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You Started On A Journey

When you started on a journey of discovery, did you know where you would end up?

I ask as, when I accepted an invitation to visit a community of motivators and entrepreneur’s that was the beginning of accepting and starting to create an alternative digital lifestyle with the ‘Internet of Things’. A starting point of how to understand how the way the SFM Digital Business System works.

Believeyouare-beautiful-1-375x400 You Started On A Journey
Believe in yourself and you already started on your journey.

At first, I thought there were real challenges because of the Autism flowing through my DNA. Took time, but now, what I have realized is that the community is definitely ‘Unique’. Therefore, to build a world-class marketing platform like this one takes all sorts of ‘odd bods’ fitting into the communities creation and ownership. I really fitted into this community where failing forward was accepted.  Coupled with a feeling that I belong here for the first time in my life I have a mental place called home.

This journey started over fifty years ago.

School children check into creators of both people and their inventions. Bill Gates, as well as the two founders of Google, are two such people. What struck me when I saw the photo of Googles first tower there were Lego bricks as the towers shell. They had out built the towers available. And created their own ! Ever wonder as to the choice of logo colors Google has?

Like when Thomas Eddison gave a light bulb to Alexander Graham Bell enabling overseas telephone calls, via operators, to be further created, Later the computer circuits had light bulbs in them too.  Bill Gates programming escapades jump-started Google into how Google is now.

About that time, in two different parts of the world, two young men started to use these platforms and their computers to learn something about marketing online.

Sure, they openly admit to having what could only be described as a disaster [ or two] happening along the way. What toddler does not fall down every so often? Hard lessons learned well leading to a greater sense of self-accountability.

tapforresources You Started On A Journey

Ongoing development has lead to a multifaceted compilation of a marketing system and training platform. Though what has turned out to be a world class marketing approach being shared with the community that bridged the gap for myself was I wanted information. Wanting the knowledge I did not hear the wisdom behind the experiences being passed on. Settling for ‘What I thought I understood.”

That choice has turned out to be one of the best learning curves in my life there were other aspects to consider. Finding out  ‘who I was’ has been important.

Knowing what I am capable of in reaching  the new personal heights is mind boggling.

Reaching out in this fashion pointed the way to take on life’s most incredible journey to date.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 You Started On A Journey
You started on a journey  of discovery. Welcome.

The realization, and recognition, that there is a big difference between gaining information and knowledge versus clarity to utilize every aspect is being continuously rewarding.

Stepping forward in faith. Building in trust. Leveraging everything available. Doing the work required. Moving on forward.


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