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Cake Is Special Everytime

Take a simple desire to eat a piece of cake. THAT THIS CAKE IS SPECIAL. Let’s say this cake is home made and you’ve made many similar ones. This cake though is special. It’s for a dearly loved one and many people have said they too expect to be there at the time the cake is cut.

The situation would now change with a greater expectation of that cakes importance. Would you not agree?

Creation of the cake is still important. Suddenly other things pop up. Now there are the invitations reminders, shopping, preparation, teamwork …. Wait a minute let’s just concentrate on the
cake in this post.

Creating a cake needs the recipe, the ingredients, the time and putting it together. Mixing the cake there subtle difference to be aware of. A little ‘too’ much water, the flour base changes, butter , margarine or oil for the tins. Paper to line the tin. Oven and other conditions of baking the cake change. Conventional oven, microwave woodfired or solar powered? Should the container be silicon, mental ?

Understanding how and why all these things matter is of secondary influence at the time. Knowing that you have the skills, knowledge and time to create this cake yourself does matter.

Do-able actions on social media to obtain the results that matter to many people are just a piece of cake. Everyone shares things. All people have to do is ask. True. Once or twice over a period of six or twelve months, the idea flashes across their social broadcasting place. Maybe a picture in their timeline of Facebook, Google, Pinterest Twitter. And some at the event.

People want to be a piece of the action. To have their cake and eat it too.

The challenge is to be able to create small qualitative or quantitive results results from many growing people’s understanding, knowledge and skill factors along the way. Add to this the essence

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade-239x400 Cake Is Special Everytime
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of a challenge achieved. For instance having multiple groups within their own task orientated private Facebook group. Along with one shared private group between the events collaborative organisers and members. From this, the shared photos and messages for broadcasting are there. Permission to share away into your own timeline is both controlled and given.

Backed by the combination of task orientated topical training hosted by you. Online and off.

Publicity is doable this way. The immediate giveaway rewards are felt by the participants as actions are completed in the immediate sense of time. Know that people will talk. And gradually a sense of sharing more than someone else is there.

The sense of achievement expressed when friendly trackable daily sharing options are available is there. People willing to take on today’s challenge just register through the associated lead capture page

Qualitative or quantitive results are now being recorded The challenge of looking at obtaining the immeasurable is heading towards is now heading towards being solved.

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