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of great enterprises

Sitting down with friends over coffee time there we were all acknowledging that when our children were younger it was often the “small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” phase that drove us all around the bend.

Most of us had children who later were diagnosed with one form of Autism or other. As cuppa times often do, the memories that were coming from each persons own antidotes , well when compaired to what we knew of our own children anidotes, our seemed quite tame. Yes it is amazing as to how time had flown and that time had softened the rough edges of our own character.

Yet what was also happening was our friends were identifiying with the child within us. The things they know of us, our chaarcter traits., They often would laugh as suddently they know fgor certain where which ever child we had had got that charcter traight from.

As time went on the conversation moved into what to do with the digital eucation the school were expecting our children to know. Whch was fine other than the fact that those of us who had computers at home used themn for games and an odd letter. Clipart may even have crept into the letter as well.

Many fresh starts were going to be made in one way or another. To go back into the workforce you needed compiter skills. To use a microwavve there were more skills. Even to tune in the television, set the alarm on a clock or change the dailes to accomodate Day Light Savings time.
Things were definatley changing even then. Each one of us know that there were many times where this fresh start with retaining would be handy. Or our grandchild would be showing us up. We could teach them to read the time, sound the words out as they turned the pages of the books, write the words. They would change it for us and turn the kindle on and check the emails on the mobile!

The time spent volinteering with a youth organisation needed newsletters written. That was fine. Then camp recoprds and preperations for the qualifications required. Along came the Quarter Master training. To learn these pracivcal skills a friend in a School Camp office showed how a spread sheet was laid out. Then came the week creating spread sheet and updating the systems files. Thew basics spread sheed are now well known even today. Especially as you can dot-point segmant the lists into brake down areas. Deal with one point at a time.

How times have changed.

The chidren are all adults now. Most with children of their own. Computers have morphed. So to has the use of the mobie devices, ipads and tablets. Although the PC still plays a large part in peoples lives. So the websites and everything else has to not be computer and mobile friendly.

Going back to school a fouth time in my life was not something I really wanted to do. So rather than be totally embarrised what I did was hunt for somewhere I could find upto date and constantly updated information. Really did not want to read a book . Especially if the terminology was the same from years ago Technical and like a foreign language in the writing. give me something I could understand. Or have a support network there where I could actually find out information from!

And here a few of the most useful tools and apps on the internet that are out there. Now when the grandchild are here I can show them I have some experience on how to convert your audience to digital wonders! I’m even reading a few posts and newfeeds on waht to do with the creation of slideshare’s for lead generation. Now thats going to interesting. Would that be the same as the pied piper playing and the mice following?

Are you in Survive Change Online Mode?

Google survive change online

The things that come up are:

Change Online profile name ps3, Change online Affress, Change online ip, Change online status on WhatsApp, … on status Viber android, Change online grades, Change online drivers licence address.

The frustrating thing is there is nothing there pertaining to a person surviving online changes.

empahtyistobeabletowalkingsomeelesesboots-150x200 Are you in Survive Change Online Mode?
Survive changes online and live to spread the word

The internet is moving forward so fast these days that like a GP in the history lines now who dealt with everything and anything even the GPs are beginning to have speciality fields. Or if the GP is busy you no longer go to the Accident and Emergency department… unless they recommend you. Instead, the nurse on call. either via phone or the clinic. will deal with you. Then reschedule the appointments and slip you somehow in there.

Online when people hit a snag or a drawback challenging problem what is there where people can find up to date answers. Without having to scroll everywhere and anywhere through a pile of old out-of-date stuff? Then translate that foreign jargon of internet speech into everyday dot point to follow through on?

Are you up for the ‘survive change online’ possibilities?

Yeah. In trying to survive change I would constantly be tripping over these loose ends. Often reading one post would mean hours of cross referencing. Constantly trying to garnish one keyword sentence that would unlock the understanding mental door. That light bulb moment when everything may just begin to fall into place.

And now I have found that and a lot more.

Two young entrepreneurs brought together their combined business skills. Where one had been weak at one point the other compensated. Now the business of educating people into being a needed survive online change is coming into fruition.

susanlewiswiththestars-200x200 Are you in Survive Change Online Mode?
Susan Lewis Marketing enjoys using the Digital Business Lounges tools and applications

Not only is this a chance to improve on many levels it’s also something to get your teeth into and become an active part of a community.

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