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It’s Rough, raw and from the heart.

Face it. Changes occur in life pattern interrupts. Raugh, raw and intimdating at times.

Leaving what can only be called by many “a depression zone” has been an interesting series of events. Autistic Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome is looked upon as a ‘depression zone’. Instead its a series of experiences. What triggers it could be many and varied, piled up, added too, over a lifetime. Starting out from conception onwards. Thing is, what is happening is the here and now. All the little things add up. The words used. Tone of voice, clothes, colors, music, information received, time taken with friends.

Even having people within the pink elastic comfort zone.

Inthe-right-liferaft-400x320 It's Rough, raw and from the heart.
Lifeboats offer real raw and frightening changes.

Entering into the Academy there are many points of mentoring. How people, and who, people choose for mentoring themselves is up to them. Yes! At first, you are allocated a business coach. You also have what is called a sponsor the person who invites you in. Everyone who cares to complete and travels through the modules does the same modules. Helping hands will be there for you for understanding and encouragement. This is a continuous thing.

Sailing a boat is a similar journey. In a way the stormy seas people go through to get to the other side is a similar journey. It’s a journey of escape from the familiar, into the unknown

People do get figuratively thrown about. The boat will spring a leak. The wind will upset the sails. The currents and tides do spin the boat and toss it up and down.

And the predators of doubt are there under the seas.

Being tossed out is a test of faith. Total faith into the journeys end.

You do see the boat sailing away. Right now there is a decision to be made. Swim after that boat. Hoping to once again cling to familiarity. Or swim forward into your belief. Either choice will have you shedding the weight that immersed you under.

At that point, that decisions actions are yours and yours alone. You know the boat has gone. Do you hear the people in the ‘lifeboats from your future’ calling you still?

Listen above the sounds of the waves and the other distractions. Listen.

It’s your future. The choice to head upwards at all costs is yours to make.

When there turn into the lifeboats torch light. Call out. Raise your hand. Grab hold of the lifebuoys. Life jackets. Ropes. Tightly. Cause the rough seas of change will continue. Just the same as each choice you make will continue to have an impact on your life today.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 It's Rough, raw and from the heart.
Welcome. It’s Rough, raw and from the heart.

Double check the name imprinted in and on the rescue equipment. Yes. Remember there is one rescue raft of people who truly have you named on their list.

The SFM, DEA and DBL are there for you. Their team of experts, supporting crew members and ‘rough about’s’, have you and your future under consideration.

Seeking That Inner Child

Seeking That Inner Child – Be In Control As A Brokenness And Unrecognised Guilt Rise While Seeking That “Inner Child Within” 

Welcome to this post about seeking that inner child in response to being in control of a brokenness within my family. The struggles with the unrecognised guilt for these innocent autistic children within the family.

My name is Susan Lewis and this was a family that I knew.  It was my own. The following moment in time is shared so people may become aware of underling issues from the past needed to surface, understood, to be dealt with. Knowing that  at times these actions would take time until all the facts were in place in my own head there were missing parts of an invisible jig saw puzzle to find. Connect to then sort out. These things occurred in 1991.  Long before the internet was at finger tips to everyone who chooses to have a digital device  within their lives.

To have joy in your life start seeking that inner child early

My own children lost much of the “childhood innocence” when the truck impacted into the van I was driving. Independant even at seven, being told to sit in the car while her father check what had happened  she got out. At age seven saw the wreckage, the people and the whole scene.

No-one realised the trauma imprinted on her brain simply as no-one knew who she was. Just a kid from somewhere in the middle of the bush on a dirt road who wandered into a truck and van ‘accident scene.”

The other two boys were within the van. The nearly four year old saw the truck implode through.  Definitely unknown as to the full extent of what the eighteen month saw as he was in a car seat with high sides that would have shielded to view. In a different position from the first son…. right behind the driver.  The truck just cut through on the passenger side pushing the whole front around the driver. The speedometer of the van reading 2 km having travelled less than twenty feet..

For years I sort my own inner child as I ‘lost’ her in a vehicle accident. The result was that just as children absorb what is around them, i learned that adults do as well. While seeking that inner child who has chosen to be safe, educating, upskilling and the ‘whacking’ it with incoming may have caused that being to “run for the hills” with ‘overwhelm’. Instead it was found there are other ways to deploy personal growth

Enticement, bribery, and commands become input trip-ups.  Respond instead through create a safe zone. A place where moving forward is neutral and the inner child’s own decision. Tentative, curious and very aware. have patience, understanding, laughter, love and life there. Effectively while seeking the inner child, the education needs to be with economy, Without the confusion.

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow-329x400 Seeking That Inner Child
Right now this may be where you are up too when you are seeking that inner child of yours.curious and very aware.

Build trust when you are seeking that inner child

When your seeking that inner child the issue of trust needing to be rebuilt by both ‘the you’ you are and ‘the you’ you are changing into.  Include the inner child you have within.  Yet, you know the answers already. Somewhere deep inside or possibly close to the surface. Maybe it’s to include the inner child you have within in the life you want simply by making a ‘place for the children in the future.’

So as a family we had markets every weekend.  Selling balloons and painting faces. Taking

‘Time warps’ available maybe the ability to choose a mentor concept connections may have been simulated sooner. But the is twenty-five years later. Society has begun to recognize the need to connect and learn best by weaving the inner child into the mental mindset processes.

Why reconnect and seek that inner child

Reconnecting the future from the childhood dream came from seeking that inner child.  But what to do with everything enabling each family of autistic peoples a life within their own future.

Talk about recognizing that in seeking that inner child she has now been released into the freedom to focus in the creation of her fifty-year old dream.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Seeking That Inner Child
Welcome . Having fun seeking that inner child?

Freely move forward. Come with me within the SFM community as we too ‘Lend A Hand’ [LAH] to others turning dreams into realities.

You are welcome to contact me for more information on seeking that inner child> by posting a note too: susanlewis@susanlewismarketing.com