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A Life Of Your Own Making

A Life Of Your Own Making – To Choose To Become Your Life Based On Your Own Life Experiences And To Migrate Forward Letting Go Of ‘Your-Self’ Is Petrifying, Messy, And Shear Bedlam.

The story you tell yourself has become your life and thus your life has become a life off your own making.  The story may be based on your own life experiences, those of other people in the circle of influence you are in now. Or have chosen to migrate into. As fast, or as slow, but one step at a time, what happens is the person you were  gradually gets used to letting  go of that person they thought they were. People need that real you to step forward and be there for them to trust.

The process towards  a life of your own making is way scary for anyone.  Infinitely petrifying for those who have had to control their inner self all their lives or that inner-self runs rampant, breaks acceptable behaviour patterns and generally throws kayoss into shear bedlam.

Why choose to recreate a life of your own making

Welcome to what people refer to as a life of your own making.  I am Susan lewis. In this post you will find some sections of history that was in the background of my own personal choice to accept change. Plus to not be afraid of that change. Also to recognize, and analyze, why  I kept squashing the change factors patiently want to happen so new energy flows could come through into my life. The hardest part of relating this to you  is for you to understand I actually knew nothing about what was going on.  I knew there was something strange just not what was happening.  Aside from the fact that I was told there had been a truck smash into through the van I was driving.  Together with the fact I even saw the wreck of the van.

To put it differently nothing connected until over fifteen years later when the oldest son wanted to understand the dreams he had been having.  At three weeks off from turning four he was in a position to see the driver of the truck drive through the left, front passenger corner, lift and spin the van around and into the middle of the road.

I screamed out, died. Knew nothing more. Coming back to see the pushing of a truck trailer over an embankment. The drivers log of the truck be tampered with. And the policeman then walk to the van drivers door and state Two things. “Your foot’s on the accelerator” and  ” You’re dead.”

There were meant to be three foot peddles.  The crush of the van took away the third.  Under the crumpled metal was the accelerator.  My right foot [the accelerator or brake foot] was held tight between the brake and the clutch pedal.

Cause and consequence factors influence a life of your own making.

A pivotal point with creating a life of your own making is a background of trust. Officials are to be trusted I was taught through my early childhood. As a child my father was a policeman.  Thus understand I was brought up to accept and trust people in uniforms.

The fact that it subsequently took from 1991 until 2017 to piece all this and more together no longer shocks me. In essence my brain accepted that it was easier to be ‘dead’ and loose memories, than to accept the cover-up statement made by the policeman that I was attempting suicide.

Without question there went all, and any, of the thirty-one years of memories at all.  From that point life became relearning to learn.  Everything! Even to recognise, and connect to, that image that was in my life was actually me took twenty years. Moreover, five years later came a haircut.  After all that acceptance of change had to occur. But that’s another moving forward story.

Accordingly this post is written as a guide for people with neuro-malfunctions due to vehicle accidents, or other brain impacts, and of course Autism Spectrum activities going hey-wire. Primarily to let you know there are people who have gone through similar.  Survived, reformed and moved through into a new self.  Whether that self included a conscious choice to connect with the old self is up to you.

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow-165x200 A Life Of Your Own Making
Right now as you create a life of your own making this may be where you are up too.

A life of your own making includes ‘choice’ actions

First of all, each one of us has the choice to a life of your own making.  While endeavoring to  become self-reliant myself I took to the internet.  At the time  I was a single mother of four children. A few years earlier having moved from the ‘Snowies’ in Isolated Victoria, Australia, a very large and unmovable object called  Mt Delegate was right in the way of the radio signal reception.Therefore there was no radio or television signals available, nor internet.

Starting a fresh meant that literally everything was new to me in the mountains. A vehicle accident causing a quietly bleeding brain injury had seen to that. What was learned then holds well today! There are times where to start again in life means leaving behind the old one.  Even if you’re a total beginner, reach down inside you. Find clear, step-by-step getting started training. Choose to accelerate towards a life of your own making! Recognise that when you refresh your life skills to optimize your business will max out your time management allotments.

For these reasons, in today’s daily life include all the life skills required to be more fulfilled. That your digital lifestyle  is a genuine business and is realistically within reach. All that you need to do is follow the instructions while not getting diverted.

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Press her to find out more on SFM’s Education Program

Wake Up To A Life Of Your Own Making ‘s Motivation

To begin to wake up to a life of your own making be in a place that will ‘wake up’ millions of people through mastering social media, thus allowing others in their own small home business to a life of their own making through education programs.  While SFM Is a genuine business with top digital marketing education the end results are dependent  on the effort you put in while you create your business. A community that supports the one step at a time approach as you put together a life of your own making.

Recognise SFM’s goal and driving passion, is to help you unleash the transition to a life where your potential lies within. Harness a life of your own making  for maximum freedom. Seemingly effortlessly mastering social media to tap into the blooming digital economy.

Position yourself where you can brush up on your personal learning platform. Without question, even during a coffee break while with team mates, co-workers, relatives or friends..

Be Supported As You Create A Life Of Your Own Making

To illustrate the point of this post; where do I fit in as you create a life of your own making? I am really excited to work with you as to me it’s about helping people find their way through into another way of supporting your family members as they have helped you. Only do practice this from a position of love, trust and wellbeing within a positive, flowing circle of influence.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 A Life Of Your Own Making
Welcome . We’ll connect as you being to create a life of your own making.

To recognise their dream and reach their full potential.  Cutting through the confusion while getting the clarity and support you’ll need to start that thriving online business. To help people choose how they want to live. A life of your own making.

How amazing is it going to be: fearless in the hunt for your dream. Take that dream by the horns. Shake it for all it’s worth to you.

To sum up my thoughts :prove to yourself that you too can shoot for the best you can be by making a life of your own making? With this in mind turn towards your next target! Make sure your share this ‘surprise’ with your family and friends along the way.

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