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trigger into meltdowns

In 2014 I took hard earned savings and brought a Digital Experts Academy Platinum Level Package. Now $5,000 [US] at the time was a large chunk of money.  Where some people thought I was crazy others decided to wait and see.  Early October the course rolled around.  By mid-January the course proper had been completed.  Over one year later things are still coming into place. Partially as I am now able to know when something has happened that is a trigger into meltdown mode.

Here I am, at 55 years old, and the receiving of a few compliments have actually sent my brain trigger into meltdowns and overload. Considering that I am on the Autism Spectrum that is am amazing thing to be appreciative of!  Which sounds kinda weird in the first place.

What was a trigger into meltdown?

Usually there is a trigger before a meltdown.  When you have spent so many years of your life within the walls of your mind time slips by.  I was trapped behind the walls of my mind for two reasons.  The autism overload brought on by abuse within the workplace triggered an underlying root ’cause’ for having a lifetime of just being different from many people.  I have High Functioning Autism so I found out.  Plus a truck impacted into the vehicle I was driver in 1991.  Relearning to learn was not something I would wish on anyone.  However since

Relearning to learn was not something I would wish on anyone.  However since 1991 that is what I have had to do. Yet outwardly everything was normal. After the extensive bruising was finally dissipating.  At least the children did not have to see the multitude of deep bone bruises anymore. Where we ended up there was no mirrors.  Besides until I was 54 i I did not recognise, nor connect, the person in the mirror as being me. That had only just occurred a few weeks before my Platinum course was to start.  I was filling in time taking marketing training and working out how to make pictures from photo’s.

Now these were not just ordinary compliments. Instead, the words actually went straight through and beyond my imagination I know that last year I the official completion of the DEA Platinum course that opened up a lot of ‘stuff’ within my subconscious. Then over the last year dealing with these … things. Things that needed to be dealt with finally. Previously as memories surfaced there was a difficulty in regulating emotions.  With four children in an isolated part of the Victorian Alps you learned to not show outward signs off stress and anxiety. Purely because what were they?  There was little of no emotion as no one could get through.  When thing like memories di0d start to come through  I either shut down and ‘went away’ emotionally  where no one noticed, or I triggered into a flash time meltdown and slept the time away in Overload mode. .

Working out the site and one more trigger into meltdowns.

Broadband compliance understanding caused issues within. Now then creating visuals was fun The 90-day challenge that was also completed finally. Yes, the writing was troubling me. Took a few people to inform me what was written stunk. And it did. That I admit.

Rather than let the obvious get to me there has to be another way.

Now that was fun. Discovering there was something that had been long feared.

Yet, how can you reach out to people through a blog without words being written? Hard work, passion and feeling what is written.

Once again, this is the video that with gratitude I am reaching out. Saying thank you to the people who have supported, commented, cheered along and put their best forward, giving their real thoughts a rein.

Way to learn and greatest of standards to ‘glow’ up to! Reach for the brightest star. Simply because one day there will be others reaching out to you as well. Allow them to share the light.