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Wonder To Ignite

Startle and surprise yourself as you reach for the stars. Look back in wonder. To ignite that passion what triggered each step of the way to have become flexible enough to absorb change.

Come on the journey. Today is the first day of the month. A tracking discovery journey has been opened. What will be there by the months end?

Over the last two months  a realisation of what the steeply climbing views now in the left hand ‘My Tracking view’ column of  were all about!

Would you believe it!  A slight change caused a spark of wonder to ignite! Something was happening. But what was the explanation?

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 Wonder To Ignite
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

A seed had been planted and had begun to germinate. Mentally that explanation was enough. Inquisitiveness had sprung forward. The comfort zone had stretched. Now the need was to have these reach 50,000 this month. What a change. It’s like discovering a new toy. Underlying this was the need to play with this toy. Make it go, go, and grow had crept in. This alone represents a significant change of mindset. An acceptance of a decision. One that has recorded results. Now there is a new platform to launch from for next month.

While testing out a landing page I had been developing the test email had registered. Knowing that this showed in the second column [lead column] yesterday that ‘1’ was consciously ignored. Other tracking questions were asked of support.

Overnight though that pink elastic was once again sprouting a change. A few ideas were connecting into a new concept. Fed by the knowledge that seeing the names on the leaders board change daily where was my name? That leader board shows room for growth.

Achieving the smaller objectives these stepping stones have ‘cleared’ through the jungle of indecision, created a pathway that leads to the road, leading to the highway towards the achievement of the full effects from developing an alternative digital lifestyle. This feels like finally clearing a weed-filled garden bed. Something everyday and ordinary filled with surprises as spring growth

DaffodilsInaFrame-400x400 Wonder To Ignite
On daffodil is a storage shed for many daffodils to divide into more daffodils over the years.

daffodils reach through the soil towards the sunlight.

Hundreds of Daffodils grow in my garden now. These numbers grew from five bulbs. I’m curious. What will it feel like to have twenty members by the end of this month? aka people in the fourth column.

What will this personal growth feel like in spring this year? Knowing that even this growth has changed something quintessential within my mindset. Just goes to show that people within the Autism Spectrum do become more accepting of change. Albert Einstein was a selective mute until he was five. Instead, the ‘grandfather of the atomic ages’ communication had a different communication focus. The focus instead came through the algebraic equations and written papers.

Thought for the month just popped up on the screen.
Don’t settle for the status quo of comfort – human beings have limitless

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Wonder To Ignite
With a bunch of daffodils I Welcome You

potential so every individual needs to keep raising the bar to fulfill their true destiny

tapforresources-200x101 Wonder To Ignite
SEND Me These Resources Now

Thank you Cat Stevens song playing on the radio : A change is going to do me good.

Emails Keep Coming

Emails keep coming for a reason.

Emails keep coming, even if they end up in the other areas rather than you inbox.

Times past emails happily went to where you wanted them. Now the computers sorting of what you want to read , see or even think about has been overtaken by a bot. Bots are programmed to simply filter things. The challenge is that th areas for altered human inquisitiveness just are disregarded. Bots are sent to protect. Protect humans is not on their radar. The bots protect the digital system you, a meir human, work with.

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101 resource messages kit

Phew 101 resource messages ready and waiting

101 resource messages at the finger tips and that feeling is terrific. Absolutely marvelous in fact. But what to do to send these out to people such as yourself?

Sitting down to the computer the text behind the ‘about Susan Lewis Marketing” was written. The first copy turned to the second when this text was uploaded into the chosen Simple Lead Capture theme page though as there suddenly was twice as many words as need be there.

The apple green color was  chosen to highlight important words. In the top row the buttercup yellow links through to different pages and the blog posts.  Still awaiting other landing pages development.

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Bucket List That Online System Proposal

First Create that Online System Proposal

With that online system proposal, you have just jotted down start the way you intend to proceed.  Make that list come alive.  See each step as though it is right here, right now! A living breathing piece of the future.

Simply put “Bucket list” that online system proposal.  You have written out notes of what you want to achieve .  Using sticky notes  [ glued adhered pieces of coloured paper]  one colour or the 12 months, another for the three months and something for the 6 and nine, twelve month you may soon have a wall covered Now just sort out the first 100 things to go onto the bucket list.  Some may be entirely a personal choice to complete. Other ideas will include things your business and the private life you lead together.  Have you 101 of these ideas now?  You have started out your basic bucket  combined with that online system proposal  presented.

Add some ‘weird’ things that are completely normal to yourself.  For instance, some people want to hide their Autism traits. Where I know that having these are both a blessing or something that needs work on. Others want to truly inspire us toward a joyful freedom

Combine that online system with the first Bucket list.

The-sumofyourattitude Bucket List That Online System ProposalThe bucket List and  That Online System Proposal went from conceptand into creative mode faily fast. As was written at the very beginning of this journey the idea was  “to help bring an awareness of Autism into the neuro-diversification state of acceptance” and moved into “To find lost people and develop a show people how  “Living in the Autism Spectrum, Online and loving IT joyfully happens!

On this ‘Bucket List’ there is a note to present a paper at the United Nations.  I have never written a paper let alone submitted one!  This involved relearning how to write. Blog posts and PDF’s as well as late on ebooks.  Going to Momentum Days was one bucket list thing. Flying was another.

The bucket list, with all it’s uniques preservatives, interests and definite ideas, provided faster-tracking everything and into creating the business proposal that included this personal stepping stones to achieving the goals and reaching the dream.

What happened next within Bucket List That Online System Proposal

Things with the One that has now branched out into a three-year action plan bringing a unique awareness of what it is like to have the gift of High Functioning Autism. Please note the words ‘GIFT’. It has taken eighteen months with the support and oneness of a unique community to stand in front of a very special friend and calmly stated:

“No this is not a disease’.[Face It I am not in a “dis-ease” state] having Autism is a Gift. A God Given gift.” Okay, what can that person do when met with a quietly strong statement like that. For a split second their mouth was open having started to say something to guide you once again into some path or other.

Start by keeping up with That Online System Proposal

Watching the realisation that being on a totally different ‘plain’ meant changing and altering the inner me.  That inner me had to step forward. That small glimpses shared of a personal experience. One of a personal awareness being expressed. Understood and taken on board by another person of influence. So Meeting that has accumulated into several bucket list goals being accomplished. Primarily the one coming to term with having Autism Spectrum qualities.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Bucket List That Online System Proposal
A few more to go on the bucket list though.

That small glimpses shared of a personal experience. One of a personal awareness being expressed. Understood and taken on board by another person of influence. So Meeting that has cumulated into several bucket list goals being accomplished. Primarily the one coming to term with having Autism Spectrum qualities.




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Know when to hit … the Red ‘X’s”

To hit the red X‘s is dangerous

When something happens and you know it was you that hit the red “X’s”, what do you do?

For me, I was in the link shortening tool called TidyURL. In the menus searching for something.

Having just deleted some spare not even used lists from AWeber.  The associated automatic responder that’s  linked to the menus mentioned.  Unthinkingly I went to close the menus for  this time and simply hit the Red “X”  in the top righthand corner.  ‘Woops’ wrong X to push.  Mistakenly thinking ‘close menu’ when I know hit the red X had always meant Delete. And delete it did.

One small action  was repeated several times.  And together quite a lot of links between posts and social media sharing suddenly became ‘void’  renames as 404’s.  Which of course is the third time this has been done by myself!

Way too many emotions arrive to hit the red X

Shamed and embarrassed has nothing to compare with.  However, this action took nearly two months to tell someone about. In between there was the issue of avoidance and confusing as how

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 Know when to hit ... the Red 'X's"
Remember Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals the Titanic !

did one get something like that back.  The answer currently is they don’t./  The damage is done.

Then it was simply a matter of associating the Google analytic’s side of thing.  Way to many bounces of bots and people onto the now pages, posts, pictures articles  all being 404’s.

What halted a loss of confidence through the “OH NO I’Ve done THAT again”  riding high experience was something called confession. In the SFM community, there is AWake up call.  Five times a week this is broadcast. Active with community members participation some raise their hand to be on the panel.  Nicknamed “Bobble-heads mind you.  There are the fun catch up times before the live streaming.

However to hit the red brought forward possitive changes

Speaking up in response to something else being spoken about out ‘it’ comes – the loss of the Shortened Links again. Added to the end was “Now I have created a spread sheet that tell me”… and I will be recording”

Besides feeling much freer within self there was a fail it forward ‘ method in reinforcing the learning processes.

The host of the AWakeUp call is JJ.  JJ previously had heard from Stuart Ross this expression “Why waste a good disaster”  And loosing those links is the equivalent of a disaster in the making.

On the positive side you ever want to have reinforcement about checklists and recordings of URLs sharing please back these up by creating your own Spread Sheet data base.  This is a terrific action plan as now the sharing has to be five times as many links per UTL published.  Then maybe, just maybe to hit the red X bounce rate will start to become balanced in the associated Google

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Know when to hit ... the Red 'X's"
Hitting the red x’s left a trail.

analytic s.

Sincerely I wish that this remember of how to overcome the hitting of the RED X will be of benefit to you.

Need other information, hints and tips come on through.

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from narcissistic tendencies

Suffer from narcissistic tendencies when working things out?

Knowing there are many times those “Oh No I did not do that! Did I?” moments that really drag at our gut arise! Then were these brought about from narcissistic tendencies thoughts arrive?

Does the overcontrolling keep the filing neat as a pin side of personalities get frustrated with “well that does not work today Why” Obsessive Compulsive Disorders side of creativity fixing a situation?
Never quite sure if it’s from narcissistic tendencies, or the Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder [OCpD], that the disregarding rules of engagement with widgets and apps happen. Or just a creative streak. However when people hit the little red X top right corner of the Tidy URL menu, they maybe forgetting it means DELETE and not close. All sorts of close down mechanisms come into play depending on which one of these two character traits have the majority of ‘what to do now actionable votes’ on the day.

Pointedly one solution found on the internet are forums, groups, collections and even encyclopedias of knowledge is out of date or the site referred to is currently set of standards needs checking. Many people have found that it is extremely hard to work out a today’s solution to a problem with yesterday’s howtos!

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet-400x299 from narcissistic tendencies
Look for solutions RIGHT here

This Is one of the reasons for finding that one platform where the information would be congruent with the methods and compliance standards of the day.

And believe me, this educational journey I am on sure needed the assistance often. Over time. there has been quite a few emails being sent to the DBL and SFM support personal. My poor old sponsor and even a few people who have joined and are working things out the same as me.

Pin down, retrain, move forward into positive aspects from Narcissistic traits

What tends to be the case is that one of us will have a win here and then find ourselves in a pathetic blotched up heap. However as time has gone on you talk to one and they remember what another has started with something similar. Pass the name along and a new contact is made. Or what has been said with the Its fixed jubilation is enough for you to go… “OH I never thought of that” Maybe it is a right move. Maybe not. However what is found is something clicks somewhere. And traits from narcissistic tendencies now have a new pattern of learned behavior being applied in order to come up with a workable practicable solution. Mine was to recreate the initial spreadsheet that housed all the URLs from the sites. Then to establish which link went directly were within the site. From there to reach out and schedule past posts with a new now connecting link. PLUS reshare and format another couple of links to that post. Tedious repetitious and when creatively approached quite a different set of progressive fun. All recorded via my link Generator a tool from the DBL side of DEA.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 from narcissistic tendencies
Be creative towards enjoying the results

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or simply make contact to look for solutions.

Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

Elite is the pivotal point in SFM

The satisfaction of knowing that to position as a member at Elite is the pivotal point in SFM has always been any SFM’ers to choose to do.

With the purchase of Elite, or Elite Plus (if purchased within a certain time frame) the Elite Membership is the key towards other things. Firstly the Elite membership allows access into the Digital Experts Academy. There are two extras with access to DEA.

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Cake Is Special Everytime

Take a simple desire to eat a piece of cake. THAT THIS CAKE IS SPECIAL. Let’s say this cake is home made and you’ve made many similar ones. This cake though is special. It’s for a dearly loved one and many people have said they too expect to be there at the time the cake is cut.

The situation would now change with a greater expectation of that cakes importance. Would you not agree?

Creation of the cake is still important. Suddenly other things pop up. Now there are the invitations reminders, shopping, preparation, teamwork …. Wait a minute let’s just concentrate on the
cake in this post.

Creating a cake needs the recipe, the ingredients, the time and putting it together. Mixing the cake there subtle difference to be aware of. A little ‘too’ much water, the flour base changes, butter , margarine or oil for the tins. Paper to line the tin. Oven and other conditions of baking the cake change. Conventional oven, microwave woodfired or solar powered? Should the container be silicon, mental ?

Understanding how and why all these things matter is of secondary influence at the time. Knowing that you have the skills, knowledge and time to create this cake yourself does matter.

Do-able actions on social media to obtain the results that matter to many people are just a piece of cake. Everyone shares things. All people have to do is ask. True. Once or twice over a period of six or twelve months, the idea flashes across their social broadcasting place. Maybe a picture in their timeline of Facebook, Google, Pinterest Twitter. And some at the event.

People want to be a piece of the action. To have their cake and eat it too.

The challenge is to be able to create small qualitative or quantitive results results from many growing people’s understanding, knowledge and skill factors along the way. Add to this the essence

icouldnotfindasolutionthentherealisationthatwiththetoolsihavemanysmallsteppingstonesandapathismade-239x400 Cake Is Special Everytime
Need help solving what your dream actually is?

of a challenge achieved. For instance having multiple groups within their own task orientated private Facebook group. Along with one shared private group between the events collaborative organisers and members. From this, the shared photos and messages for broadcasting are there. Permission to share away into your own timeline is both controlled and given.

Backed by the combination of task orientated topical training hosted by you. Online and off.

Publicity is doable this way. The immediate giveaway rewards are felt by the participants as actions are completed in the immediate sense of time. Know that people will talk. And gradually a sense of sharing more than someone else is there.

The sense of achievement expressed when friendly trackable daily sharing options are available is there. People willing to take on today’s challenge just register through the associated lead capture page

Qualitative or quantitive results are now being recorded The challenge of looking at obtaining the immeasurable is heading towards is now heading towards being solved.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Cake Is Special Everytime
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

More information contact

Susan Lewis Marketing :  cake is special

Using Index Code

Using Index Code is helpful

Presentation of an Index using index code is and important “Gotta Ya” attention tool. Either a quick easy glance where things are systematically arranged, user friendly and the user just goes with the flow. Or the user is presented with no choice but to flick away. Quickly.

People just want to click through two to three clicks.

Google does not want more than 99 links on a page and preferably only fifty though.

Before it is too big of a job begin to systematically index your blog posts into the allocated pages. Using  combination of pages and posts the job will get done.  Think of  an extended family.  One grandparent and the children, then if you want even more variety in come the grandchildren.

indexcode Using Index Code

Combining dyslexics with the creation of coding and a mess could be the answer. WordPress101 is a specially designed for the user experience.  As such with this code the indexing may happen.

As I do not really understand any more than above, but I wanted a system that works this is the indexing I use and it works.  Accessing sorted data brings out the quick find for the readers.  Just using search presents with an array of choices.  Confusion reins.  Hierarchical scanning means the posts flows through click through is considered.  MMM not sure if that’s the narcissistic tendency, the OCD  or a combination of both coming through.

Easier way to be using Index Code

Visually presenting the Index code that is to go in the Text Tab  is the easiest way I’ve found that for avoiding confusion. The pink and purple text areas of the code do different things.

The pink text opens up an area for the child or children  to line up and display the things that need organizing for easier viewing.   Not the child indexing starts and the next line flows on.

The purple text brings a grandchild level into the family circle.

When a multilevel longer index is required then simply cop and past your original control copy of unfilled code  and place it where it needs to be. Careful not to brake the coding.  Keep checking the readers side of the post or page.  Fix what needs to be fixed as you precede.

Frustrations in using Index Code

A few mistakes using index code while you fail forward your are learning what works while gaining results.

Setting up indexing is not a quick job.  Time consuming and well worth the all the ‘efforts’ that you put into the end result.  For other helpful e-resource information today’s Toolbox e-resources may help.  Bookmark [ favorite] the primary post sent to you.  Read through the post.  Go through all the links.  These links are constantly under construction.

susanlewiswiththestars-e1478914101417 Using Index Code
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Today’s ToolBox e-Resources is designed to have only 101 resource.  So that’s 101 emails full of information in your  bookmarked folder.  Basic information designed to give you a boosted head start on knowing what, how and why something is required that pulls together why you are fallowing forward so often.

The thing is when you go up to another level in either the Six Figure Mentors or the Digital Experts Academy the  foundation level systems have been shown to you to implement.

Yours sincerely


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