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Wonder To Ignite

Startle and surprise yourself as you reach for the stars. Look back in wonder. To ignite that passion what triggered each step of the way to have become flexible enough to absorb change.

Come on the journey. Today is the first day of the month. A tracking discovery journey has been opened. What will be there by the months end?

Over the last two months  a realisation of what the steeply climbing views now in the left hand ‘My Tracking view’ column of  were all about!

Would you believe it!  A slight change caused a spark of wonder to ignite! Something was happening. But what was the explanation?

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 Wonder To Ignite
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

A seed had been planted and had begun to germinate. Mentally that explanation was enough. Inquisitiveness had sprung forward. The comfort zone had stretched. Now the need was to have these reach 50,000 this month. What a change. It’s like discovering a new toy. Underlying this was the need to play with this toy. Make it go, go, and grow had crept in. This alone represents a significant change of mindset. An acceptance of a decision. One that has recorded results. Now there is a new platform to launch from for next month.

While testing out a landing page I had been developing the test email had registered. Knowing that this showed in the second column [lead column] yesterday that ‘1’ was consciously ignored. Other tracking questions were asked of support.

Overnight though that pink elastic was once again sprouting a change. A few ideas were connecting into a new concept. Fed by the knowledge that seeing the names on the leaders board change daily where was my name? That leader board shows room for growth.

Achieving the smaller objectives these stepping stones have ‘cleared’ through the jungle of indecision, created a pathway that leads to the road, leading to the highway towards the achievement of the full effects from developing an alternative digital lifestyle. This feels like finally clearing a weed-filled garden bed. Something everyday and ordinary filled with surprises as spring growth

DaffodilsInaFrame-400x400 Wonder To Ignite
On daffodil is a storage shed for many daffodils to divide into more daffodils over the years.

daffodils reach through the soil towards the sunlight.

Hundreds of Daffodils grow in my garden now. These numbers grew from five bulbs. I’m curious. What will it feel like to have twenty members by the end of this month? aka people in the fourth column.

What will this personal growth feel like in spring this year? Knowing that even this growth has changed something quintessential within my mindset. Just goes to show that people within the Autism Spectrum do become more accepting of change. Albert Einstein was a selective mute until he was five. Instead, the ‘grandfather of the atomic ages’ communication had a different communication focus. The focus instead came through the algebraic equations and written papers.

Thought for the month just popped up on the screen.
Don’t settle for the status quo of comfort – human beings have limitless

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Wonder To Ignite
With a bunch of daffodils I Welcome You

potential so every individual needs to keep raising the bar to fulfill their true destiny

tapforresources-200x101 Wonder To Ignite
SEND Me These Resources Now

Thank you Cat Stevens song playing on the radio : A change is going to do me good.