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The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing

Did you know the amount of effort it takes to master, then to stay on top of what’s working now in digital marketing is phenomenal?  People many know this as the internet of things. Or ioT.  A network of things all over the internet. Things embedded with electronics, or software.  Then you have sensors and a whole different network connectivity. Devices that trigger actions via Wifi. These include the remote controls, computer keys being triggered and even microchips embedded into human flesh.

Angelinthehotseat-300x400 The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Before you know it the thought about that upskills ‘should have done ‘ is here again

In 1974 a lay preacher stood in front of a Pentecostal congregation that as a child I was attending.  Staying over at friends this was an obligatory thing to accept into the weekends events.

Is it worth the amount of effort it takes to master tracking?

In the left hand was a rectangular piece of cardboard.  We knew it a few years later as the bank card.  A piece of plastic that over the years as shrunk down to the size of a piece of rice.  Now  with people like Bill Gates encouraging many organisations to require ithe implantation device to be there for Identification of the wearer.

A few years ago Truck drivers in and around dumps rang a head office and requested the machine be unlocked enabling them to open the door and climb into the cab.  Only with a few minutes to spare the driver  then used to leave the phone off the hook jump into a vehicle and just make it then to the cab of the truck before the trip would have to be repeated.  Fine on good weather days.

The amount of effort to sort out trucks in the dead of night was amazing. Kinda of a hit and miss attempt at time management on wet, stormy  midnight dashes though.  So now the implant is there and everything is recorded. .

And therein is the dilemma facing all with the amount of effort needed.  

I understand the amount of effort that needs  to be put into a security issue.  People understand the amount of effort the public and private citizens of big ‘secrets’ have tied up within their minds.  Private information that should another WikiLeaks begin the Governments may be able to track down who entered what via the computer systems.


To-be-yourself-dance-to-your-own-tune-334x400 The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Catch the rhythm of the pace and dance to your own tune. Or be the conductor who calls the tune

There are also toilets that record what passes through the system.  Beaming the information back into medical health and wellbeing computers. Yet still things may get innocently out of control.  Cleaning toilet bowls is really easy with a can of CokaCola. So full of straight sugar the grime melts away.  Woops there goes somebodies diabetic output reading.

Now if a ioT recipient was pouring the coke into the toilet bowl their medical history has just been associated with  that coke cleaning liquid.  And what a mess of the medical records information that would make.

With the amount of effort generations have fought for privacy…

there is one question… Why would anyone want to have something within themselves that allows tracking of places, people talking to other people and all sorts of things being tracked to be tracked.

That card incident was in 1974.  Yet in 1966 Great Grand Dad was just like that lay preacher.  Seeing far into the future with a common book of knowledge between them.

susanlewiswiththestars The amount of effort it takes to master tracking apps and tools is amazing
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

There is another commonality that was spoken freely of.  Long long ago a choice to choose was given to every Man and Woman.    Their common known names are known as “Adam and Eve”.  And so the choice to choose story continues. And the music plays on…


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