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change information data

Utilising Global Text Snippets ‘manages to streamline’ and change information data.

tipintopracticenow-susanlewismarketingdotcom-166x200 change information data
Tip into Practice. Designed to help individual people looking for on the net gold nugget hints. With awareness as a key hints for exploration let’s open the internet up for expansion. It’s a state of mind change waiting to happen.

These are extremely important as you go about the affiliate marketing and the development of your list. Yes, Global Text Snippets are a convenient way to change information in many messages at once… on two accounts. First you need to know what the power of these snippets actually are. Secondly action to create a list this there. Then keep that list up to date.

This link is included here as with anything technical what I write on this post may  be out of date in the next few minutes. Since Aweber will update this page you have current information and know-how at your fingertips.



trigger into meltdowns

In 2014 I took hard earned savings and brought a Digital Experts Academy Platinum Level Package. Now $5,000 [US] at the time was a large chunk of money.  Where some people thought I was crazy others decided to wait and see.  Early October the course rolled around.  By mid-January the course proper had been completed.  Over one year later things are still coming into place. Partially as I am now able to know when something has happened that is a trigger into meltdown mode.

Here I am, at 55 years old, and the receiving of a few compliments have actually sent my brain trigger into meltdowns and overload. Considering that I am on the Autism Spectrum that is am amazing thing to be appreciative of!  Which sounds kinda weird in the first place.

What was a trigger into meltdown?

Usually there is a trigger before a meltdown.  When you have spent so many years of your life within the walls of your mind time slips by.  I was trapped behind the walls of my mind for two reasons.  The autism overload brought on by abuse within the workplace triggered an underlying root ’cause’ for having a lifetime of just being different from many people.  I have High Functioning Autism so I found out.  Plus a truck impacted into the vehicle I was driver in 1991.  Relearning to learn was not something I would wish on anyone.  However since

Relearning to learn was not something I would wish on anyone.  However since 1991 that is what I have had to do. Yet outwardly everything was normal. After the extensive bruising was finally dissipating.  At least the children did not have to see the multitude of deep bone bruises anymore. Where we ended up there was no mirrors.  Besides until I was 54 i I did not recognise, nor connect, the person in the mirror as being me. That had only just occurred a few weeks before my Platinum course was to start.  I was filling in time taking marketing training and working out how to make pictures from photo’s.

Now these were not just ordinary compliments. Instead, the words actually went straight through and beyond my imagination I know that last year I the official completion of the DEA Platinum course that opened up a lot of ‘stuff’ within my subconscious. Then over the last year dealing with these … things. Things that needed to be dealt with finally. Previously as memories surfaced there was a difficulty in regulating emotions.  With four children in an isolated part of the Victorian Alps you learned to not show outward signs off stress and anxiety. Purely because what were they?  There was little of no emotion as no one could get through.  When thing like memories di0d start to come through  I either shut down and ‘went away’ emotionally  where no one noticed, or I triggered into a flash time meltdown and slept the time away in Overload mode. .

Working out the site and one more trigger into meltdowns.

Broadband compliance understanding caused issues within. Now then creating visuals was fun The 90-day challenge that was also completed finally. Yes, the writing was troubling me. Took a few people to inform me what was written stunk. And it did. That I admit.

Rather than let the obvious get to me there has to be another way.

Now that was fun. Discovering there was something that had been long feared.

Yet, how can you reach out to people through a blog without words being written? Hard work, passion and feeling what is written.

Once again, this is the video that with gratitude I am reaching out. Saying thank you to the people who have supported, commented, cheered along and put their best forward, giving their real thoughts a rein.

Way to learn and greatest of standards to ‘glow’ up to! Reach for the brightest star. Simply because one day there will be others reaching out to you as well. Allow them to share the light.

the loopholes need

Did the loopholes need to be closed

Action wanted to close the loopholes. Need the DEA Platinium level help to know where you are going? The saying “you’re lost and you don’t even know it” was true for me. A truck had impacted into my vehicle in 1991. Even in 2016 there are things sometimes overlooked until something just clicks and like a dam running bursting its banks and running over memories and connections happen allowing in ideas joining to become creative conceptual

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal the loopholes need
A journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

thinking to pull thing into line.  Like marbles being aligned  and the tom thumb to do its stuff.  Game over and in the winners circle is… being able to learning while the old memories come through.  And this involved less of the Autism Overload striking me mind blank again.  Although I will not guarantee this outcome for anyone else it sure was worth it for me in that many of the thirty-one years of life memories before that ‘momentary impact’ have returned.

The loopholes need to be eliminated

Being over fifty and female and being told by a Government agent that I was considered as a ‘workplace disability’ by employers came as a shock a few years back.   Growing children drain finances. Things like the world financial collapse in October 2008 did not help with the incoming money flow.  The repercussions being of stifled monetary flow …bar outgoing? Countries such as Greece being bailed out through the World Banking System.

Indeed what was happening on a macro scale also was going on through the micro-environment. People just watched friends, relatives, communities and their partners

What-bis-actually-being-said-inb-an-advertising-campaign the loopholes need
What is actually being said to what is being implied in any advertising campaign in important

dry up, become brittle shells of their former selves and finally crack or shed the skins permanently. With no way to block the severe suction of gravity down the drain pipe…

Leaves the question:

Is one of the largest thing, to look forward to being on a government old-age pension? Ever thought of dancing a two-step again. Missing this stage altogether?  Your invitation to is near the bottom of this letter. No! Forget that.  Your invitation, should you accept, is right here!

The thing is the feeling of being ‘old’ does not compute.  Heck, even Facebook is only a preteen at the time of writing this even Facebook is only a preteen at the date of writing this. Not even old enough to leave home! Twitter has only just hit double figures in longevity.

So what has happened that there is a Rat Race to leave from at this age? 

Itstimetowhattellme the loopholes need
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

At a basic level, the simple answer is that the circle of influence holds people the same as each other.  Due to everyone being the ‘same’ there is no one to hold another accountable for progression, for this reason, there is zilch growth within that circle of influence.  Thus helping the governing powers keep control of all the people who run with the crowd. Like lemmings….. up and over the cliff faces and what is at the bottom?

Either way the Rat Race will siphon off the life from within you and the blind lemming race over the edge will, in all probability, just finish you off.

Our generations lived through several depressions, the Vietnam War, Major industrial changes, the birth, rise and constant change of the internet and the spin-off technologies. Women’s liberation, freedom for the people.  Men on the moon, dehydrated ice creams, being well fed into obesity! The HIV and other diseases and plagues.  Some good, bad and others quietly just there. Polititicianswith in agreements that the loopholes need to be tightened ensuring the businesses have the labour forces to remain with their doors open.

Yet for the betterment of everything we are still here.  Since we have made it this far why not follow the younger ones.  Carve out our own path.  Just as the Hippies around the world brought to light.  As the men and women who have fought for our countries freedoms.

Those same freedoms in danger of escaping should be not each of us grab hold and hold on to them.  Hold on to the freedoms really tight.




The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing

Did you know the amount of effort it takes to master, then to stay on top of what’s working now in digital marketing is phenomenal?  People many know this as the internet of things. Or ioT.  A network of things all over the internet. Things embedded with electronics, or software.  Then you have sensors and a whole different network connectivity. Devices that trigger actions via Wifi. These include the remote controls, computer keys being triggered and even microchips embedded into human flesh.

Angelinthehotseat-300x400 The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Before you know it the thought about that upskills ‘should have done ‘ is here again

In 1974 a lay preacher stood in front of a Pentecostal congregation that as a child I was attending.  Staying over at friends this was an obligatory thing to accept into the weekends events.

Is it worth the amount of effort it takes to master tracking?

In the left hand was a rectangular piece of cardboard.  We knew it a few years later as the bank card.  A piece of plastic that over the years as shrunk down to the size of a piece of rice.  Now  with people like Bill Gates encouraging many organisations to require ithe implantation device to be there for Identification of the wearer.

A few years ago Truck drivers in and around dumps rang a head office and requested the machine be unlocked enabling them to open the door and climb into the cab.  Only with a few minutes to spare the driver  then used to leave the phone off the hook jump into a vehicle and just make it then to the cab of the truck before the trip would have to be repeated.  Fine on good weather days.

The amount of effort to sort out trucks in the dead of night was amazing. Kinda of a hit and miss attempt at time management on wet, stormy  midnight dashes though.  So now the implant is there and everything is recorded. .

And therein is the dilemma facing all with the amount of effort needed.  

I understand the amount of effort that needs  to be put into a security issue.  People understand the amount of effort the public and private citizens of big ‘secrets’ have tied up within their minds.  Private information that should another WikiLeaks begin the Governments may be able to track down who entered what via the computer systems.


To-be-yourself-dance-to-your-own-tune-334x400 The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Catch the rhythm of the pace and dance to your own tune. Or be the conductor who calls the tune

There are also toilets that record what passes through the system.  Beaming the information back into medical health and wellbeing computers. Yet still things may get innocently out of control.  Cleaning toilet bowls is really easy with a can of CokaCola. So full of straight sugar the grime melts away.  Woops there goes somebodies diabetic output reading.

Now if a ioT recipient was pouring the coke into the toilet bowl their medical history has just been associated with  that coke cleaning liquid.  And what a mess of the medical records information that would make.

With the amount of effort generations have fought for privacy…

there is one question… Why would anyone want to have something within themselves that allows tracking of places, people talking to other people and all sorts of things being tracked to be tracked.

That card incident was in 1974.  Yet in 1966 Great Grand Dad was just like that lay preacher.  Seeing far into the future with a common book of knowledge between them.

susanlewiswiththestars The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

There is another commonality that was spoken freely of.  Long long ago a choice to choose was given to every Man and Woman.    Their common known names are known as “Adam and Eve”.  And so the choice to choose story continues. And the music plays on…


This post is just for your information.

Read the post then

Leave a comment below.; pop back to the top… the amount of effort.



one default account

What do you mean “One default Account”?

Unlike the banking system of old there is a need to have one default account to set up with the autoresponder.

In this blog post the autoresponder is Aweber.   Therefore, references are as the Aweber account dashboard is.

Setting up one default account in Aweber

Under list options is the Personalize your list section.  .  Then under social media / sharing are the Twitter and Facebook sections.  Here you simply import your Twitter and  / or Facebook pages over.  The idea is that when people share the message its ending up on these pages.  The more people sharing the message the more stimulation your Twitter account or Facebook Fan page actually gets.  Encourage this and organic growth begins to take iover.  Slowly though to start off with.  Keep the traffic going there and the messages become greater in popularity.

Therefore, if one Facebook page is about Autistic people who feel lost in the world and they begin to open up to internet opportunities and the new lifestyle instead of a J.O.B. typically available… and you send the wrong message there. there could be a disconnect with your audience happening.

Hence, when you set about personalizing the list you choose the one default account of tweetter and / or Facebook Fan Page you desire the message to be sent through and thus stimulate the organic growth.

 Social Media Sharing needs more than one default account.

The Twitter or / and Facebook accounts are thereafter you have uploaded them. Simply choose which of the ones there you have in both categories to share the Broadcasts upon.

Once the button has been pushed and the accounts uploaded into the account it ‘s a relatively simple step to take next.  The hard part is to choose which accounts the list is allocated too. Make one default account be with Twitter  and one Default account  a Facebook Page. Each list you have make has a variety of broadcast  avenues depending on how many accounts with Twitter or Facebook page outlets.

With each list there is a connection you set up that deals with where any resharing will occur.  Simply by allocating your chosen place to the overall list.

That is one list may be about food and another about the internet apps and tools.  Where the autoresponder list category that is of foodstuffs from recipes, best buys, napkin folding, recycling and even how to plant the seeds may go through one Twitter account and the Facebook page called  health, is this only from a seed to the eating?

Whereas the internet or social media posts and other information are going to @cve4mejournal and depending which list the recipient is on the Facebook page chosen would be from the following lists: ‘Survival Skills for the world we live in’. ‘A virtual journey with cve4me’, or ‘Postings from cve4meblogs and sites’.

Be proactive with the one default account here.

Call the readers into compelling actions that excite them to feel better for sharing something on your Facebook Page and through your Twitter account.

Keep an eye out on the comments that go through these accounts.  Other people are being invited by you to use your accounts by you effectively for promotion purposes. Any problems delete the user from your Aweber list.  Not only from that one account.  Ideally not only where the comment was made.

It’s a new world we live within.  Respect is a two-way street and the process has to be got under control

Apply some of these one default account tips when you are using your Aweber autoresponder account .  If another autoresponder is chosen to be used.  Alter the instructions to suit that autoresponder.  However the basic principles on how and why you choose one default account in front of you.

And that’s not all of the why and how to combine and use  your one default account with.  Now having the tpools at your disposal  to sort out who best to approach on your list is another post altogether.

The list is not all you need.  However, having a copy of the list building report of your very own means its right on hand. Encouraging other people to post on your page is a much more efficient way of page activation and therefore possible growth of page likes.  Stands to reason.  Plus the fact that this methodology does actually work.


Recognize What Your

When you recognize what your block where will you go then?

Be self-aware to the point that you recognise what your blocks will be.

How far does your mind reach… If you want the world, yet need to explore the Galaxies how far will your mind reach?

When you want the galaxies, but need only home, how far will your mind reach now?

Are you really comfortable in the vege garden?  How far will you go  with what you accept?

Recognize what your potential is.

DEAtrainingapowerfulwirlwindeffect-235x400 Recognize What Your
Online Gold Nugget training has a Silver lining at the Digital Experts Academy.

The world, your world, is not getting you down… You are letting your potential down. To do this recognise what your self-fulfilling prophesy is.

Get out there. Travel beyond what your current inner belief restrictions are?

I found my ticket to ride this journey through here. The ticket to rude this ongoing journey and I am thrilled with where we are going together.

Where you find your ticket is up to you. Keep challenging yourself to know your own consciousness. Expand on your wake up call.  You will always find what you are looking for. Know what are you looking for?

Recognize what your sharing today

Recognize  what your thinking is. Trust that even if you are at the worst …  you are a product of your own thoughts.  Loose it all or just make it happen.  Know your power.  Own your power.

Whatever you want to be.  Whatever you are looking for. What you tune into it is what you will get.  Make your own story come true.

Here at Susan Lewis Marketing, we love sharing positive thoughts that put a smile on my face; we hope you enjoy where this one reaches into.

susanlewiswiththestars Recognize What Your
Welcome to the journey.

With this experience  seek your uniqueness as we do.

We will repost this journey just to share with you how far people are going as they let us know.

After sharing your journey with your friends tell us what you think in the comments section below.


Susan Lewis Marketing : Recognize what your …up to the top again

into the sun’s glow

Into the suns glow is maybe not an ode.  However what is written is the typical beginner Girl Guide [ Girl Scouts ] weekends packing discovery.  The lighter the weight the easier it is to move forward.  The same goes within life.

Read the bottom of the page for the community explanation and importantly an introduction into a worldwide private educational, training and upskilling community.

Backpacking into the sun’s glow

Backpacking into the sun’s glow….
Just where to look for that getup and go…
Stuck in this weekend’s scenario.

The packing list said, I don’t give a toss
I need the hairdryer, shaver, hair straightener, lip-gloss…
And don’t forget the dental floss.
Mum doesn’t know what to pack,
I’ll sneak in one more little snack.
Reasons being ‘outdoorsy.’
Why should I dress in like a hessian sack!
Fashion no 1
I’m not going to come undone.
But where is the spare three socket plug
when my blow dryer needs an amp
To plug in, my looking good makeup lamp!

My face, my hair, my whole attire,
why would I look like a vamp!
Oh no, here’s the sun
The bed yet to be made and I’m far from done.
On the camp fashion scarecrow, I’m number one!

The sleeping bag to be shaken,
And if I’m not mistaken
My fizzy drinks all been taken.
I don’t think I need worry
Homeward bound I’ll hurry!
By the end of next week, only mum will be sorry
The mess on my bed, washing on the floor,
The backpack threw behind the door,
Mum will want the peace and space
so I’ll be off to camp once more.

Hiding well somewhere still on my bedroom floor
That piece of paper to ignore.

Even though the camp packing list clearly said [ still says]
‘no pressure sprays, radio, phone or mp4

Wonder why my shoulder, neck, back and legs are so sore!


A few years ago many camps were prepared for.  Backpacking was one as the outdoors were explored.   Needless to say there were always things that went haywire, stay and more.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV-400x275 into the sun's glow
Welcome to this ever increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

In a leadership capacity learned through many of the explorations within leadership, team building and community development one of the things that became very prized was infact, a community minded person.

When people whose values incorporated these aspects were found it really was like the world opened up and into the suns glow we all, as a team would go.  New places, faces and adventures lay in wait.  A togetherness was formed and those bonds remain for many intact today.  Some up to and past the twenty-year mark.

Something that upon leaving that community I thought would never be found again.  And yet it was.  A value that has far surpass’s the original one.  Maybe it is a maturity factor… I’m older.

Or maybe it’s that what was lost has been again found.  What is known is that these communities are hard to find.  Both in real life and on the internet.  A common denominator is the willingness to be a) a part of something far greater than yourself.

b) of service to the world in general as well as within your community.

c) given time and an exploratory nature there are many gifts and gold nuggets of information and friendship to find.

Pathways-to-Success-400x400 into the sun's glow

Into the sun’s glow I seek for your both  high and low…

I am looking for people who need to change how they are achieving their results… to obtain what they desire and achieve what they

Primarily people who are on / within the Autism Spectrum. Principally Adult Autistics and / or their careers / organisations /
communities assisting them in some way/ that they maybe involved within.

They have gifts and talents, skills and knowledge spare that they do not know what to do with. These people have old world knowledge. Are of the earth and light combinations. Effectively they may be lost within themselves -stuck. Not in need of a mothering assistance / help/ prompting etc but an educational connectivity between mind, body and soul. Be independent thinking level people looking for a freedom they possibly have given up in finding. AND open to change factors. New experiences. And a crazy life journey from here on in that may help to achieve their wildest forward movement dream.

Where the SFM education offered is what is being looked for.

Who need the DEA Silver to Black. And when it comes out the Bronze level as well.
Silver because of its basic pattern forming basics.
Gold cause it puts everything together.
Particularly Platinium level self-awareness that connects you to yourself.
And Black cause although I can see the difference in self-belief attribution I have yet to personally experience at this level yet.

DBL tools are terrific and there is no traipsing all around the internet as these are all

susanlewiswiththestars into the sun's glow
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

available under one roof . Where necessary – at a personal choice level- external and internal apps and tools maybe to be combined.

To have a desire to have reseller experiences.  All these things and yet a lot more.

Your invitation to explore is right here.

Click and enjoy back to the top with Into the sun’s glow

to refine this site

Next step to refine this site is another ongoing process.

The realization that a few months ago there was a chance to refine this site. In part to refocus on what it was that the had got all tangled up in here.  What occurred was a straying away from the websites original objective. That was to write posts. Initially, so that people would read them. Then “to write posts for people like you to read them”.  More specifically to write posts  ‘Confidently’. Knowing people will read them without getting lost somewhere in the haphazard thrown together way they were before.

Now, with the objective is to refocus on you, the intended recipient of these posts, much has been changing.

Continue reading… →

Own your own core values

Do you hear your own Core Values?

Has there ever been a time where your own core values have caught up with you? Your “X, Y and Z” just scream into your conscience? And left you with no alternative but to change what should not have just transpired? Even if what is happening is not in your home town. You’re just out buying groceries and waiting for the check out the area.

Sea-spray-on-the-rocks-susanlewismarketingdotcom-200x150 Own your own core values
Finding that special place where you can just be

Thinking that being in this little fishing port village is really a terrific to sit under a tree, climbing the coast line looking for a special spot and finding one on the sandy beach.  Being in touch with your very own core values  typing out a few emails… here is the story…

Time away from home and once again shopping for food. In a busy supermarket and next in line. Groceries were juat waiting to scan. The teller was finishing off ringing the last person items up and getting the change ready to dispense.

Supervisors have rough day going against there own core values.

The supervisor walks up. Interrupts the process and talks across the counter to the teller. At that point, you tune out as much as you can. The teller and customer did not know what to do. As it was, it was just after three in the afternoon. This poor teller lunch break was to be delayed … again. He was not comfortable. The reason given was that someone else was pregnant and needed to go to lunch first. Yes they all started at 9 am in the morning, but that was not the supervisors fault…, etc, etc.

Turning the supervisors comment upon seeing everyone behind myself was to me ” …and that is the inside bitch within me showing!”

Itstimetowhattellme-200x200 Own your own core values
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Slowly smiling my comment was different to what I was thinking. The only word I could come up with was ‘Mega’.

However as she passed by, I turned. Typically it had to be me….someone whose ‘own core value’ in part is to bring out the inner child with all she meets.

Where holding fast to your own core values helps others.

So, true to my own core value the supervisors attention was called upon. As she turned around my arms were already being raised and opening up. With a “You need a hug” comment. A smile on my face and just a step forward on my behalf this supervisor stepped willingly into the hug. And that is what she got. On the outside where everyone could see a hug. A simple hug.

What actually transpired was a transference of energy. All the cares and worries about how people would react just dissipated. Strange how being in touch with your own core values helps you push yourself forward into a situation where not many are willing to tread. The looks on peoples in the ques faces was incredible.

Releasing her she stepped away. Smiled. Went back to her business. And turning back into putting the groceries through, throughout the store could be her… “wow that was something”… then “Free hugs anyone”Come and get your free hugs people”.

Invitationtoplatinumdigitalworkshop-262x400 Own your own core values
Accepting the invitation was the easy part of finding my own core values.  What about your discovery?

The teller exchanged a smile and life carried on. Just by activating ome part of my own core value worth it altered some others lives so much.

What woke up my own Core Values?

It was time.  Simple as that.

At 54 years of age it was simply time to set myself free.  To relearn how to live. To have worked our what my own core values were was was to have something to hold onto.  Plus, find out what part of my M.E. [ My experiences] would come through. What is really weird is that buy purchasing the $11,000 [US] package deal within the ten day time window I became an Elite Plus member of this community, and received the training of so much more than just my core values.

Noted that the core values have both helped and hindered my experiencing the creation of that alternative digital lifestyle.  Knowing what they were was like having a fast track towards something that I previously did not realise I needed.

Accept that find ‘your’

Own Core Values  

challenge Right Here!

Have I even bothered about the money back guarantee?  Nope.  These were and still are holding true.  The core values are individual and my own core values.  Everything else

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Own your own core values
Welcomeand here to you searching and finding your own core values.

offered and accomplished was and still is an extra. An ongoing extra that is a privialge to share with you.


Further information : Contact me through :


Susan Lewis Marketing: Return to the top:  Own Core Values

of great enterprises

Sitting down with friends over coffee time there we were all acknowledging that when our children were younger it was often the “small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” phase that drove us all around the bend.

Most of us had children who later were diagnosed with one form of Autism or other. As cuppa times often do, the memories that were coming from each persons own antidotes , well when compaired to what we knew of our own children anidotes, our seemed quite tame. Yes it is amazing as to how time had flown and that time had softened the rough edges of our own character.

Yet what was also happening was our friends were identifiying with the child within us. The things they know of us, our chaarcter traits., They often would laugh as suddently they know fgor certain where which ever child we had had got that charcter traight from.

As time went on the conversation moved into what to do with the digital eucation the school were expecting our children to know. Whch was fine other than the fact that those of us who had computers at home used themn for games and an odd letter. Clipart may even have crept into the letter as well.

Many fresh starts were going to be made in one way or another. To go back into the workforce you needed compiter skills. To use a microwavve there were more skills. Even to tune in the television, set the alarm on a clock or change the dailes to accomodate Day Light Savings time.
Things were definatley changing even then. Each one of us know that there were many times where this fresh start with retaining would be handy. Or our grandchild would be showing us up. We could teach them to read the time, sound the words out as they turned the pages of the books, write the words. They would change it for us and turn the kindle on and check the emails on the mobile!

The time spent volinteering with a youth organisation needed newsletters written. That was fine. Then camp recoprds and preperations for the qualifications required. Along came the Quarter Master training. To learn these pracivcal skills a friend in a School Camp office showed how a spread sheet was laid out. Then came the week creating spread sheet and updating the systems files. Thew basics spread sheed are now well known even today. Especially as you can dot-point segmant the lists into brake down areas. Deal with one point at a time.

How times have changed.

The chidren are all adults now. Most with children of their own. Computers have morphed. So to has the use of the mobie devices, ipads and tablets. Although the PC still plays a large part in peoples lives. So the websites and everything else has to not be computer and mobile friendly.

Going back to school a fouth time in my life was not something I really wanted to do. So rather than be totally embarrised what I did was hunt for somewhere I could find upto date and constantly updated information. Really did not want to read a book . Especially if the terminology was the same from years ago Technical and like a foreign language in the writing. give me something I could understand. Or have a support network there where I could actually find out information from!

And here a few of the most useful tools and apps on the internet that are out there. Now when the grandchild are here I can show them I have some experience on how to convert your audience to digital wonders! I’m even reading a few posts and newfeeds on waht to do with the creation of slideshare’s for lead generation. Now thats going to interesting. Would that be the same as the pied piper playing and the mice following?