Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

tracking everything

The information here is based on tracking everything.

A) The funnel is a two open-ended funnel

B) People for in and they come out

When the come out the optimal is that they are in the Six Figure Mentors funnel. The sales office now deal with these. Either as apps or members.

Or as leads links. In which case they will receive broadcasts from the sales office. Plus now they will also be on your personal autoresponder listing. Being fed messages and broadcasts that are designed to have social worth for them. Plus continually recycling them in through the shop door through the hardware and into the cash register / check ‘in’ area .

c) the top funnel is there is help the people who are hunting for what you have on offer to be guided through your resources. Willingly finding the desire to fulfill their needs through their wants. Conversely, the autistic will already have their needs filled before they either enter the funnel or finding themselves already within they will wait until their sensory safety needs are fulfilled. Probably known as the sleepers. Who o