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Peppercorn Rent

Peppercorn rent is helping Australia. As a  big continent  people from all walks of life are adapting to new life situations. Communities realize the potential in turning one situation into another with peppercorn rent.   External factors from that of the homestead  are still causing people to gain happiness from helping other people from all walks of life realize the massive potential on the internet Economy
When the Sun-downers [ aka tramps] traveled the country they called into peoples places at sundown.  Got fed and a bed and left before sunup.  Hence missing out the days exchange for food and bed that was meant to be work.  Sun-downers always moved on quickly.
People in remote places have had enough of their children moving into towns and cities.  Peppercorn rent is just that. A token rent  in an effort to attract people from the city and into a less dense populated area.  The new lifeblood of country  and rural Australia.  Both ways people acclimatize to the place or the place to the new breads. [ People from out of the area with fresh DNA strains]  and many marriages  or cohabitation, begin a new cycle of population trends.
Very tax deductible these days are the pepper corn population re negative gearing   The town councils are becoming in these remote places have become aware of how to take advantage  of the Grants available to obtain government assistance thus further develop the towns.  The only challenge is that first a person with a disability pension or old age pension goes into the town and ‘settles’.  Then they bring in a relative to care for them.  That person is probably on the unemployment assistance or studying via correspondence.  The course needs to be government recognized. Either way again government assistance will be there at this level. Including the tapping into of the mental health system for people upon the Autism Spectrum.  This outreach facility activation brings in locals who are qualified with the government recognized certifications as caregivers on a relief basis.  maybe a tap into a car pool or activities that provide the carer, and the family, a break away from each other .  Even if this is a few hours a week.
Peppercorn rent cash flow into the town changes the town dynamics on many levels. Defiantly helps the town’s and surrounding populations even further as usually there is one of three options for the Peppercorn renter to fulfill.
A side effect of these pepper corners bringing about a financial betterment is  that there still is an expectation for these receivers of Australian Government  money to do things for free.  Like instead of the farmer paying them $750 .00 a basic wage for a full manual weeks work  the farmer, or shop keeper,  will pay them $150.00 for a weeks worth of worth as the belittling belief is ” the Australian Government is already paying you”.  A situation that with the more external agencies coming into town the less this “work for a pittance’ back handed scheme is in play.
Cheating on the towns part as it means the person is now basically trapped in a cycle where the worker will say one thing. The employers books possibly show another. Along with the payslips…..  Anger and resentment build up and suddenly people, like overseas tourists on an Australian workers visa, get taken on and get paid their wages in full because there is a body representing them.  A full weeks wages for a full weeks work as well as accommodation and meals.
Where the pepper corners are there for the long term [ even if it is only for a twelve month contract] seasonal workers are here today and gone tomorrow.
Look at the solution to this cycle of events : an SFM Digital Lifestyle Introduction.  A to Hello Realistic Opportunity on at least three levels for any given situation that I have thought about
  1. The minimal one time cost to set up is less than a common weeks worth of cigarette smoking habit .
  2. The introduction of this two tier system is shareable and long lasting.
  3. Light in weight as its online and very  virtual.
  4. Community transformations continue to occur.

What do Peppercorn Renters need?  The same as anyone else.  A good internet connection and digital device. Add  a mindset that will allow change to occur.

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