Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

it’s small things

When people get familiar with something they tend to go back. Unconsciously it’s the small things that people will remember.  A rodent in a candy store would not go down very well.

What people do and how they act may seem to one person  a huge favour.  To another an every day even. This information is carried through and is seen into so many things that customers reaction in the real life. A similar process of familiarity happens within people’s  circle of influence.  Be it the sporting community, family, education level or the type of work you do these are communities.

Chopping and changing the storefront layout word relate to refurbishing. People notice the smallest of things.  Such as a comma in the wrong place or a capital not there. One autistic trait I have is dyslexia.  It took me 54 years of my life to be able to spell sincerely. As in like at the bottom of letters.

People ask “Have you made any money yet?” The answer currently is no.  others have.  That is great for them.  WhatI have done is helped to make the world a more beautiful place with improved grammar and spelling. A friend saw my struggles. Listened and gave me the Grammarly link. And now you have that link as well.

The Six Figure Mentors BootCamp opened my eyes a little.  Going through the modules though now they were an eye opener.  There I was confronted with having to plan out my next ten years.  Okay they only wanted a 3 year plan.  Thing is mine would not fit into three years.  So A 10 year plan was created.  Once this was related to things such as planning out camps for the Girl Guide activities the concept became familiar and doable as it had been done before. Part of that 10 year plan was writing a blog, developing the campaigns. The first one was the smile campaign.  The next was the ‘Autism as a gift one’. These are yearly and repeatable.

And together they need good grammar included as well as proofreading the posts.  Simple things that most people can do and that often tripped me up.

Unless you have made a quality impact they may not come back after the impulsive sale and they disappear into the horizon.

Smile! You may have noticed that it’s the small things people overlook and yet tend to remember.

It’s small things done with great love that move the world.