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color to convey

Visual ways to use color to convey information.

Including color to convey information has many people trembling in there shoes.  Rushing out and engaging teams of people to come up with a color coordinated solution.  Willingly paying for the privilege.  Why? Great color combinations can have the same positive effect as terrific copy combined with fast load times has with the visitor. The visitor is captivated and wants to stay.

Further the visitor recognizes the color patterns and symbols associating the feelings with good information that solves a problem.  Plus colors harmonies with the person and that persons brand. These factors tie together, in part, with the recognition of what the person behind the trust being given to is associated with.

There are some people though who have trouble with color representations.  The two categorizes are visually impaired or people from different cultures.  As the worlds cultures are beginning to “occupy shared commercial space ” the color attributes content and placings are being studied in greater detail..

 Susan Lewis marketing Logo uses color to convey information.

Screenshot_13 color to convey
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

As in this site there are many explanations Susan struggled for since 2003 to find. 2014 after watching the video series, signing up with the email and choosing to go past the first module, working through these modules until they were finished Susan began finding the answers. The first was the creation of a logo.

Something to focus on. That represented love with herself being found and a life with a lot of understanding and laughter.

These that were hidden from being understood as a result of the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome setting in.

Continuity is a balancer with the Post traumatic Shock Syndrome people experienace. balance is also within the logo as there is a pivot point..

With Autism many of the people are out of balance at time. Marketing with Susan Lewis helps keep the online balance focus. Even if at times the perceptions and explanations may be a little out of focus themselves.  Until one last piece of information is put forward.  Then the pennies literally drop.

Instead with the white inner and purple rim the logo actually balances the pictures below off.

On the mobile the effect of the white screen back ground starkness has lessened..

The blue that many people internationally associate with Autism day is used within each pages heading and sub-heading along with many of the pictures created.

Check the use of color to convey information in the  images below.

There are things different with the pictures.  The font and its sizing.  The second is the two lines of font. The third is the slight, but suttle, different tone of the electric purples.  The forth has a slightly lower drop area where the blue meets the lighter blue.  The level of where the blue actually appears to change the skin color of the face from the other.  Yet the image is the same image.

You could also say that because of placement the right hand now has ‘a grip’ of the “Autistic, online and loving it aspect.

On the right hand vertical  column [off the page if using a mobile] right next to the top of the page is another picture of Susan.  Below Susan’s  photo are some of the SFM banners.

susan4 color to convey

The positioning of the slightly lighter  blue moves the eye towards the right.  The right for people on stage represents the future.   Therefore finding out about how an Autistic person is creating an online income through the Six Figure Mentors training, upskilling and education processes is something is in that future.  How?  Susan is an Affiliate  Member of the Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors provided the programs Susan needed to find out who she was after a track impact in 1991 effectively removed first 31 years of memory.

susanautistic color to convey

SusanLewisandLogo color to conveyHave a terrifically uplifting dayScroll down the page to the MyLeadBar tool.  The reverse coloring effect is working here.  The purple is on the base color of the bar. The “Awesome Let Me In !” button , with the Video Series On Digital marketing ! wording above the button is complimentary in color effect and tone of the two featured images used.

These are just the initial ways used to explain the potential use of using color to convey information through visual communications how and why’s.  Soft yes but very potent in the effect that is desired.  The building of trust has begun.

trial-650x310 color to convey
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New Year Overhaul

Beginning to work on this massive overhaul starting 2017’s New Year Overhaul has already begun behind the scenes as teaming up with a mentor and a community that encourages growth through challenges  has given more than was expected.  Focus and momentum being apart of this preparatory sort your things out before New Year overhaul begins in earnest.

Knowing what is to be achieved and staying as close to the journeys track as possible [ with exceptions] finds a source of renewable energy waiting to be tapped into.

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Mobile-friendly Test

RankBrain AI and a Mobile-friendly Test

Early December 2016 Googles AI RankBrain came to peoples attention.  One of the things RankBrain is set to challenge is the mobile friendliness of what ever page you are working on and submitting to google for com pliancy and reading.

This site though this still being checked over for evergreen posts needing updating.

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diplomacy lessons

In life’s diplomacy lessons the fact that power does not rest on ‘might’ alone and that anger has consequences needs to be absorbed and apart of the transitional diplomats psychic.

The child explained here is a child that chronically is young [ say eighteen months] but has an adult concept of the world in some things. Many Cervantes and High Functioning Autistic are such.

A child does something that seems so funny [given the circumstances] another person reacts in what may appear an inappropriate way. Simultaneously laughter at these circumstances erupts from that person. With that bad timing the child thinks that person is laughing at their pain. That pain is internalized. A common trait with people on the Autistic Spectrum is their brain really does not forget.

Years later  the held pain within has festered like a boil. Erupting into small hate hurt driven reactions. Often seen by others as petty jealousies leading into spitefulness. A left field reaction, not understood by the person,  nor the child themselves. The original pain has covered the ‘hurt’ with extreme behavior management adaption. Maybe the child has taken on characteristics of the person, or persons, who rescued them from their physical hurt. Giving them a hug or a kind word. Or entrapping the child in a thought or action that is quietly in extreme and the child will constantly go to that person for reassurance that all is well in their world.

Diplomacy lessons between adults 

The second scenario is that you receive something that upsets you. You share that something with a third party. In this case the now chronologically grown child from the above case. This information throws the third party into an extreme reaction state.

Even when the sequence of events is now sorted out by the first party so that the current sequence of events now makes sense. The first party explains. The reactions and chain of events is by far is in extreme mode. The third party is not going to be backing down. The first party just does not understand the reaction. Explanations of the lead up to the explosion are not helping the situation.

Stop right there. It is time for an apology. A heart felt apology. The challenge is that all parties in the above example [ persons one, two and three] may be on the Autism Spectrum. Until the situation is broken down and analysed things are probability at firery stand still. Step aside from the situation. Behavior management of recognizing there is a situation has arisen. Next being able to lower the confusion from both sides .Bending the present, the past and the possible mutual outcomes.

Explosive situations through the old hurt coming to the surface on one side may have triggered a reaction from both parties. Both parties having something to sort out in the current time that is affected through the past interactions possibly as the child in the above example [person two]. Even if it is the recognition that a heart felt apology is due for something someone else years ago instigated.

In itself an Apology opens the door to healing. Both parties may then builds a bridge over the troubled waters. Allowing for both, or either party, to walk towards the co-joining section and onto a mutual co-shared bridge, at their own speed and in their own way. In Australia this is the pathway Towards Reconciliation education and learning activities.

Diplomacy lessons learned means that a diplomat can ‘see’ what cannot be seen. Kevin Rudd is known for his diplomacy lessons to the world in general. When holding office in Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, apologized to the Original Inhabitants of Australia for the hurt done to them and their forbears for the time past. This important date was February 13th, 2008. Using the example of people representing persons four and five different communities.
The Australian government gave to the original inhabitants of Australia the “Sorry” that was deserved. There was a lot of lead up through this time and until and past the actual Parliamentary Sorry was given. Accepted by the original inhabitants as this simple word was from the “heart”.

Sorry allowed for further healing to begin between persons four and five. This heart felt apology was over a decade ago. One result is the National Sorry Day of May 26th where people may choose to come together  on a pathway towards reconciliation.

The depth of healing has had many challenges along the way. Sorry does allow for challenges to cultural clashes. Money being something that culturally just does not compute into the way of life the original inhabitants need to be one with their world. Understanding the divide between what is today and what was yesterdays boundaries is a balancing act. One that usually is seen as a economical challenge and that to both parties is a frustration point. The diplomatic lessons learned is that people ignore the generational ties from original countries often centuries in the making.

There is then a building of one aspect and a clash between the inhabitants of the world. Some seeing the world as an economic ‘money in the bank’ for them while others see the world through non-monetary success.

Given that all people need a life of their dreams to reach for, understanding how is that going to help the autistic traits within a person be behavior modified to cope with the development needed to cross that bridge? People all ages are passing on their wisdom. Technology of today has become the tool for an inter-generational, cultural cohesive transition bridge.  Politics, like marketing, need people who are diplomatic.  Do you have what it takes to take on-board diplomacy lessons and become a transition diplomat?

Are you game to walk over this bridge and meet me on the other side ?

action vibrations

Action Vibrations

Action vibrations are essentially an indispensable resource providing human resources solutions for niche markets and include community support. Like most things in life there are so many aspects that people overlook until something big happens.

Use the example of a singer. Maybe they have sung all their lives. And suddenly they are a star. Where did they come from. Well they certainly did not purchase a voice, stage presence and the ability to read the crows mood from a breakfast cereal box.

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Weekly Website Creation

Weekly Website Creation Webinars

New skills sets are a focus this private community concentrate upon. Besides the personal growth involved through each of the l membership levels there are wonderful discoveries all through the available options.
One training to note is that of the Weekly Website creation webinars. Gaining access to these  weekly website creation starts when you have access at the Elite membership level to the website and themes and the basic set up introductory WordPress 101 video tutorials that takes you through the preparation and introduction to leads into the using your Website to its best advantage.

tipintopracticenow-susanlewismarketingdotcom-e1480828742955 Weekly Website Creation

Should you miss something just go back to the training video and check things out again. Elite  membership gains you all the tools within the one monthly subscription.  Why not gain the skill sets in order to further your website knowledge.  Now with a firm foundation basis of the WordPress101 training’s available in you Digital Business lounge access [ the vertical column on the DBL dashboard and scroll downwards] And set up and functionality of your chosen theme along with basic knowledge within the Forums, the SFM Facebook and Google social sites, blogging challengers and way more you have an additional  option of the Gold Membership level.

Basically now you can literally hit the floor running  as you propel yourself through the Gold workshop training. Even include sales campaign ideas.
Digital-Learning-a Weekly Website CreationMembers give back into this community who  If you have  the need to create terrific websites, is there for you.  Why why not give this a shot when you are experiencing your 30 day free trail ? It’s extremely easy and by itself is available for you …..Better yet ! Although I have no idea how long this option will be part of the ‘choose and try test drive ‘ that’s  included in the free 30 day trial !  Load the cart and have a go for 30 days.  A relatively small price to pay for creating your future potential with significantly  better WordPress Website quality.

Grab the full Test drive by hitting the banner below

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends as this may be the start of your future.
susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Weekly Website Creation
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless assett
 Finding your “elite self ” sometimes starts in the strangest of places. Knowing you are able to truthfully say I have  with understanding  and that others are where you were…. still painting canvasses  by filling in someone else’s dots.
What a feeling is being able to remove frustrating website design things off from your memory and literally replace them with new memories is a fantastic feeling.  Add to this the support along with the networking and this elite membership level is a fantastic place to be when you are starting out online.

Pension Asset Test

Gidday I’m Susan Lewis currently though in Australia there now is a Pension Asset Test.  People are feeling the pinch and now this is really happening to those most vulnerable.
Over the next few weeks  the Australian people will hear be told what they were not given time to hear about the Pension Asset Test due to the date of the press release.

write for different niches

Aiming to write for different niches

The ability to write for different niches with a clear, concise English grammar, is something to aim for.  The saying that practice makes perfect means that those who are able to go through to various niches have spent many hours learning and practicing to write. The objective was to write. Then to perfect their art. The expansion their horizons is a outcome seen by a few.

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Use My Tracking Stats

Defiantly check out and Use My Tracking Stats

Amazingly the potential energy release when people gather data and use “MyTracking Stats” is largely unexplored.

Recognizing  the usability of what tools are provided  and utilizing those tools to there fullest potential  is a trick many affiliate marketers just totally ignore.  Instead the fiance that may be available to their marketing budget is just thrown away.  Simple things like creating a spread sheet, keeping that spread sheet up to date and daily spending the time to go through your tracking stats making notes of differences is something to bee seen to be believed.

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