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Training And UpSkilling.

In the beginning… Training and Upskilling was a pirates haven

The internet has “been around forever”. Initially as a way of communication, training and upskilling and a while later for socializing. What was first shared by professionals, then between universities has spread through the world. Government departments, education

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 Training And UpSkilling.
Remember Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals the Titanic !

facilities and the military, and businesses employed the graduates. The onslaught began to happen. As more and more people found creating an online community had many uses. Especially as people became familiar with the socialisation happening on the Platforms.

A division occurred. While most people chose to use the net for social reasons, others mastered the arts of using this tool to create a ‘net-lifestyle.’

Time to get the general publics training and upskilling within safer boundaries.

Meanwhile bubbling quietly behind the scenes the broadbands people were creating step by step programmes, bringing a social conscience into the net sphere. The warnings were on the net with algorithms. AKA Panda [Feb 2011], Penguin [April 2012] , Hummingbird [ late 2013] Pigeon [July 2014] then Compliancy [2015].. And each time the warnings were on the wall these forerunners suddenly began to sell their training and upskilling secrets at a ‘MUCH reduced’ price. Crowds went “mad with relief”. Rushed into cash in with the digital gold.

Offen such that the participants would swap their labour for learning. Not realising the coding pixels may have lasted for a day. A week. A season. Few understood or cared that what went on the internet… stays on the internet. Therefore once the marketers pixels had time lapsed only the original companies stood to gain.Simply because the pixels were coded to revert to the original advertiser.  The person sharing the secrets.

Reached-a-slow-point-yet-1-200x200 Training And UpSkilling.
Reached that Slow Point Again

Once a gold fever took hold all the carefully given instructions went out the window. “Once I get to 100 posts, then I will record where I placed the advertisement”.  Think about it. The mind will only remember a few places at a time. Many people were in this situation then, and there are many people today as well.

Change to the previous algorithms that worked back in the ‘pirate’ days was implemented. Finally with ‘compliance’  being brought through either the ‘pirate’ social media outlets are being closed down. Otherwise, what was being shared ranks so low and the equipment used to find them is so fast that many sort different methods.

Unleshtherestraints-267x400 Training And UpSkilling.
Hiding your potential is a waste. Unleash what is in there.. your Digital Entrepreneur. Let those at the DEA guide actions through the online traffic jams.

Like a lighthouse in a storm, there are a few education, training, and upskilling places still standing today. The light is on full beam, and they have proven they’ve stood the tests of time.

Have control of the training and Upskilling objectives

If you are going to have any control over what you are being brought into, it is necessary to understand what makes all the current interconnecting training, and upskilling processes work.

Learning new things, or upskilling takes time, concentration, effort and valuable energy at the best of times.  Add the family dynamics of having one, or more, people in the family within the Autism Spectrum and you now have to take control of your learning environment. Finding, then attending an education facility open 24 /7 . With people who have an authenticity of both the developing of these skills and who have been in the similar family, concerns is here and definitely is available.

So much so that the company  who stands with the people it trains and upskills offers a ‘100%’ with the training, [Even if your reason is you do not like the look of a co-founder !] Yes check out the resource of the seven day video series.  Move through that and on and  into the Bootcamp where there are four basic modules.  That way you have a good chance of sorting out a flexible learning strategy

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Welcome the me I had forgotten about

From experience working out what it is you want from life.  Turning your passion into an overall goal is possible. So possible that there are people who arealso in similar positions taking things one step at a time. Including their family in the adventure of this incredible journey. Gaining a foothold slowly up that slippery surface,

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As You Smile Dare To Be Different

As you Smile reach out to others with your smile. Let them share this rare and precious gift. Like the bird that is set free, a smile travels the world. Freely giving of itself. Enhancing lives the world over. Growing with social worth. One day as it returns back to you welcome it back. Congratulate yourself on a gift well-received by many.

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Balloons, Butterflies and children float around looking for a smile

Smiling, in return, is a small part of a lifestyle chosen by you, for you. Like the air that is moved through the beat of the butterflies wings, when you smile that smile of yours, this small action graces the world around you.

To live with a smile, to smile freely when we want, with who we want and wherever we want. A simple thought – yes?

“At all Times Dare to Be

the one whose quota of smiles is always full. As they smile the quantum leap off into a great day. Freely given.

Now sharing with you actionable strategies, some fun and laughter times, from around the net will be a pleasure. Your First ‘Smile-able’ Action is here.


           And Smile

 There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the content and get value from it use these actions to increase your sales and profit from the Universal Energy flow as you go about your daily lives.

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 Have a terrifically uplifting day
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