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Repetition helps

Repetition helps

That is where the challenges started with me in trying to understand the tracking. Every time one piece fell into place it felt like another piece jumped off the shelf.

And then it hit me. Here I was trying to understand something the way a neurotypical person would understand it. And that simply had proved it just was not going to happen. That autistic mind of mine had once again built up a resistance blockade to moving forward.  That meant a myriad of possibilities.

As it turns out, this blockade ‘represented’ the changes that have been happening. Sometimes quietly and other times through meltdowns and overloads. Something was going to give. Those insecurities and fear factors were not going to win. As such I ask that

nosweataboutit Repetition helps
Absolutely No Sweat About It. Will Not Forget It.

you help prove to the part of me that does not want to go the safe “hidedy hole” that when I believe in something enough it is well worth the effort. That is that tracing works and is working.

The post is presented as a typical Autism Spectrum person’s mind may work with sorting through things and putting them together in a systematic Autistic sensory appeased process.  Note: written is the “MAY’ work with.  each of us are different in the ways that things are processed.

The information will dart and weave and eventually come back to the point. Yes, I am Autistic. I am also fifty-five years old. Just the same as many other peoples we are a “minority population” spread all through the world. Also as a Six Figure Mentors independent member it is easier for me to use as examples the integrated and under one roof, tools that are on hand. Those that are found through the Six Figure Mentors boot camp tool box.