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color to convey

Visual ways to use color to convey information.

Including color to convey information has many people trembling in there shoes.  Rushing out and engaging teams of people to come up with a color coordinated solution.  Willingly paying for the privilege.  Why? Great color combinations can have the same positive effect as terrific copy combined with fast load times has with the visitor. The visitor is captivated and wants to stay.

Further the visitor recognizes the color patterns and symbols associating the feelings with good information that solves a problem.  Plus colors harmonies with the person and that persons brand. These factors tie together, in part, with the recognition of what the person behind the trust being given to is associated with.

There are some people though who have trouble with color representations.  The two categorizes are visually impaired or people from different cultures.  As the worlds cultures are beginning to “occupy shared commercial space ” the color attributes content and placings are being studied in greater detail..

 Susan Lewis marketing Logo uses color to convey information.

Screenshot_13 color to convey
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

As in this site there are many explanations Susan struggled for since 2003 to find. 2014 after watching the video series, signing up with the email and choosing to go past the first module, working through these modules until they were finished Susan began finding the answers. The first was the creation of a logo.

Something to focus on. That represented love with herself being found and a life with a lot of understanding and laughter.

These that were hidden from being understood as a result of the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome setting in.

Continuity is a balancer with the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome people experienace. balance is also within the logo as there is a pivot point..

With Autism many of the people are out of balance at time. Marketing with Susan Lewis helps keep the online balance focus. Even if at times the perceptions and explanations may be a little out of focus themselves.  Until one last piece of information is put forward.  Then the pennies literally drop.

Instead with the white inner and purple rim the logo actually balances the pictures below off.

On the mobile the effect of the white screen back ground starkness has lessened..

The blue that many people internationally associate with Autism day is used within each pages heading and sub-heading along with many of the pictures created.

Check the use of color to convey information in the  images below.

There are things different with the pictures.  The font and its sizing.  The second is the two lines of font. The third is the slight, but suttle, different tone of the electric purples.  The forth has a slightly lower drop area where the blue meets the lighter blue.  The level of where the blue actually appears to change the skin color of the face from the other.  Yet the image is the same image.

You could also say that because of placement the right hand now has ‘a grip’ of the “Autistic, online and loving it aspect.

On the right hand vertical  column [off the page if using a mobile] right next to the top of the page is another picture of Susan.  Below Susan’s  photo are some of the SFM banners.

susan4 color to convey

The positioning of the slightly lighter  blue moves the eye towards the right.  The right for people on stage represents the future.   Therefore finding out about how an Autistic person is creating an online income through the Six Figure Mentors training, upskilling and education processes is something is in that future.  How?  Susan is an Affiliate  Member of the Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors provided the programs Susan needed to find out who she was after a track impact in 1991 effectively removed first 31 years of memory.

susanautistic color to convey

SusanLewisandLogo color to conveyHave a terrifically uplifting dayScroll down the page to the MyLeadBar tool.  The reverse coloring effect is working here.  The purple is on the base color of the bar. The “Awesome Let Me In !” button , with the Video Series On Digital marketing ! wording above the button is complimentary in color effect and tone of the two featured images used.

These are just the initial ways used to explain the potential use of using color to convey information through visual communications how and why’s.  Soft yes but very potent in the effect that is desired.  The building of trust has begun.

trial-650x310 color to convey
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