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Missing New Zealand more than ever.

In missing New Zealand you begin to realise that…

The-moon-b-400x267 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
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you’re now missing New Zealand. A land of physical, mystical beauty. That beauty is compacted. Therefore, on one day you travel from the top of the North Island through coastal down through deep lakes and forest with farming lands dessert. With views of a mountain stuck on the right of the dessert. Seems weird. Carry on and the ravines and crevices just get deeper. You wonder why the sheep have not got one side legs shorter than the other the hills get so steep.

What’s missing? New Zealand is a land of opportunity

What do people do in New Zealand to survive these days. Is there a missing New Zealand

traditional mindset intracommunity link. Have we picked up on the world’s negative community attitudes? Thinking solely for ‘self’ instead of evolving through change as a community?   Bringing positive change through and finding strength within ourselves

rethinktraditionalemployment-243x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

through the interconnection of each other’s skills? Harnessing the balance between the traditional and the future values within our lives.

Unless you are in the tourism industry, the scenery is hard to make a living off. Although when you combine interests and passions via the internet, a person recording the scenery, and way of life that is different from others in this world, there is an alternative digital means of supporting your chosen lifestyle.

There are two different views on life. The traditional values that have been eroding in a home country where the structure has corroded. Maybe of the people that were once familiar the last of the family ties have themselves moved on. Leaving behind really good friends that would take you in upon arrival back in the homeland. And you wonder “why to put that on them?”

Verses, the ability to financially offer a better life than was possible before. Sure initially maybe you’re renting your own whare. Maybe the only whanau are cousins, sisters and aunties and uncles. Home is home. You would not now change it. Or would you?

Moving on from what is missing. New Zealanders meet challenges together… head on.

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore-192x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Make your decision then work that decision until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within one brick at a time.

There is the grind. The harder you work the less inclined to release the “I need holiday time’ thought. Always in the back of the mind is an ‘idea’ … What if when I go back from holiday, the structure has changed? Will there still be a job? What if my bank balance is no longer healthy? Which bills are due? And there you are in the perpetual ” work in my home town is hit and miss at the best of times” cycle. The wages are crap. Myself I have still worked for  crap wages here in Australia.

We had small businesses and yet it was still a J.O.B. situation. What these experiences did though made it possible to claim so much more than the Tax Man let on.

Myself I would rather know that in creating the alternative digital lifestyle I have set the foundation to make this work. Neither Australia nor New Zealand is the promised land. But neither should whanau and friends on both sides be abandoned. The crux of the matter is that ‘finding of a cost of living standard that is affordable?’ is a Just Over Broke [J.O.B.] attitude what you want to pass onto the children. Teach them through showing them that life was meant to be a struggle? One that shows them that someone else owns their time, energy and that that slave attitude is what they have to look forward to!

Missing New Zealand’s closed in mindset toward living your dream?

Times have changed. Thankfully the internet and the Internet of Things arrived. New

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow-329x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Tight now this may be where you are up too. What is your push button for you to make that change.

Zealand is no longer so “stuck at the end if the earth”. With the accompanying lost and isolated, feeling we lived through until 1985.  Instead, New Zealand is the land of leaders of leaders.  You are one too. We had to be to survive.

Change the mindset. Make your dream. Your one dream become possible.

There are resources within you that will get you out from the poverty hand to mouth situation. Find those resources, just the same as I have. Should you wish to catch up with me then


is where you do that.

All I am offering is experiences of another way of thinking. That is it. I help people think outside their entrapment box!

Besides, why not go between countries as a tax deduction?  Think and act on this. Do your own due diligence research. Maybe you will not be missing New Zealand for financial reasons… just that there are so many more places to take your Whanau too!

Either way, the decision you make today will not be easy to live up to. There will always be a “what if I had done this then”.  I know as I ignored the first invite to stretch my dream out before me.  That gap was a three year one. Do you truly want to wait for another invitation?

susanlewiswiththestars Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Creating the energy to go back to New Zealand as part of my life’s journey


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