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Looking For That One Solution Here

With that one solution here are the results .

Autism-is-like-a-bus-accident Looking For That One Solution Here
The never ending loop of an inquiring Autistic mind.

Of course, there is that one solution here just tailor made for you.  The one that will  fit like the glove’. Where you become so deeply engrossed that  every  thing will just slide into place. Actually this is not far from some truths.  But many people are not prepared to tap into the Universal Energy, change their mindset, and ‘action their dream’ forward just to get that far. There are solutions. Just maybe there is a solution here for you too.

The following is an account of being faced with that one solution. Here. forty years later.  this outcome is still very visually, hearing and smell real to me.

solutionIn 1976, a friend and I needed to get to the other side of the hill. The quickest way was through the bus tunnel. Other than that it was wait one hour for the next bus.

It was raining. We were wet. Circumstances helped us choose.  Together two sixteen-year-old girls looked into that tunnel. From where we stood, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

There was a raised footpath with a hand rail.

Entering that tunnel we kept our eyes on the far goal.  The light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere in the darkness the realization of being totally alone crept up on us.  The talking had stopped as we felt the need to conserve air. Buses and cars were intermittently polluting the place we were walking through. 

And now no matter where we turned there was no light at the end of either tunnel openings. Where one wanted to go back, the other wanted to go forward.  The way home was forward.  We both knew that.

Were we lost?  No. We both knew we were in the darkest tunnel of our life at that moment.

Look for that one solution here within everything you do.

Through the years, this experience lingered. Even after the total lock down of the first thirty-one years of memories with that one solution here popping up and in a totally frgmnted way of  recall reminding me never give up.  There is a way out of the darkness.  Take heart, take action. Get a move on.

That lesson came back to me a few weeks ago. My sponsor summed up something I said

look4soultionsheresusanlewismarketingdotnet Looking For That One Solution Here
Look for solutions RIGHT here

While I was redefining who my target niche is.  That is  “Autistic people who feel lost in the world and I open them up to internet opportunities and a new lifestyle instead of looking for a job.”

These words were so wonderful to me that many things just fell into place.

As Autistic’s, there are many times people figuratively “kick us in our teeth”. It is time to join together. And that is what I am reaching out to you with.  For some of us, the solutions are here.  For others, they are elsewhere.  Sometimes we pay to higher price and other times life is a breeze. Be happy with your choices.

Whatever you do shake the dust off your feet as you leave the place of negativeness. Know that you are not in that black vortex that strips you throughout. Leaving you alone. So totally alone anymore should you choose to come on board. There is a whole community behind this affiliate marketing private community.

Is Susan Lewis Marketing that one solution here for you? 

With Susan Lewis Marketing that one solution here includes finding the tools, applications, methods, mindset changes, education training and upskilling available by third party application.  This and ‘how to’s’ of how myself, a fellow community developer who has generations of family, and community, members within and on the  Autism Spectrum, Have worked and is still working towards her own alternative digital lifestyle having had a lifetime of Autistic experiences.

Where past experiences showed fundraising, for every one of us, was an experience of simple overload.  An information overload. One that ‘bamboosells and bedazzels’ our minds. Scares each and every one of us. Yet we get out there and do something for the children in the families we love to help find and develop that solution. There is truth in what you see and hear.

Being placed in situations of door knocking for sponsorship, Following children as they asked houses full of strangers to purchase cookies, cakes, slices, bars of chocolate, or sponsor them running or skipping was time-consuming.  Heart braking when the promised money could not be picked up or was not returned.  Online started to look better for a funding proposal.  And finally, I found it.  The one company where each parent or carer can accept their own invitation, share the information and funds are forthcoming for the length of their personal commitment and membership .

aff-marketers468x60 Looking For That One Solution Here

Very soon after you have entered an email address onto the boxes you are sent video. This is the first within a video series.  Then you choose if you want to move on. The basic steps will be explained in the new couple of emails.

Yes, I realise that saying.  Meet one Autistic person and you have only met ONE autistic person. Some of what I speak about may resonate with some people

susanlewiswiththestars Looking For That One Solution Here
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

.  Others will think it’s a load of ‘hog wash’.

One thing I find very hard to do is not telling it as it is. So together let’s get you started.  Stop the lost vortex by supplying the ‘simple’ answers to the unknown questions. Reach out. Be a safe haven for that special person with in your life.

Yours sincerely


Susan Lewis


Reach for the moon at Boolarra Folk Festival

 Smile-As-You-Reach-For-The-Moon Reach for the moon at Boolarra Folk Festival

The Boolarra Folk Festival is an annual event held in the beautiful country town of Boolarra. Where two major sections have come together under the banner on one event.   Between the Music festival and the market day the crowds team in from as far away as western South Australia and the Far ‘Far’ north of Queensland.

The market contains a mixture of Arts, Crafts, Foods and entertainment

Market Dates

Held annually. Last held on 28 Feb 2015 or the last Saturday and into the small hours of Sunday – the last Weekend of the month

From 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Dates and times for the Market are believed to be correct at the time of publishing (May 2015). Local Markets and Festivals are usually advertised in the local paper, if the dates or times change you should be able to find the amended changes there.  


Railway and Centenary Park
Tarwin St
Boolarra, Victoria 3870


None Known

Market Reviews and Comments by Susan Lewis


What will you find at the Boolarra Folk Festival? Throughout the year the variety of goods, services and produce you find at the festival will alter. Every year new people and vendors arrive. Therefore the following is to act as a general guide only. Where there are contact details these are only give when the stall holder themselves give permission […]

Read the post…  Boolarra folk festival

An Alternative Way

You mentioned looking for an alternative way 

Surprisingly the human s[pecies continually looks for an alternative way. Individuals wanting to master something rather than the cosmopolitan to the freedom living ‘hum drum’ life that takes them to the edge of the money abyss every lead right now.   an alternative way to make an income  actually means making room for  commitment and hard work.  Sure there are the fun times at times.
Another human being who, at the mention of looking for ‘ways to make’ extra income, other people laugh at.  Someone tell’s you they’ve looked and…. somebody else makes inquiries again ‘have you found a suitable yet one yet?’
Further along, the conversation there comes the does an alternative way include all the members in the family, the beliefs, skill sets and peace of mind?
Yes I was looking for an alternative way
Gaining a focus in life  that alternative way brought me to a point in my life where the only ‘revenge’ I do now is get going.  Use the energy release to move forward towards my goal.  Now, what is done is to take people through a way to build an alternative way… a digital income way.  People who are lost out there are able to then zero in on what they want out of their life’s journey, balanced with what they need to move forward with.  Simple as that.
Would you care for me to show you the initial steps towards including an alternative way into your daily lives?
An alternative way is there.  First up comes a landing page.  Here the email goes in.  Then a double opt-in.  A series of videos. They are marketing videos. Some people take seconds while others take years waiting for the right moment in their lives.  Choice, as always, is yours.  What could be  the right thing for your family may be right here. Then go ahead with it.  Or use the information towards your knowledge basis while still out there hunting.
An alternative way is the following:
The first step is to create that one new email address to receive emails into.  The second is to email me at  with that brand new email. The third is this to check the extra areas on your email area  for you reply and follow the few instructions included.
If the content of this post has been of interest do not forget to let us know your opinion and share on social networks with friends and family. How to do that?
Click on the banner below to make sure that you get the next video in the series on how to get in into another circle of influence so you may get out of where you are now and rewrite your life.

trial-650x310 An Alternative Way

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 An Alternative Way
Welcome . Having fun in what you are doing is a priceless asset

Once again please share this with people who you think will benefit from this message.Until next time

Stay blessed & know you are loved.

Susan Lewis

Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute

Redefine the never quite destitute title again.

neverbeafraidtitry-remember-285x400 Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute
How will you build on to your families life?

Quantifiably to say that Autistic families are never quite destitute is a whopping great untruth right. Yes! Many Autistic families are borderline strife cases.  Now think ‘qualitative‘ and the whole idea is totally upset. Purely as Autistics have no box with which to think outside of. Therefore to survive in this world of constant change mechanisms are mimicked. Gradually grown into.  Altered to suit.  Now read on how families may adapt to meet economic challenges !

Looking at other ‘normal’ people with a sense of a child looking now through a glass window. Never quite destitute externally and maybe so ’empty’ now on the inside. As the “You have Autism” speech is given the walls of your reality begin to crumple. There have been enough people wonder if the life they have lived was a real one or not.

Somewhere along the way each one of us realises that the people who consider themselves as ‘normal’ are getting smaller every day. Thus, right here and now the what was ‘Normal’ is being redefined. Instead of the sad sap faces Autistic people are standing up to be noticed. ‘Sad saps’ are being gently moved aside. The profile is now the younger generations who in themselves are the newbies.

The two ends of the extreme of ‘never quite destitute’ are nearly mirror images of abuse

In a  big place like America, where at the age of 22 years the majority of support services are removed… what a birthday present. Being forgotten, sidelined and generally treated as though you are outdated with little shelf life. Skills and talents that were brought

Untitled-400x300 Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute
Are you game enough to risk your a change with your comfort zone? Try this BootCamp and find out!

forward begin to recede. Where, in some cultures, should your child be considered a drain on community finances they are ‘disposed of’.

Parents and caregivers have long ago begun to panic.

What is being missed out? Albert Einstein, the father of the atomic age. Telsa who harvested electricity. Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin companies,  Terry Factor,  a ventriloquist and winner of America’s got talent.  Woop’s and what about Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft.  Steven Hawkins, the scientist. These people all are on somewhere the Autism Spectrum. Thus, in either culture may have been eliminated.

Where some people may seem never quite destitute of a sense of humor.

Other people’s humor is just not there. Sometimes never. Quite destitute and ‘bland of face’.

People get quite a shock when they realise I just have not got the joke. That apparently something that has been stated by me was quite funny. Not in a mean or horrible way that reflects on me in a negative way. What they do not realise is that all that has happened is I tell things in my own way. As they are seen through my own eyes.

What they do not realise is that all that has happened is I tell things in my own way. As they are seen through my own eyes. That is when the company is known. Or else questions are simply asked. This is called ‘feathering the nest.” Apparently used to cushion the landing should the unsure person need to get out quick. The emotional landing is fluffy, hopefully, deep and soft.

To-be-yourself-dance-to-your-own-tune-334x400 Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute
Catch the rhythm of the pace and dance to your own tune. Or be the conductor who calls the tune. Put your thinking cap on.

What is written to them seems a unique way of explaining things? And this makes sense to be as even if a person has studied themselves really in depth, they are still only one person within and on the Autism Spectrum.

Not quite destitute after all.

Where one part of an Autistic person ‘inner self’ may not have quite caught up with the rest of the daily existence give someone training and behaviour management and, they are never quite destitute as other people. In fact, loopholes are creatively taken into consideration. New pathways are discovered.

Because of the very mixed up DNA system, someone has an Autism spot here in the cortex and someone else may have it right ‘over’ the other side and hidden well away. Each place ‘displaying’ a different aspect and character strength. And of course, the gifts and talents that are brought forward along with the challenges.

What if all you wanted to do was wrote and you are dyslexic. Paint and you are color blind. Maybe great at pottery with minimal geometric comprehension?

Yet photos are taken. With tools and programmes and some help with a web page set up.

May Autistic families feel never quite destitute again

For many the answers are on the internet. Whole families creating teamwork efforts that

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-downwards-from-the-right Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute
Your right. Action this soon.

pool what everyone is good at. Someone learning and teach some members social broadcasting. While others write the blogs, take photos and create Graphix with the end products. As each person starts their life as an adult individual, the core family business just extends. Thus, all the contacts within the family are kept. All the skills and training is able to be garnished.

The power of a family with Autism is right there.

I will walk you through the initial steps. These may start as the Access Affiliate [a financial price that many can afford ] or with the start price of $29.95 [US]

Need assistance with this putting this group idea  together.       Contact me 

susanlewiswiththestars Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute
Meet you on the other side

 The choice is yours.

Red-overlooped-arrow-pointing-upwards-from-the-left Why Are Autistic Families Never Quite Destitute


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Using Link Juice Momentum

A truism about Link Juice Momentum

Once upon a time Link Juice momentum was ” just there”  Like magic in the early wild wild west days of the internet  the age of a site and the posts associated meant that the pages had easier access to good SERP influence.  Then along came antilogarithm to change that.  Pigeon effectively meant that if you came from a place then you were the first there to be shown to others who were also in that region of the world.  And in the future Googles new AI RankBrain  may alter everything once again.

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Missing New Zealand more than ever.

In missing New Zealand you begin to realise that…

The-moon-b-400x267 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Missing New Zeland still? Contact me on . Explore alternative digital lifestyle methods.

you’re now missing New Zealand. A land of physical, mystical beauty. That beauty is compacted. Therefore, on one day you travel from the top of the North Island through coastal down through deep lakes and forest with farming lands dessert. With views of a mountain stuck on the right of the dessert. Seems weird. Carry on and the ravines and crevices just get deeper. You wonder why the sheep have not got one side legs shorter than the other the hills get so steep.

What’s missing? New Zealand is a land of opportunity

What do people do in New Zealand to survive these days. Is there a missing New Zealand

traditional mindset intracommunity link. Have we picked up on the world’s negative community attitudes? Thinking solely for ‘self’ instead of evolving through change as a community?   Bringing positive change through and finding strength within ourselves

rethinktraditionalemployment-243x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Employers keep you busy. But, Are you being self productive while being busy?

through the interconnection of each other’s skills? Harnessing the balance between the traditional and the future values within our lives.

Unless you are in the tourism industry, the scenery is hard to make a living off. Although when you combine interests and passions via the internet, a person recording the scenery, and way of life that is different from others in this world, there is an alternative digital means of supporting your chosen lifestyle.

There are two different views on life. The traditional values that have been eroding in a home country where the structure has corroded. Maybe of the people that were once familiar the last of the family ties have themselves moved on. Leaving behind really good friends that would take you in upon arrival back in the homeland. And you wonder “why to put that on them?”

Verses, the ability to financially offer a better life than was possible before. Sure initially maybe you’re renting your own whare. Maybe the only whanau are cousins, sisters and aunties and uncles. Home is home. You would not now change it. Or would you?

Moving on from what is missing. New Zealanders meet challenges together… head on.

i-am-notgoingtolivelikethisanymore-192x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Make your decision then work that decision until things change. Reevaluate. Reposition. Change the world you live within one brick at a time.

There is the grind. The harder you work the less inclined to release the “I need holiday time’ thought. Always in the back of the mind is an ‘idea’ … What if when I go back from holiday, the structure has changed? Will there still be a job? What if my bank balance is no longer healthy? Which bills are due? And there you are in the perpetual ” work in my home town is hit and miss at the best of times” cycle. The wages are crap. Myself I have still worked for  crap wages here in Australia.

We had small businesses and yet it was still a J.O.B. situation. What these experiences did though made it possible to claim so much more than the Tax Man let on.

Myself I would rather know that in creating the alternative digital lifestyle I have set the foundation to make this work. Neither Australia nor New Zealand is the promised land. But neither should whanau and friends on both sides be abandoned. The crux of the matter is that ‘finding of a cost of living standard that is affordable?’ is a Just Over Broke [J.O.B.] attitude what you want to pass onto the children. Teach them through showing them that life was meant to be a struggle? One that shows them that someone else owns their time, energy and that that slave attitude is what they have to look forward to!

Missing New Zealand’s closed in mindset toward living your dream?

Times have changed. Thankfully the internet and the Internet of Things arrived. New

Youcanbethatpersonyouaretobenow-329x400 Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Tight now this may be where you are up too. What is your push button for you to make that change.

Zealand is no longer so “stuck at the end if the earth”. With the accompanying lost and isolated, feeling we lived through until 1985.  Instead, New Zealand is the land of leaders of leaders.  You are one too. We had to be to survive.

Change the mindset. Make your dream. Your one dream become possible.

There are resources within you that will get you out from the poverty hand to mouth situation. Find those resources, just the same as I have. Should you wish to catch up with me then 

is where you do that.

All I am offering is experiences of another way of thinking. That is it. I help people think outside their entrapment box!

Besides, why not go between countries as a tax deduction?  Think and act on this. Do your own due diligence research. Maybe you will not be missing New Zealand for financial reasons… just that there are so many more places to take your Whanau too!

Either way, the decision you make today will not be easy to live up to. There will always be a “what if I had done this then”.  I know as I ignored the first invite to stretch my dream out before me.  That gap was a three year one. Do you truly want to wait for another invitation?

susanlewiswiththestars Missing New Zealand more than ever.
Creating the energy to go back to New Zealand as part of my life’s journey


#Prosandcons, #MarketYourself, #LiveYourBelief, #LiveWhoYouWereMeant2b, #NewZealand. #Whanau


Today….Contact me through:


Susan Lewis Marketing: Missing New Zealand

Example of overcoming fear

Acknowledge the Australian Koala as an example to overcoming fear.

Walking through the path to the shops there was a Koala seen heading for a tree. Ambling along alone.  From beside me, my dog also saw this marsupial.  Sox, the dog, wanted to go explore…. closely explore.

The Koala was not impressed at having to be spurred along up the tree. Preset past experience that brought a fear with it.  So up the tree the Eucalyptus tree Koala went.

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Autistic Thinking With Email Communication


When doing things that do not matter to them Autistic thinking gets tired of the same old think pattern happening? One wear the novelty of every new day has disappeared into communication survival measures?

Then finally, get home. To tired to eat properly. Veg out in front of the T.V. Go to bed. Wake up. Wash. Rinse. And Repeat. And again next year as well. Boring.


listbuilding-120x600 Autistic Thinking With Email CommunicationIn between time chat to friend, coworkers, family. Plus the outlaw’s who are now pressuring for a baby to coo and make faces over!. Or for you to stop adding to their present giving list.
When all you get is a headache thinking about sorting out your email lists once again. You can catch up to everyone on Facebook or Google as they stream through the good ‘old’ email list as well. Any time. If you had the time that is.

Why autistic thinking communicate with people?

Autistic people think so far out of the box that there is no box.  Especially when they untrain themselves from the mediocre. And right now there is not the time available. Nor a mental outlet for the old style frustration to be involved. There is a life to lead.

Does this include people who are not autistic? Thinking creatively is fun. Taking down barriers and escaping through loopholes.

What if there was a use for the old email address? One that utilizes the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder basket way of thinking you got labeled with!

A reason for you to once again communicate with people from your past, and welcome others into your future lifestyle. To catch up with them through a new email listing? Or simply to delete them out of the email injection flowing through the old one. It took me a while to work these steps out. Impy as there were so many other things to get through in the day. Part of the Autism I have is a slow relearning to learn the process. Brought forward due to a sustaining a non-diagnosed at the time head injury – they think.

A challenge to this Autistic. Thinking email communication.

“As a simple courtesy.. that does not take much… write a thank you.” Autistic thinking alert goes up. Take courage that once the first is done the next one is easier.

Fifteen years after the write thank you letters statement came the next “Enjoy the results of taking the time to reach out to people. Then take a few minutes longer to begin to understand where they are coming from. Nothing in depth, Just a gentle scratch in the surface of their life.” Wise words that came from Patricia Collins.

In each person on the Autism Spectrum, there is a certain reserve that when someone passes through the ‘are you safe enough for me to know ” process confusion is felt. This quietly withdrawn person has a whole different personality showing now. Or the vivacious, socially adept person disappears and with the blink of an eye becomes somewhat like a mouse.

checkyouremailboxin2weekstime-400x315 Autistic Thinking With Email Communication
Make a new email and use it by applying for membership below.

Many of the leaders within a community are like this.They lead – and are there to lead. Having an everything is public in my public life attitude. Anyone meeting anyone considered ‘famous’ when their family is just out being a normal family will see another side come out. People know, like, respect and trust them for this protectiveness.

Autistic Thinking outside the box

Having the guts to reach out into people’s lives is an autistic thinking thing to be happy about. Ecstatic when those same people respond and choose to go to a welcome landing page, leaving their email address. Expecting to receive that email as promised?

Is there any feeling like when the old acquaintances and friends choose to keep in touch. Already the know, like, respect and trust issues have been established. Factored in as to the reason that the person being asked to enter the latest email address into the landing page enabling a freely flowing amount off focused information to be found. That’s it in a nutshell.

Capture new beginnings with all that creative autistic thinking.

With that new email communication got easier. Finding the emails, reaching out to them and answering the emails, in a reasonable time, is a great communication practice to carry on with. Means you are present. It’s not so much as making a freely new start, but to have a new start remove the distractions from the virtually communication flow and your information time will be enabled into working with you.

susanlewiswiththestars Autistic Thinking With Email Communication
Welcome: Email me on


Think about it. New venture. New email. One email address to one focused set of thoughts. Your new lifestyle being built is now in the picture.

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Build your online world

Build your online world while at school!

Why build your online world today? Listen to your circle of friends as they still support the “Go to school and earn good grades” slogan! Hear that all our lives. In reality, you go to school and earn good grades.  Then take on any job you can. Still, years later living that Just Over Broke label.

fearcannotbethedrivingforce-320x400 Build your online world
When limiting negative fears are not your driving force… what is?

Finally have a holiday that you’ve worked all year for. Fear that there will be that job you really don’t like still available when you get home!

Understandable that the thought comes in “I am stuck, and I am looking for help” Where once the extended family would know that uncle needed his farm and cleaned, or there was wood to chop before winter and relatives could chip in what they would for family survival to occur. Now you need to turn to social media and publically ask for help.

The world’s changing. Time to look to ‘build your online world.’ 

When our family was young, we found out what hard times were. Both of us ‘worked for the Man’.  From there and out of desperation we built our own small business. One after a the other. From Multi-Level Marketing right to market stalls on the Eastern side of Australia’s Agricultural and Pastoral Shows runs.  Would you believe painting faces and selling balloons. Even when the money came in we were still just over broke. We brought a truck to tow a caravan for the three children and ourselves to have a travelling home in. Sleeping under canvas joints was not a terrific idea when you were on the road three hundred plus days of the year. Found the caravan that was yet to be picked up when the last wages arrived in the bank.  That nursing company never deposited them.

Decidewhatyoureallywant-400x300 Build your online world
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Had no security as we were to find out. To say a car accident displaced us is one way of expressing what happened next.

Either way, our lives had changed.

Through this time computer was just creeping into homes in the form of DoS. Then the first windows. Had we known this was an optimal time to start the ‘new’ family life and build your online world would we have to dine out?  As we were not shown then how to build our online world, the answer is we will never know.

Is this the right time for you to get started to build your online world now?

Whether you can Build your online world is now open. Are you open to viewing a few videos? Sharing what is being shown? Do not get me wrong.  There are good times, not so great times.  And some really fantastic times.  In amongst the hard slog and frustrating times.  There will be the knockers.  The ones who are as comfortable today in there JOBs as you were before you went to the social media family asking for help.  

Just that action alone means you have the courage to get up and make your self-known.   That you have already faced the fears of the unknown.  Why back away now?

If I do not invite you how will you know whether you, and your family, will build that online world?

>>Your Invitation is right here.<<

Let’s catch up on the other side after you and your family, your team, have read what Stuart is showing you.  Simply click the link, go through the video resource. Then the boot camp. By that time, the understanding of what is here astounds people. Every one of us

get-in-touch-cards-j-400x316 Build your online world
Find out more get in touch

was the same as you.

Give yourself permission to go forward from where you are now. There are positions where the beginnings may start as an Access Affiliate member. A financial price everyone can afford in exchange for sharing through out the internet the educational products on offer.

You all, you and your family, have a story to tell.  Is it how to find a new future compared to finding a new job? You’ve already shown you are a leader. Y ou stood up and asked for help.  Is that leadership? Putting yourself out there in exchange for something positive to come your way.

Simply give yourself, and your family team, permission to build your online would as you keep on looking for a JOB to tide you all over. Now that just over broke JOB has a new meaning.  

susanlewiswiththestars Build your online world

May your day be beautiful.  With your marketing results following suit.

Susan Lewis




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promotion platform

A family event, organisational activity or a small business promotion platform. Nearly everything you can want literally under one platform

Those who open the email go to one list.

Those who respond got to a variety of other lists.
Ideas of lists.

* I’m a guest and there with bells on.
* I’m staff and there anyway
* or contractors that you need to keep informed.
* Family… my own. Yes I will remember to pick up the milk
* Unable to attend on the day but hey how can I help?
* Sorry not available but keep me informed.
* clearly not interested do not contact again [ ouch]