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the loopholes need

Did the loopholes need to be closed

Action wanted to close the loopholes. Need the DEA Platinium level help to know where you are going? The saying “you’re lost and you don’t even know it” was true for me. A truck had impacted into my vehicle in 1991. Even in 2016 there are things sometimes overlooked until something just clicks and like a dam running bursting its banks and running over memories and connections happen allowing in ideas joining to become creative conceptual

mysusanlewismarketingthesixfigurementorsjournal the loopholes need
A journey within a folder full of newly made memories.

thinking to pull thing into line.  Like marbles being aligned  and the tom thumb to do its stuff.  Game over and in the winners circle is… being able to learning while the old memories come through.  And this involved less of the Autism Overload striking me mind blank again.  Although I will not guarantee this outcome for anyone else it sure was worth it for me in that many of the thirty-one years of life memories before that ‘momentary impact’ have returned.

The loopholes need to be eliminated

Being over fifty and female and being told by a Government agent that I was considered as a ‘workplace disability’ by employers came as a shock a few years back.   Growing children drain finances. Things like the world financial collapse in October 2008 did not help with the incoming money flow.  The repercussions being of stifled monetary flow …bar outgoing? Countries such as Greece being bailed out through the World Banking System.

Indeed what was happening on a macro scale also was going on through the micro-environment. People just watched friends, relatives, communities and their partners

What-bis-actually-being-said-inb-an-advertising-campaign the loopholes need
What is actually being said to what is being implied in any advertising campaign in important

dry up, become brittle shells of their former selves and finally crack or shed the skins permanently. With no way to block the severe suction of gravity down the drain pipe…

Leaves the question:

Is one of the largest thing, to look forward to being on a government old-age pension? Ever thought of dancing a two-step again. Missing this stage altogether?  Your invitation to is near the bottom of this letter. No! Forget that.  Your invitation, should you accept, is right here!

The thing is the feeling of being ‘old’ does not compute.  Heck, even Facebook is only a preteen at the time of writing this even Facebook is only a preteen at the date of writing this. Not even old enough to leave home! Twitter has only just hit double figures in longevity.

So what has happened that there is a Rat Race to leave from at this age? 

Itstimetowhattellme the loopholes need
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

At a basic level, the simple answer is that the circle of influence holds people the same as each other.  Due to everyone being the ‘same’ there is no one to hold another accountable for progression, for this reason, there is zilch growth within that circle of influence.  Thus helping the governing powers keep control of all the people who run with the crowd. Like lemmings….. up and over the cliff faces and what is at the bottom?

Either way the Rat Race will siphon off the life from within you and the blind lemming race over the edge will, in all probability, just finish you off.

Our generations lived through several depressions, the Vietnam War, Major industrial changes, the birth, rise and constant change of the internet and the spin-off technologies. Women’s liberation, freedom for the people.  Men on the moon, dehydrated ice creams, being well fed into obesity! The HIV and other diseases and plagues.  Some good, bad and others quietly just there. Polititicianswith in agreements that the loopholes need to be tightened ensuring the businesses have the labour forces to remain with their doors open.

Yet for the betterment of everything we are still here.  Since we have made it this far why not follow the younger ones.  Carve out our own path.  Just as the Hippies around the world brought to light.  As the men and women who have fought for our countries freedoms.

Those same freedoms in danger of escaping should be not each of us grab hold and hold on to them.  Hold on to the freedoms really tight.