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about providing value

Affiliate marketing is all about proving value. You create that value, and you engage your audience. The audience in turn, want to know you, deal with you.

A massive difference is that what a person receives they too will either share as is, or re-tuned the message to suit their client basis. Today’s world is moving further through the RoboAge and into the consistences connections of heart.

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Susan Lewis

In this post Susan Lewis touches on the touchy “To E-Mail” subject. Emails- they have been around for generations – yet still are opened.  Send a message as a text to mobile devises and possible that ting addiction any have chosen to engage e-with has the receiver itching to answer the message.

Depending on how your sales funnel is set up, their needs and wants that are met may eventually turn into sales for you. Works well, in theory, right. However, there is a lot of reliance on autoresponders. Auto-responders are effectively just another computer. What goes into the autordspender becomes  what is action-ed. by the receiver of the emails being sent.

Every good autoresponder has an internal system where the user [ you] may replace the coded information of who ‘owns the product you are sharing’ with your audience. Effectively you take action to place your name in the Global Text Snippets area rather than the companies and their owners names.

Once this is effectively done, you are now generating sales in your own name. Please name sure the name you are using is the username you’re registered with the company in.

When I first started with the Six Figure Mentors, often it was about providing value that was mentioned. What was social value.  Resources that people may or may not want did not make sense to me. As time went by  that allowed several meltdowns and near Autistic overloads to occur. Back into learning mode  would I go.  This mode was what kept me there.  There was so much to absorb, to see and to play with [ learn from and with].  Eventually being able to see how both the this community went about providing value in an ongoing systematic approach.

For Susan the pieces started to form invisible jigsaw puzzles that had flashes of color within them. One simple thing having the list building report information and building that system up sure had become powerful as a driving force..

The training was the same.  All aspects of the training was the same.  Even if people only got as far as the first one or two module parts of the BootCamp there were knowledge resources within that.

All this has grown exponentially as more people write about the apps and tools in the forum.  Through the challenges and within the micro-learning or the full on  level structured course work.

However I simply did not make the connection between what I was being informed of during training, webinars and the Marketing 101 weekly series of training by Guy and Illan Dream. Two brother gurus that the Six Figure Mentors co-founders have engaged over the last few years on a weekly basis. They are funny, serious, laugh well and smile beautifully. Also current, up to date and willing to share their views and true information to those willing to implement all of it and more.

Since communication online is important is many different was from real life situations learning the ‘about social worth ‘ was critical.  And I am glad that my first attempts are not in the autoresponder for all to see.

What has proved so powerful were the people behind the scenes.  Knowing there was something out of line and not knowing what it is has been extremely dysfunctional.people with persuasive personality disorders need the truth. The truth has very little grey area within it.  From that point things can become stabilized.  The biggest thing about this company ‘it’s all about social value ‘ stance is being able to accept the truth.  My writing was terrible. First the spelling was sorted out.  Grammarly helped there.  An application that I went pro with and that had so much value I did not want to be without it.  And one I share regularly.

The second is that slowly the confidence to write and then tho share around through the internet the Aweber autoresponders messages, broadcasts and campaign created by me.  You know it does feel great to be able to have relearned the things needed just to get to this point.  The goal is now to  intensely engage the subscribers.

Join in on the secret of finding out how to have those subscribers on your list first.


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