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Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute

Redefine the never quite destitute title again.

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How will you build on to your families life?

Quantifiably to say that Autistic families are never quite destitute is a whopping great untruth right. Yes! Many Autistic families are borderline strife cases.  Now think ‘qualitative‘ and the whole idea is totally upset. Purely as Autistics have no box with which to think outside of. Therefore to survive in this world of constant change mechanisms are mimicked. Gradually grown into.  Altered to suit.  Now read on how families may adapt to meet economic challenges !

Looking at other ‘normal’ people with a sense of a child looking now through a glass window. Never quite destitute externally and maybe so ’empty’ now on the inside. As the “You have Autism” speech is given the walls of your reality begin to crumple. There have been enough people wonder if the life they have lived was a real one or not.

Somewhere along the way each one of us realises that the people who consider themselves as ‘normal’ are getting smaller every day. Thus, right here and now the what was ‘Normal’ is being redefined. Instead of the sad sap faces Autistic people are standing up to be noticed. ‘Sad saps’ are being gently moved aside. The profile is now the younger generations who in themselves are the newbies.

The two ends of the extreme of ‘never quite destitute’ are nearly mirror images of abuse

In a  big place like America, where at the age of 22 years the majority of support services are removed… what a birthday present. Being forgotten, sidelined and generally treated as though you are outdated with little shelf life. Skills and talents that were brought

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forward begin to recede. Where, in some cultures, should your child be considered a drain on community finances they are ‘disposed of’.

Parents and caregivers have long ago begun to panic.

What is being missed out? Albert Einstein, the father of the atomic age. Telsa who harvested electricity. Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin companies,  Terry Factor,  a ventriloquist and winner of America’s got talent.  Woop’s and what about Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft.  Steven Hawkins, the scientist. These people all are on somewhere the Autism Spectrum. Thus, in either culture may have been eliminated.

Where some people may seem never quite destitute of a sense of humor.

Other people’s humor is just not there. Sometimes never. Quite destitute and ‘bland of face’.

People get quite a shock when they realise I just have not got the joke. That apparently something that has been stated by me was quite funny. Not in a mean or horrible way that reflects on me in a negative way. What they do not realise is that all that has happened is I tell things in my own way. As they are seen through my own eyes.

What they do not realise is that all that has happened is I tell things in my own way. As they are seen through my own eyes. That is when the company is known. Or else questions are simply asked. This is called ‘feathering the nest.” Apparently used to cushion the landing should the unsure person need to get out quick. The emotional landing is fluffy, hopefully, deep and soft.

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Catch the rhythm of the pace and dance to your own tune. Or be the conductor who calls the tune. Put your thinking cap on.

What is written to them seems a unique way of explaining things? And this makes sense to be as even if a person has studied themselves really in depth, they are still only one person within and on the Autism Spectrum.

Not quite destitute after all.

Where one part of an Autistic person ‘inner self’ may not have quite caught up with the rest of the daily existence give someone training and behaviour management and, they are never quite destitute as other people. In fact, loopholes are creatively taken into consideration. New pathways are discovered.

Because of the very mixed up DNA system, someone has an Autism spot here in the cortex and someone else may have it right ‘over’ the other side and hidden well away. Each place ‘displaying’ a different aspect and character strength. And of course, the gifts and talents that are brought forward along with the challenges.

What if all you wanted to do was wrote and you are dyslexic. Paint and you are color blind. Maybe great at pottery with minimal geometric comprehension?

Yet photos are taken. With tools and programmes and some help with a web page set up.

May Autistic families feel never quite destitute again

For many the answers are on the internet. Whole families creating teamwork efforts that

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Your right. Action this soon.

pool what everyone is good at. Someone learning and teach some members social broadcasting. While others write the blogs, take photos and create Graphix with the end products. As each person starts their life as an adult individual, the core family business just extends. Thus, all the contacts within the family are kept. All the skills and training is able to be garnished.

The power of a family with Autism is right there.

I will walk you through the initial steps. These may start as the Access Affiliate [a financial price that many can afford ] or with the start price of $29.95 [US]

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Meet you on the other side


 The choice is yours.

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