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learned in one sphere

learned in one sphere

What is learned in one sphere is there forever

Information is carried through and is seen into so many things that customers reacttoo in the real life. A person can go into a large supermarket just for milk. They know where the milk is and yet they veer off to the left through, past the fresh made cakes, the dairy

and hot chicken, Past the meats and are channelled back through the smaller isles area. There are so many subliminal messages such as ‘space for farm and wilderness areas’ a buyer needs to go past of they are to get to the needed writing pens. The item that they entered the shop for in the first place. Usually The pens and other stationery are situated right close to the snack foods. You can see the connection now? The subliminal placement of the snack food next to the ‘studious pen’ will forever connect the two together.

A person may carry this further now into taking an idea from the drawing board to the get going with it steps. What you present needs to call to your customers. Touch some special place within them, create a memorable connection from the need they have through to you as the person within this world who can assist them. Either now or when they have got to know you a bit longer. People are aware that there are effectively you have two consumers. One whose problem is solved with this ‘product”. A two second point of sale. Unless you have made a quality impact they may not come back after the impulsive sale and they disappear into the horizon.

Smile! You may have noticed that it is the small things