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the negative vacuum

The other end is like the negative vacuum. The only way to get out of this is to have dealth with everything from within. A hard slog and yet doable with enough drive and gumption. Your circle of influence has a lot to do with getting through to the other side. That positiveness of like a two sided magnet. People who are too negatively geared will suck the climber dry. Of one of the positives hang around a negative geared person for too long that will attract others. The weight will pull the positive person back down into the negative area. To counter act this community support is offered. So the climber now has the option to enter the area and defeat their negatives. Sheading them with the support and cheering on of the positives. With the challengers, education, skills, actions, assistance, learning and just shear shine of their own personalities the positive guide those who action the changes through the small doors and through to the holding stalls. Now those holding stalls become familiar. Slowly the as the gladiator earns their lessons they also know the way to that holding stall. The comfort level in knowing the way to go has become established. Two things happen . To go forward or to stay or return back to where they have come from. Each day the choice is up to that gladiator. The door ways are there. As one closes the other opens. The eyes must become sensitive to the light and close therefor the familiar backward path is chosen. Or they eyes and other sentences see what is on the other side and take the steps towards opening that door themselves. For many left behind in the time they will see the gladiator moving forward. Either filled with glee or relief they may follow. The gladiator want to be the person on the other side . So they learn that only actions that get them through are being taken. Their ME’s are refilled with positive outcomes. Sometimes what initially seems hard to be lived with and sorted through are the real nuggets of gold upon the climb upwards.

Conversely, there will be times where the journey enters an oily patch. The vehicle spins out of control. Outcomes may have them teetering on the edge. The Y of the journey may get temporarily misconstrued. Lost, hidden. The community is there waiting to lend a hand. Should your need and want be something that you ask for assistance with? And even if you ask if the hand is not taken then how can they be of assistance. The Universal Energy will not have left you alone. Unless you fully choose to enter the void. Close yourself off from that beautiful effervescence of life beyond what you know if it now. What do you truly desire. Survival or life? A life of abundance starts from within. Close yourself off and that door is locked only by you. How then will you survive without the Universal energy flow now trapped on the outside?

placed into the funnel

Either was the ‘advertisements’ URL gets placed into the Funnel. Come back to this is a minute.
As the content marketer writes their advertising copy [post or page, ] the tidyURL unique application is applied. The post and page are now allocated to you.

How To Personalise Your list

Build and Personalise your list

To build and then personalise your list you first of all need a list.  Simple as that.

From the very first time you make a comment, like and even send out an email your name is going onto someone’s list.  Which means the receiver has the ability to make contact back. Be it by liking the comment, thank you privately via a message or send you an email.

In general many people look upon this right of reply as an intrusion onto their own privacy. Unless you are the person intent on sharing your ‘internet voice’. At this point that list you have begun needs your to personalise your list.

Decidewhatyoureallywant-400x300 How To Personalise Your list
Decide what you really want , more than you are afraid of it. Then do it.

Why personalise your list

The simple answer is that when you have taken the time to personalise your list this

enables people to recognise it is you sending them a message. Also known as our online writing  ‘signature’.  

Personalise your list

Below are several simple steps in doing this.

Under the Aweber’s Company Branding are three sections. The first being what title you want your emails to be seen under. Will these be distinctive in some way?
Utilizing a Smile campaign, the smiley face right next to the owners name that now reads as ☺ Susan Lewis.

That is achieved by using the Alt key and the number pad. This distinguishes the email. It’s eye-catching and simple.  Also, something that most people identify with.

Mobile phones and other internet devices have many different emoticons available.    Some pick up on most all devices other only being picked up on the same brand devices.
Now as great content arrives the want to click to see what is associated with that email name is right there.

“The logo picture tends to be rather large so, for now, I have ignored the inclusion. Mobile and other devices are having trouble downloading these. Therefore, the screen loads a lot slower. For now, these are not being included.

Try recreating the logo you want to include as a thumbnail size. Most broadbands will not

Screenshot_13-197x200 How To Personalise Your list
Susan Lewis Marketing Logo

pickup visuals any smaller than 200 x 200.Then upload this thumbnail size to Aweber.  Host the file in your personal account and use it often.

Why do people personalise their list

Ever find yourself saying yes to filling out a email collection thing.  You do anyway.  Also clicking on the double opt-in feature. And there you have a welcome or a thank you email.

Things people often do and then get distracted from or forget why they need to check their emails. Yet something later when they are checking  and clearing out something catches their attention.  And ‘click’ an email is opened.

I struggled with understanding what a list was important for.  Then again I have a learning challenge so sometimes things take awhile to ‘click’.  The list enables the ‘sender’ to keep in contact with you. They send out customised messages or a today’s broadcast. You now have up to date information. The reason you possibly signed on in the first place.

listbuilding-for-profits-400x135 How To Personalise Your list
Grow yourself the list towards your own alternative digital lifestyle.

If the list is personalised then you will become familiar with the ’emails signature’ favourite the emails and open the emails on a more regular basis.

For people wanting more information then this is the link that will take you to a report on building a list.




list FEAR

Having the list FEAR 

Since time started being on someone’s list may have made people pause with list FEAR of being created. Will it hurt or hinder us.  How do we react?  What are the responsibilities? Will my nose be in the mud if I fall flat on my face?  What will  I do? Wear, Arrive? Yes! the lists go on.  Are the hit lists or actions, to do checklists or party and celebration lists.

Being on these lists means there is a creator and a receiver.   A ‘them and you’.  So

Selfprisionisescapable-160x200 list FEAR
Self-Prison is escapable.

people are naturally careful of what and who they are sharing their names and email contacts with.

Rest assured the aim of this email list is to lower the frustration situations when you working out how to know the people you are out to are a) receiving your emails. b) opening your emails. c) doing the call to actions needed. d) further following your emails.

The concepts came after many frustrating months of just not understanding what emails was about nor why it was so important.  Remove the list FEAR and get up on what is next.

A brief snapshot list FEAR

In practice think of this.  A family celebration is coming up.  A work or social do.  An activity that involves people from all around the neighbourhood or globe. Different time frames and different calls on time.  How then are all people going to be informed without scrolling through countless comments on social media sites? Not including all the other distractions out there as well.

Or running out of time or money while mastering a skill means there is no circle of influence to support you.

When others are willing to commit their emails to you in order to receive up to date information you are sending to them.  Therefore they know what time to meet, where to meet, what to bring, what is needed. Name another two elemental things placing them on the wall.

listbuilding-for-profits-200x68 list FEAR
List FEAR makes you feel that you are not understanding.

One person many people with the current information moving forward getting something you all wanted done.  Now you are making this work for you.

Master the real list FEAR .

Create an impact by change the focus on real list FEAR. Bring in proficiency and there you have a worth of information, skills, educations and connections.

Now fail your way forward.

Please note that is you have not registered for these emails this is the link you  go towards.


silent disability

Employers are starting to change the attitudes of their workers towards people who have this silent disability. The tedious and mundane things are being left to people who enjoy the doing of them. At the other end though, these same employers are happy to exploit the need for a ‘focus on the work’. This may be a case of ‘give one set of instructions slowly’. Over time and the process is memorized. Harmonised. Meanwhile, the Autistic spectrum worker has now begun to defense and focus on the process.

Admit it this sounds great for an employer does it not? But what about you. If there were some gold nugget along the way, that you identified with. Plus recognized, would you too want to swap your freedom for an ‘on the cards meltdown’ where you can have a few days off once the job is completed to rest and recuperate before you start back again on that same treadmill?  A would be changed from just an employee into having an alternative digital lifestyle – at your own pace.

Many people have been there, and although these situations would be different from yours, the end effect may be similar.

There were steps towards communication of which are truely needed. Except the reasons as to why ‘communicate effectively’ was needed.

When the invitation to be introduced [ ] to a BootCamp would you have a participatory look through the seven-day video series. Since I was curious and decided that life was too short not to experiment along the way into the rabbit hole I went. I think I set off so many alarm bells with the associated tracking software they must have wondered what hit them.


Eventually, I came up for air. Not knowing what it was I had stumbled into back I went for another look. However, I just simply missed these gold nuggets along the way. Initially, two of those were the step towards good communication. The power of the words we use was gone into. It was the other short and long tail phrases that were missed.

Designing your online strategies was covered. Once I got there as I took my time absorbing the atmosphere and totally enjoying the energy within the BootCamp learning space.

Once through the BootCamp there was more communication and training of management and leadership to contemplate.