Daily Archives: March 4, 2016

funnel created

The amount of effort it takes to master tracking in story form.

Start with how is the funnel created effort is needed to

If the world wide web is intergalactic then everything within that is an orb within itself. Like the moon, the stars and even the planets there is a rotational pull. Let’s call this the vortexes. All influenced through the Universal laws.

e) Okay in this case the planets are the social media avenues. The advertising is the moon. The content is the sun. The vortex is three types of energy levels. Active, passive and in the middle is zero gravity as there is zero negative action created. The universal laws avoid the zero gravity. That is where there is seemingly nothing being done. In reality, this may be a case of replenishment or in damage control mode as well as the frozen states. Overload and meltdown areas.
At the other two ends are the negative and the positive Universal Laws flow. The positive is where the Universal Laws come forward, open up and multiply. There is no stopping the effects of the great generate flow, cohesiveness within the generation of what goes on in this level. Everything grows.