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Recognize What Your

When you recognize what your block where will you go then?

Be self-aware to the point that you recognise what your blocks will be.

How far does your mind reach… If you want the world, yet need to explore the Galaxies how far will your mind reach?

When you want the galaxies, but need only home, how far will your mind reach now?

Are you really comfortable in the vege garden?  How far will you go  with what you accept?

Recognize what your potential is.

DEAtrainingapowerfulwirlwindeffect-235x400 Recognize What Your
Online Gold Nugget training has a Silver lining at the Digital Experts Academy.

The world, your world, is not getting you down… You are letting your potential down. To do this recognise what your self-fulfilling prophesy is.

Get out there. Travel beyond what your current inner belief restrictions are?

I found my ticket to ride this journey through here. The ticket to rude this ongoing journey and I am thrilled with where we are going together.

Where you find your ticket is up to you. Keep challenging yourself to know your own consciousness. Expand on your wake up call.  You will always find what you are looking for. Know what are you looking for?

Recognize what your sharing today

Recognize  what your thinking is. Trust that even if you are at the worst …  you are a product of your own thoughts.  Loose it all or just make it happen.  Know your power.  Own your power.

Whatever you want to be.  Whatever you are looking for. What you tune into it is what you will get.  Make your own story come true.

Here at Susan Lewis Marketing, we love sharing positive thoughts that put a smile on my face; we hope you enjoy where this one reaches into.

susanlewiswiththestars Recognize What Your
Welcome to the journey.

With this experience  seek your uniqueness as we do.

We will repost this journey just to share with you how far people are going as they let us know.

After sharing your journey with your friends tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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into the sun’s glow

Into the suns glow is maybe not an ode.  However what is written is the typical beginner Girl Guide [ Girl Scouts ] weekends packing discovery.  The lighter the weight the easier it is to move forward.  The same goes within life.

Read the bottom of the page for the community explanation and importantly an introduction into a worldwide private educational, training and upskilling community.

Backpacking into the sun’s glow

Backpacking into the sun’s glow….
Just where to look for that getup and go…
Stuck in this weekend’s scenario.

The packing list said, I don’t give a toss
I need the hairdryer, shaver, hair straightener, lip-gloss…
And don’t forget the dental floss.
Mum doesn’t know what to pack,
I’ll sneak in one more little snack.
Reasons being ‘outdoorsy.’
Why should I dress in like a hessian sack!
Fashion no 1
I’m not going to come undone.
But where is the spare three socket plug
when my blow dryer needs an amp
To plug in, my looking good makeup lamp!

My face, my hair, my whole attire,
why would I look like a vamp!
Oh no, here’s the sun
The bed yet to be made and I’m far from done.
On the camp fashion scarecrow, I’m number one!

The sleeping bag to be shaken,
And if I’m not mistaken
My fizzy drinks all been taken.
I don’t think I need worry
Homeward bound I’ll hurry!
By the end of next week, only mum will be sorry
The mess on my bed, washing on the floor,
The backpack threw behind the door,
Mum will want the peace and space
so I’ll be off to camp once more.

Hiding well somewhere still on my bedroom floor
That piece of paper to ignore.

Even though the camp packing list clearly said [ still says]
‘no pressure sprays, radio, phone or mp4

Wonder why my shoulder, neck, back and legs are so sore!


A few years ago many camps were prepared for.  Backpacking was one as the outdoors were explored.   Needless to say there were always things that went haywire, stay and more.

TheSixFigureMentorsCommunityTV-400x275 into the sun's glow
Welcome to this ever increasing 24 /7 x 354 days a year developing community.

In a leadership capacity learned through many of the explorations within leadership, team building and community development one of the things that became very prized was infact, a community minded person.

When people whose values incorporated these aspects were found it really was like the world opened up and into the suns glow we all, as a team would go.  New places, faces and adventures lay in wait.  A togetherness was formed and those bonds remain for many intact today.  Some up to and past the twenty-year mark.

Something that upon leaving that community I thought would never be found again.  And yet it was.  A value that has far surpass’s the original one.  Maybe it is a maturity factor… I’m older.

Or maybe it’s that what was lost has been again found.  What is known is that these communities are hard to find.  Both in real life and on the internet.  A common denominator is the willingness to be a) a part of something far greater than yourself.

b) of service to the world in general as well as within your community.

c) given time and an exploratory nature there are many gifts and gold nuggets of information and friendship to find.

Pathways-to-Success-400x400 into the sun's glow

Into the sun’s glow I seek for your both  high and low…

I am looking for people who need to change how they are achieving their results… to obtain what they desire and achieve what they

Primarily people who are on / within the Autism Spectrum. Principally Adult Autistics and / or their careers / organisations /
communities assisting them in some way/ that they maybe involved within.

They have gifts and talents, skills and knowledge spare that they do not know what to do with. These people have old world knowledge. Are of the earth and light combinations. Effectively they may be lost within themselves -stuck. Not in need of a mothering assistance / help/ prompting etc but an educational connectivity between mind, body and soul. Be independent thinking level people looking for a freedom they possibly have given up in finding. AND open to change factors. New experiences. And a crazy life journey from here on in that may help to achieve their wildest forward movement dream.

Where the SFM education offered is what is being looked for.

Who need the DEA Silver to Black. And when it comes out the Bronze level as well.
Silver because of its basic pattern forming basics.
Gold cause it puts everything together.
Particularly Platinium level self-awareness that connects you to yourself.
And Black cause although I can see the difference in self-belief attribution I have yet to personally experience at this level yet.

DBL tools are terrific and there is no traipsing all around the internet as these are all

susanlewiswiththestars into the sun's glow
Welcome the me I had forgotten about

available under one roof . Where necessary – at a personal choice level- external and internal apps and tools maybe to be combined.

To have a desire to have reseller experiences.  All these things and yet a lot more.

Your invitation to explore is right here.

Click and enjoy


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