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ahead to finish

Plan ahead to finish what you are doing 

There’s is a whole weekend ahead to finish that blog about a trip you are going to go on.  A new interesting place to explore.  Making progress one odd step at a time and finally to ‘forge ahead” to finish the preparatory steps for that trip.  When the final go ahead to finish the trip the realisation that there is not enough spare cash.   Something that many people  are relating to every day with everything that they start.  

Start, discover the flaws, run out of time or money,  and a list that keeps getting longer.  Little things that may gradually become bigger than people want to admit are bothering them.  Weighing them down as much as they are being ignored.

Why is thinking ahead to finish something so hard at times?


Cliffswithin-lifesjourneyphone ahead to finish
Jumping for joy. Acknowledging the cliffs within lifes journey

Put a distraction ahead.  To finish challenges. Easily done, as I am a High Functioning Autistic. Like many on the Autism Spectrum distraction occurs at the craziest of times. Seems the end of an activity is nearly here I still just race ahead to finish something and then zip into a rest period.  Away from the noise within the subconscious cavity!

One of the points from the Autism Spectrum is that of missing out things with instructions.  Some have five instructions and then they go into a blank moment.  Others may be a three instruction  person.  Not forgetting  a “Hi Susan” is an instruction.   Something that I have to concentrate on. Sometimes though like many others I just do not realise that there is half of the intended information actually left out of instructions or sentence.

Be inspired, think ahead to finish

Many of the instructions are formatted around the mental imagery that is seen. Simply as mental pictures.  Like a Hike Plan, where you go from A to B, and over to C.  Along the visual path you see on the manual diagram pictures of houses, the animals and all sort of things.  It’s expected you leave out the masses of trees. Unless the cliff in the pathway why include the mention of the cliff.

The thing is that other people cannot see the mental pictures in the writers head. As a result either the instructions get incredibly detailed [ and you lose the neurotypical peoples], or they are so simplistic that half the steps are either missing or somewhere in another explanation.

Thus something accidently gets left out of the writing.


Went ahead to finish

A terrific suggestion was to concentrate on what it would take to move ahead. To finish though took a checklist to sort out.  Once the first checklist was started many more begin to be made.

Strangely enough forgetting the progression through the mode[ules had to be actually finished before the digital life could start did not even occur to me.  having so much fun had completely frazzled the brain.  A member with in the community literally stopped me in the tracks”with an invitation to challenge myself into a video challenge”  Cept you could only do that if the modules were completed.  “Then hurry up girl.  Finish and come play.”

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It has not been easy to bring  that focus into line.  Achievable  yes.  Ongoing definitely.  Supported. One step at a time.