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Seeing Autism As A Gift





Welcome to the Autism As A Gift

If you are normal then you are not Autistic.  Autistic people are unique, diverse, magnificent and each in accordance with their of Gifts.

And of course with the good along comes the relatives oif the other side.  The doubt, fixations, listening to others as they bully and colgoal our minds into accepting we, Unique as we are, have a disease.

Well if there is one it is because we believe them that are in DIS-Ease with our selves.

Get off the grass and smell the roses.  If inclined make the roses into a salad.

Your DNA is how it is made to be.,  Theirs and theirs  alone.  How you end up treating yourself is up to you.  You are a gift to humanity.  Without Autistic traits in people would the world have computers, opera singers, great musicians, inventors, people way before their time, people with gifts of healing, people who can hear the birds, sense the illnesses, see the shadows of others before they cross their path.

Welcome to Susan Lewis Marketing.  I am Susan I am Autistic Online and loving it.  I have a voice and I am using it to help you , and tother like us, reach out, not be so lost online.  Find an alternative way to have, and live, your own unique lifestyle.  Even share these ideas with a partner.  Your best friend, A relative .  And most importantly your inner child.