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ahead to finish

Plan ahead to finish what you are doing 

There’s is a whole weekend ahead to finish that blog about a trip you are going to go on.  A new interesting place to explore.  Making progress one odd step at a time and finally to ‘forge ahead” to finish the preparatory steps for that trip.  When the final go ahead to finish the trip the realisation that there is not enough spare cash.   Something that many people  are relating to every day with everything that they start.  

Start, discover the flaws, run out of time or money,  and a list that keeps getting longer.  Little things that may gradually become bigger than people want to admit are bothering them.  Weighing them down as much as they are being ignored.

Why is thinking ahead to finish something so hard at times?


Cliffswithin-lifesjourneyphone ahead to finish
Jumping for joy. Acknowledging the cliffs within lifes journey

Put a distraction ahead.  To finish challenges. Easily done, as I am a High Functioning Autistic. Like many on the Autism Spectrum distraction occurs at the craziest of times. Seems the end of an activity is nearly here I still just race ahead to finish something and then zip into a rest period.  Away from the noise within the subconscious cavity!

One of the points from the Autism Spectrum is that of missing out things with instructions.  Some have five instructions and then they go into a blank moment.  Others may be a three instruction  person.  Not forgetting  a “Hi Susan” is an instruction.   Something that I have to concentrate on. Sometimes though like many others I just do not realise that there is half of the intended information actually left out of instructions or sentence.

Be inspired, think ahead to finish

Many of the instructions are formatted around the mental imagery that is seen. Simply as mental pictures.  Like a Hike Plan, where you go from A to B, and over to C.  Along the visual path you see on the manual diagram pictures of houses, the animals and all sort of things.  It’s expected you leave out the masses of trees. Unless the cliff in the pathway why include the mention of the cliff.

The thing is that other people cannot see the mental pictures in the writers head. As a result either the instructions get incredibly detailed [ and you lose the neurotypical peoples], or they are so simplistic that half the steps are either missing or somewhere in another explanation.

Thus something accidently gets left out of the writing.


Went ahead to finish

A terrific suggestion was to concentrate on what it would take to move ahead. To finish though took a checklist to sort out.  Once the first checklist was started many more begin to be made.

Strangely enough forgetting the progression through the mode[ules had to be actually finished before the digital life could start did not even occur to me.  having so much fun had completely frazzled the brain.  A member with in the community literally stopped me in the tracks”with an invitation to challenge myself into a video challenge”  Cept you could only do that if the modules were completed.  “Then hurry up girl.  Finish and come play.”

Click here to Read My Story.

It has not been easy to bring  that focus into line.  Achievable  yes.  Ongoing definitely.  Supported. One step at a time.

Family Members Know

Family members know alright

Often  family members know what you do online as usually these people, and old school friends or work colleges notice every thing you do.  And get bored easily,  Turning off the notifications and letting a suitable thing to share go right by. Thinking these people know you so well do you really want to share everything with them?  Okay, maybe not everything!

There are  many  different ways of sharing away from the families eyes.  Some of the best teachers for using social media on the quiet to display your information are teenagers.

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making digital cards

Simply one person may experience difficulties organising and cordinating all this by themselves.
You know theat the kids at school are really great at this… cause they have shown you. Their parents may be okay at something else. Uet where do you go for a specific task to be done. Say making digital cards. Using Graphix Creator is a fairly simple process. Especially when walked through the process.

people just using social media

All people just using social media daily help.

Can you count on all of these people just using social media daily to help with the sooth organisational flow.  The greater chance of this would be if you knew that the organisers were all up to a similar level of communication.  Were able to reply immediately in real time and for all appropriate to know the answer, or to the question just raised.

One brilliant thing to use in association with your Autoresponder is a host of Today’s Toolbox E-Resources that cover both the tools and applications available the SFM and other compatible ones.

While there are many people and organisations just using social media aspects on the net their is an expedental amount of time verses energy wasted. Video conferencing via a dedicated platform replacing the of one one ones may be preferable. Recording that event and placing it where that part of the teams membership may see there plays again allows for heightening the end surprise factor.

Organizing the best party you can means showing people, just using social media how much fun there is to be had. To learn enough as well as to join in and grow together, was and still is somewhat of a challenge for me.  My break through came during the organizing of youth activities as a Girl Guide  [aka Girl Scout] leader needed to remain in contact with parents. organizers, the girls themselves and even external event organizers of things we were participating in.  Mobile phones were time consuming.  Emails and video conferencing were far easier.

In reality it was impossible to know everything there is to know about social media.  But it was easier to gather people onto one platform and move forward on from that point.  The more experienced and organised you are the greater impact that as a whole everyone makes the more you understand social media, the reach, collective impact and it’s dynamics.

In any case you can improve yourself by being open minded  and trying to learn new skills, and you will be wiser tomorrow than you were today.

Want to learn a new skill by showing people.  Just using social media and organizing a birthday party?

Find out about this.  It could be the icing on the piece of cake you have been looking for

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trial-650x310 people just using social media
back to the top: people just using social media

online filing system


Digital Brisness lounge has a great little resource. As a complimentary resource doubles as an online filing system. Once your own menus are created you connect this to a range of autoresponders.

Note : In this case Awber is reffered to. Simply as its the one i use and therefore I know about enough to explain about. Any other challenges with it’s straight to the back office library or email / place a phone call to the companies support desk. Great service too by the way. I’ve failed enough with the autiresponder and made a lot of mistakes that moving forward with knowledge is now with confidence as well.

At this point several things can happen so this is the step by step system explained.
By now the Ideas of lists [ refer above link] has been decided.
1) Now decide what catergories the inforamtion will be divided into.
Food may need several different lists as do the guests need to know the intimate costing and pricing details?
Or if there is a dress within the theme well who wants 25 pink elephants at a ‘wild thing’ party??
2) Create a menu to suit the intended receiver.
3) Take whatever the URL is online, Copy the URL. Place that URL into this TidyURL filing system. Here’s how it works. {Video this with JING.}
4) Cookies [aka Tracking Pixels] have now been embedded into the TidyURL. Therefore the emails can and are able to be tracked. Or the people hitting the pictures in the private group are being noted.
for those people who know that ever place has a tracking system buit within… this is one tracking system where everything is able to be tracked. All it takes is a little effort to remember to quickly go through the process.

This Academy Has Paid Off

Being a member of this learning academy has Paid off 

Commit to educating yourself and it pays off right? The Elite training through the Digital Experts Academy has paid off with a mindset alteration at being accepted for who people are. Whereas as an Autistic person in an unfriendly environment the training and education in other academies began to have major challenges to overcome.

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-400x240 This Academy Has Paid Off
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

Writing this post, there are still some small things to sort out with my own adaption to the micro-learning system. However, that’s where Youtube enquiries are handy as a backup system of learning through the Grovo programme within the DEA. That is a  twenty-four / seven education skills and techniques training able to be accessed at all times, from any digital device, is terrific. The internet must be connected though.

What a relief! Cause there’s no confusing need to jump from one platform out into another and overload either the computers system or my ‘autistic programmed ‘brain wave’ and learning retention systematic approach to new things  Just in this alone the academy has ‘paid of’ well.

  What is the next step to making sure the Academy has paid off for me as well?

Sure, there is a financial commitment for this information. Doubly sure the information is scattered on the internet… somewhere. Remember I have been elsewhere. Spent years going from one place to the other. Looked, searched only to become frustrated. That is until a friend sent a link leading into meeting up with Stuart Ross in 2014.
tapforresources This Academy Has Paid Off

through here Make your own decision   

Stuart Ross currently is showing people how to create a life and a business that they LOVE. You deserve a life and a business that you love. We can help even if you are starting from scratch using a tried and true digital business system that includes all the marketing of products, systems, and support you need with online marketing.

Right now the choice is yours. Choose to go through the modules then look seriously at  a level in the Academy enabling further online access to growth..

For myself, that money back guarantees on the $29.95 student membership is still considered one of the lifelong better judgments that was made. This then lead towards the Elite options.

Being a member if this community, going through the initial modules, sorting myself out and the journey that leads to an alternative digital lifestyle is like the saying…”it’s been worth its weight in gold”. Definitely challenging and totally rewarding.

susanlewiswiththestars This Academy Has Paid Off
Welcome into the academy has paid

Just in case you missed the link… here it is again.

Developing a level of self awareness that encompasses change, change and more change  is a challenge for any Autistic person living within or on the Autistic Spectrum.

While easy to learn “things’ inner change was and is harder.  Doable and a positive set of behavior modifications later these things are experienced. Very worthwhile in my opinion.

Do I recommend the Academy?  Yes.  Start with these basics. Move at your own pace.

Start to experience this  

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Tentative: for a fiftieth

The celebration is for a fiftieth.

What would the person want most for a fiftieth? As important is how are you going to get this information? You may think the person wants to go overseas. Or to travel back to their place of birth. Whereas things could be very tentative. For a fiftieth, they may instead want to sell up everything and live with the Gray Nomads that travel around Australia.

Organising the event may turn into a mammoth task similar to one that requires excessive attention to details. And those details to communicate in various forms.

What would the person want most? As important is how are you going to get this information? You may think the person wants to go overseas. Or to travel back to their place of birth. Whereas things could be very tentative. For a fiftieth,

BigIsNotAlwaysbetterStand-186x400 Tentative: for a fiftieth
Similar to Quality over Quantity leaders need to  communicate

they may instead want to sell up everything and live with the Gray Nomads that travel around Australia. Organising the event may turn into a mammoth task similar to that of excessive attention to details.

Is the organising of this is to be a surprise event? A public event? What about a private event held in a hall or near a waterfall.

How do you diplomatically guide people not to bring ten toasters and five bread making machines?

Some of the people coming want to bring presents. Others offer skills and knowledge to make a digital scrapbook of the whole process.
You know these people have a Pinterest account. So a private board is created for both areas. One for the gift list and the other for the creation of the digital scrapbook.

Take control of the situation.

Details rapidly heading into uncertain areas or done without confidence will have the impact desired.Find someone who has the knowledge, may be a bit tentative. For a fiftieth though what is needed is a person with touch of obsessive compulsiveness. Where they also have a bit of ironic humour and laughter within their soul. This is the beginning of any community development, significant planning stage for anything of an uncertain nature. In the beginning, the end point to focus on may have no definitive point. And the

only information you have to go on is the “fiftieth” of something or other. Where nothing will be entirely worked out yet, concluded or even agreed upon. This does not mean the person or group of people are not confident or lazy. Instead, the organisation system may be one of a flat management structure. The internet is remarkably flexible with this systematic approach.

At times what you may be someone who has a manager’s mentality but with a producer’s

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet-400x299 Tentative: for a fiftieth
Look for solutions RIGHT here

work ethic will fit the bill. Other times there needs to be leaders among the leaders. People on the Autism spectrum are known to be both. Same as normal people though some are compulsively good at one repetitive thing while other are out there being the leaders of leaders. And sometimes they are still quietly learning as the whole enterprise becomes surprising complicated and that organisation behind the tentative for the fiftieth has taken on a life of its own suddenly people want to know what has happened and where are you going with this and why have they not read the notes placed through the WordPressblog101?

Why stand back and let everyone be so tentative? For a fiftieth get organised.

The WordPress101 Webpage hosted by DBL [ the Digital Business Lounge]. Keeping people informed through a quick post is a one stop information shop!

Using the WordPress101 websites is a tried and true system that when utilised well the posts may be public or privately published. If more than one person has access to the editing on that blog well, then everyone involved in that section may write their update communally

Open to those that have the password. Formatted as a weekly notes idea board.  That belief is not correct. There are private blog post publications accessible with a code word. The code word is sent out to people on the Scrapbook Automatic responder list. How do they get on this list? The answer is through the landing page Opt-in methods of the Aweber account. Or with their permission you can manually place them on the appropriate lists. Better yet once on one list they answer another email and choose to put themselves

focusonbeingproductive-insteadofbusy-400x267 Tentative: for a fiftieth
Be production proactive with your passion for freedom, rather than just busy!

on another list… via filling out the landing page specifically created for this to happen.

Be creative. Approach the whole thing differently. Have organised a fiftieth that stands out from the crowd. And by the time the thank yous are done people will realise that with an invisible gift like Autism can be maybe you are not so unorganised after all. All the objective information on how the Digital Business Lounge tools and application system was being shown to them as they too worked in with achieving the fiftieth in a business-like a manner.

And there it is a practical suggestion of how  a fiftieth may be showcased as a business events solution. Look to create an alternative Digital Lifestyle through here…

Move in the direction of your dreams through here knowing that Susan Lewis recommends Digital Business Lounge’

With the ten toasters and five bread makers avoidance.  People simply fill out a poll. The item is removed from the list on the gift suggestion page. As the answers come in from

susanlewiswiththestars Tentative: for a fiftieth
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

the poll any pre-purchase

clashes  get sorted out by the notified parties.

And there you have it!

Something where you can alter the details and find out where you too can offer to something for your community or family and for a fiftieth celebration while utilizing the apps and tools available to you online.


Susan Lewis Marketing back to the top  for a fiftieth


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who interact with you

Have you overlooked the fact that people who interact with you online have left a track of their presence somewhere?
One of the first things people seem to overlook is that everyone out there who interacts with them has left a breadcrumbs of where they have been and what they like.

First off- look in the inbox of the email you used to sign up with. Which in turn means that you can make contact with them. Follows on through to the creative creation of a list. This list, or the lack if one, is a key thing that, may or may not hinder your message getting out there.

People who interact with you have stated they are your friend

Realise that you may already have a head start?  Here you are litrally have created a

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-200x120 who interact with you
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

system for  everything for  constant outcomes.  Just change the mindset. Open the mind to the what and how shall do with this list.

For as long as you have been on the internet there has been a list of these people slowly growing. An email list of these people. When the names are gathered up, contacted and the people associated elect to receive emails from.

For as long as you have been on the internet there has been a list of these people slowly growing. An email list of these people. When the names are gathered up, contacted nd the people associated choose to receive emails from you their names go onto a list. An emailing list.

Friends who interact with you want respectful contact.

Whether this list is through an autoresponder or manually achieved is the next step. Yes you may send individual emails to each person in the stream. Or they may come across to your landing page. Choose to place their names through a landing page there you have the beginning of an automated list. In fact – when you choose to use a landing page these are designed to specifically to assist the viewer to ‘swap their email for your information and goodies’.

You know this already. After all, it’s how you became a person that these updates are sent out to! Imagine a coffee shop, [or a brew room] where friends who interact with others in the building are there swapping news and information.  Without the physical surroundings where friends can pin notices in the notices section the messages broadcasts from an automated response is the next method in the list.

And in a nutshell here’s how it works

When people first read the report [through this link] the words may seem to implode. Do not worry about it. There is a tonne of information with. For some people [ like myself] it can take simply months. Time management is something that you really need to have. A half an hour and no interruptions. Implement. A week later sit down and read the read the post again. Implement. Continue to implement. Each and every day.

Probably people read, read and read again. Each time coming up with new Gold Nugget thoughts, methods and just things they have overlooked or not fully comprehended the last times the List Building report was read.

listbuilding-for-profits-200x68 who interact with you
building your list through people who interact with you is a NOW happening thing.

Tip: Do not sweat the small stuff. Probably everything else was happening at that time. Now is the time you are ready for the information that has been picked up this time around.

Enjoy the report. Share the report with others of a like mind who interact with you