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one default account

What do you mean “One default Account”?

Unlike the banking system of old there is a need to have one default account to set up with the autoresponder.

In this blog post the autoresponder is Aweber.   Therefore, references are as the Aweber account dashboard is.

Setting up one default account in Aweber

Under list options is the Personalize your list section.  .  Then under social media / sharing are the Twitter and Facebook sections.  Here you simply import your Twitter and  / or Facebook pages over.  The idea is that when people share the message its ending up on these pages.  The more people sharing the message the more stimulation your Twitter account or Facebook Fan page actually gets.  Encourage this and organic growth begins to take iover.  Slowly though to start off with.  Keep the traffic going there and the messages become greater in popularity.

Therefore, if one Facebook page is about Autistic people who feel lost in the world and they begin to open up to internet opportunities and the new lifestyle instead of a J.O.B. typically available… and you send the wrong message there. there could be a disconnect with your audience happening.

Hence, when you set about personalizing the list you choose the one default account of tweetter and / or Facebook Fan Page you desire the message to be sent through and thus stimulate the organic growth.

 Social Media Sharing needs more than one default account.

The Twitter or / and Facebook accounts are thereafter you have uploaded them. Simply choose which of the ones there you have in both categories to share the Broadcasts upon.

Once the button has been pushed and the accounts uploaded into the account it ‘s a relatively simple step to take next.  The hard part is to choose which accounts the list is allocated too. Make one default account be with Twitter  and one Default account  a Facebook Page. Each list you have make has a variety of broadcast  avenues depending on how many accounts with Twitter or Facebook page outlets.

With each list there is a connection you set up that deals with where any resharing will occur.  Simply by allocating your chosen place to the overall list.

That is one list may be about food and another about the internet apps and tools.  Where the autoresponder list category that is of foodstuffs from recipes, best buys, napkin folding, recycling and even how to plant the seeds may go through one Twitter account and the Facebook page called  health, is this only from a seed to the eating?

Whereas the internet or social media posts and other information are going to @cve4mejournal and depending which list the recipient is on the Facebook page chosen would be from the following lists: ‘Survival Skills for the world we live in’. ‘A virtual journey with cve4me’, or ‘Postings from cve4meblogs and sites’.

Be proactive with the one default account here.

Call the readers into compelling actions that excite them to feel better for sharing something on your Facebook Page and through your Twitter account.

Keep an eye out on the comments that go through these accounts.  Other people are being invited by you to use your accounts by you effectively for promotion purposes. Any problems delete the user from your Aweber list.  Not only from that one account.  Ideally not only where the comment was made.

It’s a new world we live within.  Respect is a two-way street and the process has to be got under control

Apply some of these one default account tips when you are using your Aweber autoresponder account .  If another autoresponder is chosen to be used.  Alter the instructions to suit that autoresponder.  However the basic principles on how and why you choose one default account in front of you.

And that’s not all of the why and how to combine and use  your one default account with.  Now having the tpools at your disposal  to sort out who best to approach on your list is another post altogether.

The list is not all you need.  However, having a copy of the list building report of your very own means its right on hand. Encouraging other people to post on your page is a much more efficient way of page activation and therefore possible growth of page likes.  Stands to reason.  Plus the fact that this methodology does actually work.