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Autistic Thinking With Email Communication


When doing things that do not matter to them Autistic thinking gets tired of the same old think pattern happening? One wear the novelty of every new day has disappeared into communication survival measures?

Then finally, get home. To tired to eat properly. Veg out in front of the T.V. Go to bed. Wake up. Wash. Rinse. And Repeat. And again next year as well. Boring.


listbuilding-120x600 Autistic Thinking With Email CommunicationIn between time chat to friend, coworkers, family. Plus the outlaw’s who are now pressuring for a baby to coo and make faces over!. Or for you to stop adding to their present giving list.
When all you get is a headache thinking about sorting out your email lists once again. You can catch up to everyone on Facebook or Google as they stream through the good ‘old’ email list as well. Any time. If you had the time that is.

Why autistic thinking communicate with people?

Autistic people think so far out of the box that there is no box.  Especially when they untrain themselves from the mediocre. And right now there is not the time available. Nor a mental outlet for the old style frustration to be involved. There is a life to lead.

Does this include people who are not autistic? Thinking creatively is fun. Taking down barriers and escaping through loopholes.

What if there was a use for the old email address? One that utilizes the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder basket way of thinking you got labeled with!

A reason for you to once again communicate with people from your past, and welcome others into your future lifestyle. To catch up with them through a new email listing? Or simply to delete them out of the email injection flowing through the old one. It took me a while to work these steps out. Impy as there were so many other things to get through in the day. Part of the Autism I have is a slow relearning to learn the process. Brought forward due to a sustaining a non-diagnosed at the time head injury – they think.

A challenge to this Autistic. Thinking email communication.

“As a simple courtesy.. that does not take much… write a thank you.” Autistic thinking alert goes up. Take courage that once the first is done the next one is easier.

Fifteen years after the write thank you letters statement came the next “Enjoy the results of taking the time to reach out to people. Then take a few minutes longer to begin to understand where they are coming from. Nothing in depth, Just a gentle scratch in the surface of their life.” Wise words that came from Patricia Collins.

In each person on the Autism Spectrum, there is a certain reserve that when someone passes through the ‘are you safe enough for me to know ” process confusion is felt. This quietly withdrawn person has a whole different personality showing now. Or the vivacious, socially adept person disappears and with the blink of an eye becomes somewhat like a mouse.

checkyouremailboxin2weekstime-400x315 Autistic Thinking With Email Communication
Make a new email and use it by applying for membership below.

Many of the leaders within a community are like this.They lead – and are there to lead. Having an everything is public in my public life attitude. Anyone meeting anyone considered ‘famous’ when their family is just out being a normal family will see another side come out. People know, like, respect and trust them for this protectiveness.

Autistic Thinking outside the box

Having the guts to reach out into people’s lives is an autistic thinking thing to be happy about. Ecstatic when those same people respond and choose to go to a welcome landing page, leaving their email address. Expecting to receive that email as promised?

Is there any feeling like when the old acquaintances and friends choose to keep in touch. Already the know, like, respect and trust issues have been established. Factored in as to the reason that the person being asked to enter the latest email address into the landing page enabling a freely flowing amount off focused information to be found. That’s it in a nutshell.

Capture new beginnings with all that creative autistic thinking.

With that new email communication got easier. Finding the emails, reaching out to them and answering the emails, in a reasonable time, is a great communication practice to carry on with. Means you are present. It’s not so much as making a freely new start, but to have a new start remove the distractions from the virtually communication flow and your information time will be enabled into working with you.

susanlewiswiththestars Autistic Thinking With Email Communication
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Think about it. New venture. New email. One email address to one focused set of thoughts. Your new lifestyle being built is now in the picture.

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