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who interact with you

Have you overlooked the fact that people who interact with you online have left a track of their presence somewhere?
One of the first things people seem to overlook is that everyone out there who interacts with them has left a breadcrumbs of where they have been and what they like.

First off- look in the inbox of the email you used to sign up with. Which in turn means that you can make contact with them. Follows on through to the creative creation of a list. This list, or the lack if one, is a key thing that, may or may not hinder your message getting out there.

People who interact with you have stated they are your friend

Realise that you may already have a head start?  Here you are litrally have created a

breakfreeofthefearorrunwithit-200x120 who interact with you
Break Free of the FEAR mindset that is For Ever After Running. Or just run with the Other one

system for  everything for  constant outcomes.  Just change the mindset. Open the mind to the what and how shall do with this list.

For as long as you have been on the internet there has been a list of these people slowly growing. An email list of these people. When the names are gathered up, contacted and the people associated elect to receive emails from.

For as long as you have been on the internet there has been a list of these people slowly growing. An email list of these people. When the names are gathered up, contacted nd the people associated choose to receive emails from you their names go onto a list. An emailing list.

Friends who interact with you want respectful contact.

Whether this list is through an autoresponder or manually achieved is the next step. Yes you may send individual emails to each person in the stream. Or they may come across to your landing page. Choose to place their names through a landing page there you have the beginning of an automated list. In fact – when you choose to use a landing page these are designed to specifically to assist the viewer to ‘swap their email for your information and goodies’.

You know this already. After all, it’s how you became a person that these updates are sent out to! Imagine a coffee shop, [or a brew room] where friends who interact with others in the building are there swapping news and information.  Without the physical surroundings where friends can pin notices in the notices section the messages broadcasts from an automated response is the next method in the list.

And in a nutshell here’s how it works

When people first read the report [through this link] the words may seem to implode. Do not worry about it. There is a tonne of information with. For some people [ like myself] it can take simply months. Time management is something that you really need to have. A half an hour and no interruptions. Implement. A week later sit down and read the read the post again. Implement. Continue to implement. Each and every day.

Probably people read, read and read again. Each time coming up with new Gold Nugget thoughts, methods and just things they have overlooked or not fully comprehended the last times the List Building report was read.

listbuilding-for-profits-200x68 who interact with you
building your list through people who interact with you is a NOW happening thing.

Tip: Do not sweat the small stuff. Probably everything else was happening at that time. Now is the time you are ready for the information that has been picked up this time around.

Enjoy the report. Share the report with others of a like mind who interact with you