Daily Archives: November 11, 2016

Past Life Lessons Learned

Past Lessons learned complicated online progression

Over a lifetime of ‘past life lessons learned”  people generally become very conditioned to be cautious of unknown things.  Many people [particularly Autistic’s] do research projects until they ran out of questions. Learning new concepts and all the bits and techniques associated  are ‘an enormous project’ that will probably have many layers to explore. Especially when there is learning online experiences get entangled with past life lessons learned.

Really living within the moment while appreciating the exploring the dream means there is a focus too all those scattered  projects undertaken.  Just what that underlying dream actually is may be so disjointed the dreamer jumps from one project to another. Either appearing to hardly scratch the surface before discarding something or burying themselves so in-depth they just cannot be ‘seen for the dust and cobwebs’ within.

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