come through. You will find Mark trained and ready to assist, with a bright mind and a quick on the draw logical way of thinking through the challenge presented.  Simply because Mark finds the spot, helps you to explore it, and then challenges you through your own virtual doorway. You’re not going to stop there breathing in the fresh air as there are things to do, and a journey to take.

Mark is definitely a consultant. A professional through and through.The advice provided is expert advice. Based on what has been tried and perfected.  Advise that worked, and is working for him, and the results of others who have followed the advise.  So Mark knows his stuff!

A challenge was created involving the merging “creating a lifestyle”, “growing a business” and Autism together.

A bridge to a landing page merging all three ideas was created.

Look through here.

Screenshot_13 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

Familiar with the concept of a zero-financial advertising budget, concentrating on daily blogging, as well as building up a syndication process Marks methods work. What Mark has done with this speaks for itself.

It is a privilege to know ‘a master’ of his own craft. To have seen the growth of Mark both as a person who is mastering the craft, one who shares, one who leads the way. One who is still learning along his personal journey. Summing Mark up you have a strong leader with positive leadership skills.

To learn more about Mark Ford visit his home business blog at and his marketing site at

May your day be wonderful and full of joy.

slmarkban 37 Hallmarks Of A Leader

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Having Joy In creativity

During the later part of 2014 two new toys were brought into my life and having joy in creativity the beginning to make full use of them started. Both being creative in nature dealt with creating visual pictures for online use. First paintnet, then Graphixcreator.

Until October searching out a suggested 100 quotes to place in this site was made.  Quotes were found and typed.  Get found by thinking out side the box . What about making quotes into visuals? Syndicating these then pictures through pages, groups and collections all through the internet.  Syndication brought people to the posts.  Each action raising the sites profile.

Being a visual learner thankfully enter a friend showing the basics of paintnet.  With a little practice combining written quotes and photos into creative graphics achieved. Soon these piled up in allocated folders.

Then came the GraphixCreator -Beta mode.  Okay, I totally confused it several times. You were not meant to add this picture into that one. Six months later another person worked with me showing how to cut pieces from one picture, superimposing the finished piece onto another picture.  Wow.  Fun and total enjoyment as this skill was being used time and time again.

First thing created with GraphixCreator was a logo for Susan Lewis Marketing.  Logos are used to for recognition, ownership and identification. The most important quadrant on the flags is the upper corner near the pole [ the left one]. As a Gravatar the logo is on the left of the tab.

The process of creating this logo took nearly four days to create.  Add a new piece and that was a new visual in itself. Alter the position of one piece and manually change the position in all of the pictures.  Result:  One logo. Creating a giff means many picture parts are made. Figuring out how to do this gif process took time.

A ninety day video challenge later has a slow Gif turned into a slow video.  Needs to be a quick functioning logo insert for the videos though.

Meanwhile in 2015 the SimpleLeadCapture was released. Along with basic PDF’s these all used GraphicCreator.  By the end of 2016 that original logo had not changed.  The corner strips were still all pink instead of a multi-dynamic colored purple orginially wanted.  Within five minutes that changed.  Using one of the stored  originals in My Library, along with a high pixelles background there was the new logo created. A simple add this to that, and save, procedure.

Just before many people went on holiday over our Australian Summer time a mentor took me through the process of Simple Lead capture. The logo proved handy as the background to the Autistic Business SimpleLeadCapture form.  The words resonating with other autistic people who when they are looking for a business that related to their traits is appropriate to them.  I know this as I am strongly Autistic myself. It’s taken me a while to sort myself out. Then to organize things so people on the Autism Spectrum similar to myself are able to “Discover how you can live a life full of joy with autism. Be Autistic and loving it.”

You see the business system is simple in itself. It’s when the over analyzing tendencies come out in full force this get complicated…. because the natural mindset does not want change. Particularly, so with Autistic people.  We’ll over analyse and procrastinate.

Yes. This is a simple business system autistic business owners are using to live a life of joyful freedom.  I know this as I am one of the people who are using this business system to live a life of joyful freedom

Now it’s the beginning of 2017.  Each and every picture is getting revamped with the logo in the upper right corner. To get to this point and willing do this thoroughly anticipating the end results shows just how far forward being willing to make these small, cumulative steps have taken me.


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Changing tracking stats

Checking and changing tracking stats

Checking and changing tracking stats takes time.  To achieve noticeable results that show the responses to changing tracking stats means the back office records need to be able to reflect these changes on a daily by day period.  The main aim of this post is explaining the importance of recording the correct tracking procedures.

Tracking that has been broken  or was incorrect is classed as defiantly needing a priority time managed overhaul..

For today everything else on the agenda [ other than writing a post and a couple of email as and scheduling a few things] has to be laid aside as this maintenance measure is a must do. The 1st of the month was yesterday . glance at the stats and horror of horrors the realization that there are still broken ones showing means a job was not thoroughly completed. In an ideal situation this measure is a basic step for the Affiliate Access. The daily measuring and recording of results to be kept. Set a measurement spreadsheet up if you have not already. Only do it today and keep the up keep of that measurement ongoing.

The tracking stats are able to be broken dawn into requested day by day measures. The day by day measures point out which targeted nieche the syndication processes you are active within working where. How this is set up is an individual thing. Some have specific ones for each campaign while others have an overall one that has the while lot included.

The OCD and narcissistic side demands ‘perfection’ or not at all. The ‘not at all’ won out for a while until there was an understand of the significance. Researching the topic and little coaching online during an open webinar the concept of what marketing spreadsheet records were that were directly associated with the syndication process would show left me pondering. Sometimes explaining concept A connects concept D is understood by neurotipical people as the ‘not refereed to’ procedures are already known. Spread sheets are used for tracking the process of club memberships and peoples awards gained. Also the breakdown of the awards sets completed. This type of thing with spread sheets had been done for years by me. With the tracking stats the idea of actually tacking them did not seem to have congruence. Why would people track tracking?

The answer lies in see patterns. turning the numbers into the visual data. With the updating of the tracking stats there appeared an enlarged spread sheet version. Click now the understanding clicked. This also fits in with the YourTidyURL that is available for people with a world press site. Especially when they are Access Affiliate Marketers using these there basic tools. make that four basic tools as TidyURL helps further . Especially when you have a co-joined Autoresoonder.

The beauty of the SFM Tracking Stats is that you can look back into specific time periods. Working back through looking for the results should you desire too. Then keeping an eye on targeted groups still syndicating through the Social Media.

If the tracking was incomplete when the post was released it will still show up in the tracking stats until fixed  and then the tracking deleted. There definitely is a congruence with in the record keeping you are doing. Simply associate the tracked ID with the name of the post. Then search the net and delete the newly ‘found’ old links still presenting themselves in the tracking stats. The idea is to rid the world wide web of the possible 404’s that beneficial to anyone but you. The internet will thank you as well as there will be less  threads classed as Junk hanging about.

Therefore by changing tracking stats as you find them benefits you.  The company you are affiliate marketing for and the world wide web.  And there will be less  people who associate your name with any 404s Auctioning  the responsibility of acceptance that in the beginning mistakes were made whilst learning and  changing tracking stats benefits all in the web.

Until the next time the broken tracking thread comes to the tracking stats attention the overall knowledge that each campaign is out there being found doing its job is reassuring.

A simple spreadsheed is something I use as a checklist in my daily tracking and it should also help you.

Note that the idea of a spread sheet is not exclusive. I have no doubt that you will add and develop your own checklists. However , the report I am sharing with you today should act as a good guide to start you off with your List Building.

Click the Link below the banner and download your copy with my compliments.

As promised Click here For your List building Report

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