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to refine this site

Next step to refine this site is another ongoing process.

The realization that a few months ago there was a chance to refine this site. In part to refocus on what it was that the had got all tangled up in here.  What occurred was a straying away from the websites original objective. That was to write posts. Initially, so that people would read them. Then “to write posts for people like you to read them”.  More specifically to write posts  ‘Confidently’. Knowing people will read them without getting lost somewhere in the haphazard thrown together way they were before.

Now, with the objective is to refocus on you, the intended recipient of these posts, much has been changing.

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Own your own core values

Do you hear your own Core Values?

Has there ever been a time where your own core values have caught up with you? Your “X, Y and Z” just scream into your conscience? And left you with no alternative but to change what should not have just transpired? Even if what is happening is not in your home town. You’re just out buying groceries and waiting for the check out the area.

Sea-spray-on-the-rocks-susanlewismarketingdotcom-200x150 Own your own core values
Finding that special place where you can just be

Thinking that being in this little fishing port village is really a terrific to sit under a tree, climbing the coast line looking for a special spot and finding one on the sandy beach.  Being in touch with your very own core values  typing out a few emails… here is the story…

Time away from home and once again shopping for food. In a busy supermarket and next in line. Groceries were juat waiting to scan. The teller was finishing off ringing the last person items up and getting the change ready to dispense.

Supervisors have rough day going against there own core values.

The supervisor walks up. Interrupts the process and talks across the counter to the teller. At that point, you tune out as much as you can. The teller and customer did not know what to do. As it was, it was just after three in the afternoon. This poor teller lunch break was to be delayed … again. He was not comfortable. The reason given was that someone else was pregnant and needed to go to lunch first. Yes they all started at 9 am in the morning, but that was not the supervisors fault…, etc, etc.

Turning the supervisors comment upon seeing everyone behind myself was to me ” …and that is the inside bitch within me showing!”

Itstimetowhattellme-200x200 Own your own core values
When the student is ready the teacher is found. DEA Platinum kicked started my “I” find..

Slowly smiling my comment was different to what I was thinking. The only word I could come up with was ‘Mega’.

However as she passed by, I turned. Typically it had to be me….someone whose ‘own core value’ in part is to bring out the inner child with all she meets.

Where holding fast to your own core values helps others.

So, true to my own core value the supervisors attention was called upon. As she turned around my arms were already being raised and opening up. With a “You need a hug” comment. A smile on my face and just a step forward on my behalf this supervisor stepped willingly into the hug. And that is what she got. On the outside where everyone could see a hug. A simple hug.

What actually transpired was a transference of energy. All the cares and worries about how people would react just dissipated. Strange how being in touch with your own core values helps you push yourself forward into a situation where not many are willing to tread. The looks on peoples in the ques faces was incredible.

Releasing her she stepped away. Smiled. Went back to her business. And turning back into putting the groceries through, throughout the store could be her… “wow that was something”… then “Free hugs anyone”Come and get your free hugs people”.

Invitationtoplatinumdigitalworkshop-262x400 Own your own core values
Accepting the invitation was the easy part of finding my own core values.  What about your discovery?

The teller exchanged a smile and life carried on. Just by activating ome part of my own core value worth it altered some others lives so much.

What woke up my own Core Values?

It was time.  Simple as that.

At 54 years of age it was simply time to set myself free.  To relearn how to live. To have worked our what my own core values were was was to have something to hold onto.  Plus, find out what part of my M.E. [ My experiences] would come through. What is really weird is that buy purchasing the $11,000 [US] package deal within the ten day time window I became an Elite Plus member of this community, and received the training of so much more than just my core values.

Noted that the core values have both helped and hindered my experiencing the creation of that alternative digital lifestyle.  Knowing what they were was like having a fast track towards something that I previously did not realise I needed.

Accept that find ‘your’

Own Core Values  

challenge Right Here!

Have I even bothered about the money back guarantee?  Nope.  These were and still are holding true.  The core values are individual and my own core values.  Everything else

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Own your own core values
Welcomeand here to you searching and finding your own core values.

offered and accomplished was and still is an extra. An ongoing extra that is a privialge to share with you.


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