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Small Things People Overlook

Viewing the big picture allows for the small things people overlook to just be missed.  Relegated to the “I’ll do that another day” mindset..  With sales there are two people the sales person ‘sells’ too .  Themselves and the people who come to see them.

Be authentic simply because you are not bluffing it. The internet has created a trust me I’m right culture that has people needing to know you are not bluffing it.  Simply put find your authenticity  then speak through the authenticity.  Very important and definitely necessary with sales based information.

The second form of sales actually comes about after some time has past. Gaining someone’s trust is a marvellous feeling. Most often taking awhile to do.  Repeat times of just being in the consumer’s eye may at first seem like a “no sales zone”.  To the point that many people would believe little of significance is happening.. However the establishment of a friendship basis holds importance.  To your clients, consumers, superiors and colleagues the development of this trust platform  is like a deep foundation being laid. Watch how people respond the quiet little worker who has been there years.  The one whose knowledge of what people need is intuitive and upskilled through e-learning.   Nothing much is said other than courtesies and respect.  When  that college says ‘a good idea’  ‘a great product’ “this is something that you can rely on”  a sale is made.  Even a quiet nod of affirmation above the head of the new salesperson.

Two things to remember that focus and the small things people overlook are 1) first impressions do count.  2) people respond to your inner self.

When starting to sell balloons on and through markets and festivals the old lady in the store where I purchased my first bag of balloons summed it up like this… “Here dear, this one’s on the house. Go to your market and inflate every single one of them. Then come back and you always buy one bag extra for the display” . Essentially the same advice from the toyshop man who showed  how to set up an eye catching display. One that has the feeling of a solid basis where people can come back too at a later date.  Along with depth, knowledge behind to products and once again trust.

It only took a few minutes of inflation to realise the balloon lady was right. Being so busy inflating these balloons for the pleasure of the crowd there was happiness in the air.  People were attracted to that energy. Other stalls had lots of commercial flash pizzazz and razzz-a-matazz.  Building  a sense of trust with the presentation of their wears.  The product range and the people behind the products.

Finding that these trust factors were established, alive and supported online has been a life changer that started with  watching these videos. Choosing to move forward in through the modules.

People get real energy though how you give of yourself. Do not be shy. Show the world is at your fingertips because it is and you are not bluffing it  Make a life of your own making.

Some of the people I know have utilized establishing trust factors.  Reaching the lifestyle they desired. Some quickly and others slowly. Others have taken to another digital lifestyle approach.

Whichever way has been chosen to move them forward the ability to know the tools used is huge. Gaining the basic steps leading towards a knowledge basis for functioning tools builds the trust a person has within themselves. Each step building one upon the other. tried, true, inbuilt trust factors that work are what Affiliate marketers need to use as a starting point towards building that desired lifestyle.

One of the keys to moving forward comes under the tag Trust Factors. Often one of the small things people overlook. When you are looking for solutions trust the emails we will send out to you.

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