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skillfulness in using

There is a skillfulness in using words where with ingenuity the writer encapsulates the readers mind. With a creative master ship of the words used highlights the readers attention. The writers ambidexterity bringing the reader through the mild words where the pain point is of the readers experiences, thus softens the sharp edges. Its not so much a genius at work. Just a person with a need to assist others. Who practices writing to the point where a talent develops. Gradually a gift in one communication skill bridges over into another.

Amazingly the words are in in a Thesaurus dictionary.  Online or in paper back form. Soon enourgh “You are the words in your head”. What is written will soon be spoken. An odd word here and there. People get used to what is said and how you speak.

Look at people who fix pumps. A cardiologist compared to a mechanic. Both fix pumps. Depending on your ‘need’ what would you write as? A pump made of metal and one made of flesh both have capacity tests. Both take time to learn the trade. However there is defiantly a different use of the persons skillfulness. On using a hydroliac jack to remove a nut and bolt the power tool and attachments are definitely under different load capacities.

Suiting your overall language to the people you look /seek to talk /communicate with [ sounds weird and written on purpose] the words you are going to use will are there to encourage people to read further and further down the page. Each page or piece of communication is a funnel. Wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Designed to take people to the base of the bridge that goes over to the next step. That next step needs to be addresses. This is where they are vulnerable. You will meet them over the other side.

BUT you must not drag them over the bridge. Lure them with false information. Nor demand that they cross that bridge.

The choice to choose is always the readers. Efficient time management is what your target is about. Sure there is a carrot or two dangling . A report of this or your help and assistance. Other peoples in the communities help and assistance. Once mentioned make sure you do this activity.

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