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Looking For That One Solution Here

With that one solution here are the results .

Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident Looking For That One Solution Here
The never ending loop of an inquiring Autistic mind.

Of course, there is that one solution here just tailor made for you.  The one that will  fit like the glove’. Where you become so deeply engrossed that  every  thing will just slide into place. Actually this is not far from some truths.  But many people are not prepared to tap into the Universal Energy, change their mindset, and ‘action their dream’ forward just to get that far. There are solutions. Just maybe there is a solution here for you too.

The following is an account of being faced with that one solution. Here. forty years later.  this outcome is still very visually, hearing and smell real to me.

solutionIn 1976, a friend and I needed to get to the other side of the hill. The quickest way was through the bus tunnel. Other than that it was wait one hour for the next bus.

It was raining. We were wet. Circumstances helped us choose.  Together two sixteen-year-old girls looked into that tunnel. From where we stood, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

There was a raised footpath with a hand rail.

Entering that tunnel we kept our eyes on the far goal.  The light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere in the darkness the realization of being totally alone crept up on us.  The talking had stopped as we felt the need to conserve air. Buses and cars were intermittently polluting the place we were walking through. 

And now no matter where we turned there was no light at the end of either tunnel openings. Where one wanted to go back, the other wanted to go forward.  The way home was forward.  We both knew that.

Were we lost?  No. We both knew we were in the darkest tunnel of our life at that moment.

Look for that one solution here within everything you do.

Through the years, this experience lingered. Even after the total lock down of the first thirty-one years of memories with that one solution here popping up and in a totally frgmnted way of  recall reminding me never give up.  There is a way out of the darkness.  Take heart, take action. Get a move on.

That lesson came back to me a few weeks ago. My sponsor summed up something I said

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Looking For That One Solution Here
Look for solutions RIGHT here

While I was redefining who my target niche is.  That is  “Autistic people who feel lost in the world and I open them up to internet opportunities and a new lifestyle instead of looking for a job.”

These words were so wonderful to me that many things just fell into place.

As Autistic’s, there are many times people figuratively “kick us in our teeth”. It is time to join together. And that is what I am reaching out to you with.  For some of us, the solutions are here.  For others, they are elsewhere.  Sometimes we pay to higher price and other times life is a breeze. Be happy with your choices.

Whatever you do shake the dust off your feet as you leave the place of negativeness. Know that you are not in that black vortex that strips you throughout. Leaving you alone. So totally alone anymore should you choose to come on board. There is a whole community behind this affiliate marketing private community.

Is Susan Lewis Marketing that one solution here for you? 

With Susan Lewis Marketing that one solution here includes finding the tools, applications, methods, mindset changes, education training and upskilling available by third party application.  This and ‘how to’s’ of how myself, a fellow community developer who has generations of family, and community, members within and on the  Autism Spectrum, Have worked and is still working towards her own alternative digital lifestyle having had a lifetime of Autistic experiences.

Where past experiences showed fundraising, for every one of us, was an experience of simple overload.  An information overload. One that ‘bamboosells and bedazzels’ our minds. Scares each and every one of us. Yet we get out there and do something for the children in the families we love to help find and develop that solution. There is truth in what you see and hear.

Being placed in situations of door knocking for sponsorship, Following children as they asked houses full of strangers to purchase cookies, cakes, slices, bars of chocolate, or sponsor them running or skipping was time-consuming.  Heart braking when the promised money could not be picked up or was not returned.  Online started to look better for a funding proposal.  And finally, I found it.  The one company where each parent or carer can accept their own invitation, share the information and funds are forthcoming for the length of their personal commitment and membership .

aff-marketers468x60 Looking For That One Solution Here

Very soon after you have entered an email address onto the boxes you are sent video. This is the first within a video series.  Then you choose if you want to move on. The basic steps will be explained in the new couple of emails.

Yes, I realise that saying.  Meet one Autistic person and you have only met ONE autistic person. Some of what I speak about may resonate with some people

susanlewiswiththestars Looking For That One Solution Here
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

.  Others will think it’s a load of ‘hog wash’.

One thing I find very hard to do is not telling it as it is. So together let’s get you started.  Stop the lost vortex by supplying the ‘simple’ answers to the unknown questions. Reach out. Be a safe haven for that special person with in your life.

Yours sincerely


Susan Lewis