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Build your online world

Build your online world while at school!

Why build your online world today? Listen to your circle of friends as they still support the “Go to school and earn good grades” slogan! Hear that all our lives. In reality, you go to school and earn good grades.  Then take on any job you can. Still, years later living that Just Over Broke label.

fearcannotbethedrivingforce-320x400 Build your online world
When limiting negative fears are not your driving force… what is?

Finally have a holiday that you’ve worked all year for. Fear that there will be that job you really don’t like still available when you get home!

Understandable that the thought comes in “I am stuck, and I am looking for help” Where once the extended family would know that uncle needed his farm and cleaned, or there was wood to chop before winter and relatives could chip in what they would for family survival to occur. Now you need to turn to social media and publically ask for help.

The world’s changing. Time to look to ‘build your online world.’ 

When our family was young, we found out what hard times were. Both of us ‘worked for the Man’.  From there and out of desperation we built our own small business. One after a the other. From Multi-Level Marketing right to market stalls on the Eastern side of Australia’s Agricultural and Pastoral Shows runs.  Would you believe painting faces and selling balloons. Even when the money came in we were still just over broke. We brought a truck to tow a caravan for the three children and ourselves to have a travelling home in. Sleeping under canvas joints was not a terrific idea when you were on the road three hundred plus days of the year. Found the caravan that was yet to be picked up when the last wages arrived in the bank.  That nursing company never deposited them.

Decidewhatyoureallywant-400x300 Build your online world
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Had no security as we were to find out. To say a car accident displaced us is one way of expressing what happened next.

Either way, our lives had changed.

Through this time computer was just creeping into homes in the form of DoS. Then the first windows. Had we known this was an optimal time to start the ‘new’ family life and build your online world would we have to dine out?  As we were not shown then how to build our online world, the answer is we will never know.

Is this the right time for you to get started to build your online world now?

Whether you can Build your online world is now open. Are you open to viewing a few videos? Sharing what is being shown? Do not get me wrong.  There are good times, not so great times.  And some really fantastic times.  In amongst the hard slog and frustrating times.  There will be the knockers.  The ones who are as comfortable today in there JOBs as you were before you went to the social media family asking for help.  

Just that action alone means you have the courage to get up and make your self-known.   That you have already faced the fears of the unknown.  Why back away now?

If I do not invite you how will you know whether you, and your family, will build that online world?

>>Your Invitation is right here.<<

Let’s catch up on the other side after you and your family, your team, have read what Stuart is showing you.  Simply click the link, go through the video resource. Then the boot camp. By that time, the understanding of what is here astounds people. Every one of us

get-in-touch-cards-j-400x316 Build your online world
Find out more get in touch

was the same as you.

Give yourself permission to go forward from where you are now. There are positions where the beginnings may start as an Access Affiliate member. A financial price everyone can afford in exchange for sharing through out the internet the educational products on offer.

You all, you and your family, have a story to tell.  Is it how to find a new future compared to finding a new job? You’ve already shown you are a leader. Y ou stood up and asked for help.  Is that leadership? Putting yourself out there in exchange for something positive to come your way.

Simply give yourself, and your family team, permission to build your online would as you keep on looking for a JOB to tide you all over. Now that just over broke JOB has a new meaning.  

susanlewiswiththestars Build your online world

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

Susan Lewis




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